Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


15. Chapter 15

 They woke up late the next morning, neither having slept for long enough but the sunlight coming through the cracks in the drawn curtains was bright. Bellatrix had a slight headache from one too many drinks, but was the happiest she'd ever been. Voldemort didn't seem to want to remove his arms from around his new bride, and Bellatrix was more then content with laying close to him.


"Good morning, husband," Bellatrix murmured, kissing Voldemort sleepily. He didn't reply, instead squeezed her tightly to him, kissing her hair, their naked bodies touching. Bellatrix's skin was tingling pleasantly. "My Lord, we should get up," she said, after noticing the sunlight. "It is past lunchtime."


Voldemort grunted sleepily. "I have a clear week," he mumbled. "It's our honeymoon."


Bellatrix smiled, seeing that he still hadn't opened his eyes. She snuggled back into him, comfortable and warm. "So where are we going?"


"I don't know," Voldemort replied slowly. "Somewhere."


"So it's my choice?"




Bellatrix smiled. "I think we should stay in bed for a week."


Voldemort finally opened his eyes and looked at her, an expression of amusement on his face. "I think you should be quiet," he responded with a smirk. "We will be going somewhere educational."




"Educational." Voldemort closed his eyes again. "You will enjoy it."


"I don't doubt it," Bellatrix replied softly. "Can we go to the Valerian again for dinner though?"


"Of course," Voldemort said, smiling. "As long as I can have a sleep for a bit longer."


Bellatrix moved her leg so it was resting on top of his, grinning as his eyes opened once more, shocked, before he caught her gaze and smiled once more. "I could do with some more sleep too," she replied, kissing him.


"Thank Merlin," Voldemort murmured, closing his eyes and resting his hand on her hair, his breathing evening out as he relaxed into the mattress.




"We never got around to opening your presents," Voldemort said as they laid in bed, now wide awake after vigorous morning sex and a couple of hours extra sleep.


"You didn't give me a chance," Bellatrix replied smiling, her head resting on his chest. "I got to open you though, so it's not all bad."


Voldemort laughed softly, one hand toying with her messy hair and the other resting at the top of her leg. "Which one do you want to open first?"


"The big one," Bellatrix said, grinning. Voldemort removed his hand from her hair and pointed towards the biggest box. Bellatrix sat up and watched as he moved his finger and the box floated into the air, gently moving towards her. She reached into the air and pulled it towards herself. Voldemort caught her eye, and his other hand rested comfortably on her other leg. Slowly, Bellatrix tore the thick black paper, and tilted her head in confusion when she discovered it was a black wicker basket with a green velvet cushion inside. She noticed a tiny silver kitten model in the middle of it, and glancing to Voldemort she picked it up and set in in the palm of her hand.


"My Lord..." she said, one eyebrow raised, confused.


Voldemort smiled. "Wait," he said, his eyes sparkling with laughter.


Bellatrix glanced back at her hand, and suddenly the kitten began to grow before her eyes, the silver colour turning into long black fur and its eyes changing to luminous green. Bellatrix lifted her other hand to cradle it when suddenly it turned around in her hands, still tiny. It looked up at Bellatrix, and let out a high pitched, squeaky 'miow'. Bellatrix was shocked, but lifted the kitten to her face to look at it closer. Hugging it to herself, she smiled at Voldemort, her fingers gently stroking it's fur.


"It's a girl," Voldemort said, smiling and reaching out to stroke her too. "I didn't like the thought of you being here alone when I am away."


"Shadow," Bellatrix murmured. The tiny kitten looked up once more, miowing softly and purring, her eyes closing. Bellatrix gently moved her into her basket and Shadow curled into a ball, purring happily. "I love her."


"I thought you would," Voldemort replied, pulling her forward and kissing her hair. "We'll keep her up here though. She's a house cat."


Bellatrix nodded, watching Shadow as she fell asleep. Smiling happily, she looked back to Voldemort who was watching her, his eyes still shining. He lifted a couple more presents to her. The first was some slinky black lacy underwear that Bellatrix knew Voldemort must have felt very strange buying, a gorgeous diamond chocker that matched the tiara and a huge box of chocolates. Next followed some books and wine.


Smiling, Bellatrix laid down next to Voldemort again, putting her arms around his naked chest, inhaling his scent. "Thank you, my Lord," Bellatrix murmured.


"It's my pleasure," Voldemort responded, his hands on the small of her back. "We'll go to the Valerian tonight and tomorrow we can go away for a few days." He paused, running his hands down her arse and thighs, and back up again. "To a nice hotel."


Bellatrix smiled. "Can we go to Paris?"


"I was thinking perhaps we could go to Rome. It's a city I have always wished to visit, but on my travels there has not been enough there to make it worth my while."


"Just as good," Bellatrix replied, kissing his neck briefly. "As long as I am with you, my Lord."


Voldemort looked down at her, squeezing her to himself. "I'll take you shopping too. Though I should warn you, this will be the first, and probably the last time it happens."


Bellatrix giggled. "So since we are now married, does it mean I will be buying clothes for you?"


"Are you trying to tell me something?" Voldemort asked, one eyebrow raised questioningly, his blue eyes warm as they usually were when he saw her.


"No," Bellatrix responded, running a hand down his side. She couldn't get enough of him. "I have just seen some I know would suit you." Pausing, her hand skimmed along the top of his thigh, and she heard him take a sharp intake of breath. "I think you are gorgeous in whatever you wear." Her other hand reached for his curly hair, which she looped around her fingers.


"I like you best naked," Voldemort replied decisively.


"Then why do you keep persuading me to buy all this underwear that I only wear for two minutes? Are you aware of how expensive it is?" Bellatrix asked him pulling the duvet around herself.


"Yes, I was most surprised when I saw the price of what I chose for your present," Voldemort said with a smile. One hand rested on the back of her hair. "You are worth it. Every knut." Bellatrix felt some pressure against the back of her hair as he pulled her forwards for a rough kiss. She felt herself turn to putty in his arms. "Now," he murmured, his gorgeous eyes fixed on hers, burning with passion. She could see red forming in the outer rims once more. "Do your duty as my wife."


Grinning, Bellatrix kissed him a few more times on the lips, moving down the side of his jaw and down his neck very slowly. Her fingers drew light and teasing circles at the very top of his thighs, moving up to his taunt abdomen for a moment before returning to his legs once again.


"You tease better then any other woman I have been with," Voldemort said quietly, his eyes still fixed on her. His breathing had become heavier, Bellatrix had noticed.


"Do I, my Lord?" Bellatrix asked, kissing just below his stomach lightly, ignoring the hardness that was pressing into her side. It jumped slightly at her words, but she just smiled innocently.


Voldemort growled softly. "You know very well that you do," he said, reaching down to her hair and pulling her up towards him. Her legs settled on either side of his, her breasts rubbing against his own chest. Bellatrix lifted her hips and lined herself up with him, before sitting down, a sigh of pleasure leaving her lips. Voldemort grasped her shoulders, forcing her down all of the way and forcing her to keep still while he enjoyed the view. "Exquisite," he murmured, his eyes at least half red now. With a slight moan, Bellatrix wiggled her hips slightly, and Voldemort released his hold on her shoulders, and instead reached around behind her and tugged on her hair, forcing her head backwards and giving him a view of her lovely long neck.


Bellatrix continued to move her hips, getting faster and faster as her passion continued to build. Before they knew it, everything was over, both were panting and high on pleasure when Bellatrix finally collapsed onto him, his sweat mixing with hers as their skin touched. Voldemort still had her hair wrapped tightly in his hand. "Yes," he whispered in Bellatrix's ear. "You're going to be a good wife." Bellatrix laughed, slowly, too exhausted for the moment to move. "That didn't wake the cat up at least."


When Bellatrix finally glanced over to Shadow, she saw that the kitten was still happily asleep in her basket. She sat up, climbing off Voldemort and sitting next to her new pet, stroking her soft fur. "My sister will look after Shadow while we're away," Bellatrix said thoughfully. "She's been hassling Malfoy for a kitten since they got married."


"Lucius is not looking forward to her returning to Hogwarts," Voldemort said, sitting up and watching her carefully. "I have seen Lucius with a lot of different women over the last three years, and he has never been like he has with your sister."


"And I suppose he has seen you with a fair few too, my Lord?" Bellatrix asked suddenly. Voldemort looked slightly surprised until he noticed her smile.


"Yes," he replied shortly. "Until the day I met you." Voldemort reached up, and pushed hair out of her face, so he could look into her eyes. "And then I knew you were the one, and that there would never be anyone else for me."


Bellatrix bent over him, and planted a soft kiss on his lips. "I never understood that." She kissed him again. "I'm glad I do now." She watched as his eyes faded back down to blue. "Why do your eyes do that?"


Voldemort smiled. "Magic is strongest when our emotions are strongest. Wizards often make magic happen by accident when they're angry or passionate."


"That's when your eyes change," Bellatrix said, laying down beside him. Voldemort turned to look at her.


"I love how observant you are," Voldemort said, stroking her face again. "It's a spell, that I've only half completed. When I have finished it I suspect my eyes will always be red. It's very dark magic..." He paused, sighing lightly. "But it guarantees me ultimate, unlimited power. It's more of a transformation..." He stopped himself, looking towards her. "I have done a lot of things, to my body, to my mind, to my soul for extra powers..." He half raised his hand, and the curtains swung open. Bellatrix blinked at the sudden sunlight. "My wandless magic is as strong, if not stronger then with a wand. Only Dumbledore has the same strength, though I am sure he used slightly more honourable methods." He laughed suddenly, looking back to his wife. "One day you'll be ready to do what I have done to myself. I shall guide you. Things will be easier for you then they were for me, with my help."


Bellatrix could feel her heart beat speeding up, excitement coursing through her veins. He would share his secrets of power with her?


"It will be quite a few years yet, though," Voldemort said softly. "Your magic still isn't fully developed. But when it is, I will know and then I will make you immortal as well."


"Immortal?" Bellatrix gasped, shocked. She didn't know that he was immortal as well! There had always been rumours, but she had always ignored such things.


"Had you not worked that out?" Voldemort asked, amused.


"No... I didn't think it possible!" Bellatrix replied in excitement.


"Oh dear," Voldemort said, his voice mockingly sad. "I hope you haven't been tainted by Dumbledore."


"Be quiet," Bellatrix whispered, leaning over him slightly with a grin. "How did you do it?"


Voldemort shook his head. "Not yet, Bella." He laughed suddenly again, pushing her down on the bed and looking down at her with a smirk. "How old do I look to you, honestly?"


"About thirty," Bellatrix replied, after a moment of surveying his beautiful face. "At the oldest."


Voldemort smirked, pleased. "You have never asked me my age."


"How old are you?" Bellatrix said, automatically, smiling up at him.


"Almost fifty," he admitted. He laughed when he saw the shock on Bellatrix's face. "I am immortal. I stopped ageing twenty years ago. Give it ten years, and we'll look perfect together. You'll look thirty, I will look thirty and we will stay like that for the rest of time." Excited, he reached down and kissed her quickly. "And by then, you will be very powerful too. By then, the world will be ours, you will be my Dark Lady, my queen and we will be beautiful forever."


Bellatrix laughed, her hands now in his hair, pulling him down to kiss her. At that moment, she was completely unafraid of him, because he was in such a joyful mood, but at the back of her mind she knew that the moment of them being beautiful forever was a long way off, and that she would be very afraid of him before they got to that point of safety. She knew that there were going to be a great deal of trials for her first, most of them of the Dark Lord's making, but she also understood that he had suffered before he became powerful too, and that it was a necessary evil.


"Do you understand what I want from you now?" Voldemort asked, watching her through slightly narrowed eyes as he pulled away.


"Yes, my love," Bellatrix responded breathlessly, her hands in his hair, not wanting to let go. "But you know you are the reason that I breathe. My loyalty lies unwaveringly with you, no matter what the trials are, no matter what it costs me, no matter how much it hurts."


She felt him push into her once more, and a moan of pleasure escaped her lips. His size hurt. Voldemort's hands trapped her own above her head, pushing down into her harder.


"How does this feel?" he asked, breathless, his eyes bright red suddenly.


"It hurts, so badly," Bellatrix murmured, pushing her arms away in a deliberately pathetic attempt to escape him.


Voldemort laughed, his breath warm on her face. "Do you want it to stop?"


"Never," Bellatrix replied, looking into his eyes. "I love you, Master."


Voldemort moaned, and began moving, pushing himself in and out of her at an alarming face. Their moans peaked, and then gradually subsided as once more Voldemort came hard inside of her and flopped forwards onto her. With a satisfied sound, he put his arms around her body, kissing whatever flesh he could. Bellatrix snuggled closer, the happiest she had ever been.


"I fell for the right girl, definitely," Voldemort murmured, stroking her hair. "I love you too, my queen."


Bellatrix sighed in contentment, relaxing into his arms. There was a tiny miow behind them, and the pair turned to watch as Shadow opened her eyes and stood up, stretching her back out. She walked towards them, and jumped up on Voldemort's chest, sitting down and licking her paw. Voldemort smirked. "You've got competition," he said quietly to Bellatrix. Bellatrix laughed, stroking her kitten happily. Shadow paused for a moment, licking Bellatrix once and miowing softly again, before returning to her paw. Bellatrix smiled. "She loves you," Voldemort said softly. "And I don't blame her."


They shared a slow kiss, but were interrupted by an impatient sounding miow. They looked at Shadow, and her head was tilted to one side, her tail up. "She's hungry," Bellatrix said, sitting up. "And so am I."


"Alright, the girls are the boss," Voldemort muttered, watching as Bellatrix scooped Shadow from his chest and into her hands, before sliding out of bed and pulling a robe over his head. He waited for Bellatrix to get out of bed and walk around, before pulling her into him for one last kiss. As she pulled away and turned towards the bathroom, he smacked her naked arse, for the first time.


"Behave now," Bellatrix said laughing as she walked into the bathroom, turning around to wink at him. She turned on the tap and washed her face, and Voldemort sat back down on the bed, an excited smirk on his features. He really was a lucky man.




Narcissa opened the door to Malfoy Manor, and Bellatrix was immediately struck with how different she looked. Her normal straight hair was curled around her shoulders, some tied back in an elegant knot, her usual robes had been replaced with very Malfoy ones, much more old fashioned, decorated in a lot of green and silver. She was wearing more make up then usual. She let out an excited squeal when she saw the kitten in Bellatrix's hands.


"Oh my goodness!" she said happily. Bellatrix placed Shadow in her hands.


"This is my kitten, Shadow. We wondered if you could look after her whilst we are away this week." Bellatrix smirked.


"Of course!" Narcissa said happily. "Come in." Eagerly stroking Shadow, Narcissa led the way to the sitting room where they sat down. "I take it this was a birthday present?"


Bellatrix nodded, smiling. "How are you?"


"Very well," Narcissa replied. She smiled knowingly at Bellatrix. "Everything alright...?"


Bellatrix knew she was referring to the wedding night. "Absolutely," she replied grinning. "Is Lucius not around today?"


"He will be back soon." She was still smiling happily and Bellatrix felt relieved. Her smile faded a little. "He's gone with Papa to his mother's grave."


"Oh." Bellatrix paused, watching as Shadow pawed Narcissa's leg gently. "Well, you will have him all to yourself for the next week, I'm going to be keeping the Dark Lord very busy."


"Where are you going?" Narcissa asked.


"Rome to begin with I think. He is actually taking me shopping, can you believe it?" Bellatrix giggled excitedly. "Why are you and Lucius not going away?"


Narcissa faltered slightly. "Papa... Hasn't been well." Bellatrix raised an eyebrow questioningly. "After our wedding, he didn't seem... Himself... And although he got better the day before yours, Lucius is worried about him. I don't mind though, as long as we're together every day before I return to Hogwarts next week."


Bellatrix heard the front door close, and she watched as Lucius came into the room. "Ah, Bellatrix, I was half expecting to find you here."


"Hello to you too," Bellatrix mumbled.


Lucius stepped towards Narcissa, and kissed her on the lips. "Missed you," Bellatrix heard him murmur to Narcissa.


"Missed you too," Narcissa replied, smiling happily. Lucius spotted the kitten on Narcissa's lap. "This is Shadow, Bellatrix's kitten," Narcissa said, seeing where Lucius was looking. "She asked us to look after her whilst she and the Dark Lord are away."


Lucius sat down in the armchair opposite them, and Bellatrix thought he looked tired. "Of course," he responded, nodding to Bellatrix coolly. "Are you going far?"


"To Rome," Bellatrix said, smiling coolly towards Lucius. His grey eyes flickered towards Narcissa for a moment, and he seemed to be regretful of something. Perhaps he wanted to be happy and free, just married, not tied down at home.


"That will be nice," he said coolly. The door opened and Abraxas entered, and Bellatrix could see that he didn't look his usual self.


"Ah, here's the bride!" he said, in the usual tone he reserved for Bellatrix. "We were expecting you today, come to share all the news with your sister?"


Bellatrix stood up and greeted Abraxas with a kiss on each cheek. "You know me so well," she responded, smiling at him. "Actually, I came to say goodbye. We're going to Rome for a week."


"How wonderful," Abraxas said, sitting down in the armchair with a thump. He didn't seem to have very much control over his limbs, Bellatrix couldn't believe she hadn't noticed it the previous day, but then it had been her wedding and she was a bit distracted. Bellatrix took her seat once more, exchanging a glance with Narcissa, who looked deeply concerned still. He didn't appear to have noticed the cat. "Your sister is proving to be a marvellous edition to the family, Lucius chose well."


"I expect you will both miss her when she is back at Hogwarts," Bellatrix commented.


"I should be able to see her at least once a week," Lucius said smoothly. "I am taking over as a Governor of Hogwarts, so I shall be there often." He paused, and looked to Narcissa. "My wife is a prefect this year too."


"I don't doubt it," Bellatrix replied, smiling. "Make sure you keep an eye on Andromeda. I don't expect she's having a nice time at home with only Mother and Father there."


"I will," Narcissa said nodding.


"Are you reporting to the Dark Lord from the Ministry too?" Abraxas asked suddenly.


"Yes, Father," Lucius said nodding swiftly.


Bellatrix looked at the time, and jumped nervously. "Oh dear, I had better get moving. I promised the Dark Lord I wouldn't be long." She stood up. "We're going to the Valerian tonight," she added with a smile.


Lucius stood up too. "I need to speak with the Dark Lord before he is away for a week, I had best come with you now."


Narcissa stood up. "I will see you out," she murmured, Shadow in her hands.


"Goodbye, Abraxas," Bellatrix said, smiling at him. Abraxas nodded, he didn't seem to have the energy to do much more.


They walked out into the hallway. Bellatrix kissed Shadow on the head. "Be good for Auntie Narcissa," she said smirking. Shadow miowed, and gently pressed her paw against Bellatrix's nose. Bellatrix chuckled and pulled away. "I'll see you next week before you return to Hogwarts," she said to Narcissa.


Lucius kissed Narcissa on the lips, before they both disapparated to the Dark Lord's manor. "He's in the office," Bellatrix said quietly. They walked up the stairs in silence, and Bellatrix opened the door to the office, pleased to see Voldemort again. Lucius was close behind her, but she launched herself into Voldemort's arms and kissed him hard, feeling him lifting her up effortlessly so their faces were closer together. "I'm back!" she said breathlessly as she pulled away.


"So I see," Voldemort replied, amused. He set her down on the floor, and nodded to Lucius.


"My Lord," Lucius said, bowing slightly.


"Are you going to get ready?" Voldemort asked Bellatrix. He paused, and seemed to be looking for the right words. "I've... Decided."


Bellatrix tilted her head to one side in confusion. "Decided, my Lord?"


"Go and see, in the bedroom," Voldemort replied, and Bellatrix felt his hands on her arse once more as the turned away. She smirked over her shoulder at him, before nodding to Lucius and leaving the office.




Bellatrix reached the bedroom, not entirely sure what she was going to see, but when she realised what it was she almost laughed out loud. Laid out on her bed was a black dress, straight from her wardrobe. Voldemort had clearly chosen her dress for tonight. She noticed jewellery on the dresser and some shoes on the floor by the wardrobe. On the other side of the bed was the underwear he'd bought her, completely unpackaged and laid out.


She picked the dress up, and realised it was one of the sexier numbers, low cut with a floor length skirt, part of the skirt hitched up to her thigh with a silver broach to hold it in place. The jewellery matched the broach, and the shoes were high, though not her highest, with silver buckles on the side.


Bellatrix was dressed and applying her final coat of mascara when Voldemort came in, about an hour later. "Have you ever considered a career in the fashion industry?" Bellatrix asked Voldemort, looking at him in the mirror.


"I've learnt from the best," Voldemort responded, putting his arms around her from behind and kissing her neck. "You look edible," he murmured in her ear, his hands sliding down her body and then down her bare thigh.


"Careful, you'll have a situation to deal with," Bellatrix said with a smirk, putting the mascara away.


"I've had enough situations to deal with in the last year," Voldemort replied, pulling away from her and ripping off his robes. Bellatrix found herself unconsciously staring at his arse. He was so sexy... She could hardly believe his age, though she knew it made perfect sense for him to be that old. As he turned around, she hastily turned her gaze back to her reflection, watching him get dressed again in the mirror. "Ready to go?"


Bellatrix nodded and took his arm, leaning her head against his shoulder. Voldemort disapparated them away to the restaurant.


As they were shown to their table, once again everyone watched. Bellatrix felt much more confident this time as she followed Voldemort through the restaurant. She noticed a few people she knew, and merely smirked at them. She sat down at their table, and looked up at Voldemort as they were given their menu's.


Voldemort caught her gaze and winked. Bellatrix smiled at him as he poured her wine and accepted the glass, taking a sip.


"How was your sister?" he asked, his blue gaze fixed on her.


"Well," Bellatrix responded softly. "Happy, for which I am glad."


"Lucius mentioned he will be at the school weekly."


Bellatrix nodded. "Yes, and since she's a seventh year prefect, she will have her own room so I imagine he will be with her often."


"I'm sure that will cause quite a stir in the Great Hall at breakfast time," Voldemort replied, smirking. Bellatrix laughed, feeling a few more eyes on her once more. She ignored them though. "I have owled a hotel in Rome our requirements," Voldemort said softly, so he wouldn't be overheard. "It's been recommended to me before and I know it's very expensive, so it should be suitable for our... Needs." He smirked and Bellatrix laughed again.


"I am glad to hear that," she said, under the table drawing her foot up his leg.


"I also have a reservation for us tonight." Voldemort smiled. "In London, just down the road from here. I have stayed there before when I have wanted a change of scenery, sometimes it clears my mind out. They always give me a huge suite." He paused, seeing the look of protest on Bellatrix's face. "I had your things sent over," he said quickly. "I know you can't go a night without moisturiser."


Bellatrix giggled. "You do know me well." She placed her hand on the table, admiring her wedding ring.


"It looks beautiful," Voldemort said, but he wasn't looking at the ring, he was staring directly at her. Bellatrix felt her heart rate quicken, he always had a way of staring at her that went straight to her panties.




As soon as they stepped into the main hall of the hotel, Bellatrix recognised the receptionist from her year at Hogwarts. She'd been at the party last night. The receptionist recognised her, and then looked to Voldemort, and her eyes widened. Bellatrix smirked as they reached the desk.


"I have a reservation," Voldemort said, not noticing.


Hands shaking, the receptionist handed over the key to the room. "Hello, Marcella" Bellatrix said.


"Hello, Bellatrix," Marcella replied nervously.


"I didn't know you worked here," Bellatrix continued, smirking mockingly.


"Just for the summer," Marcella responded, colouring slightly. "I hope you had a good time last night."


"I did, thank you. The best birthday I've ever had by far." Bellatrix nudged Voldemort gently, and she could see him smile.


"Did you enjoy yourself, Marcella?" Voldemort asked, smiling charmingly, his voice smoother and darker then ever.


"Yes, thank you, my Lord," Marcella replied, her voice shaking. "Are... Are you out for Bellatrix's birthday?"


"Yes," Voldemort responded firmly, and Bellatrix was glad she didn't reply with 'No' as she had been about to. "She's been working hard and I like to treat her now and again... Besides, it's either drinking at home or drinking in a hotel."


Bellatrix laughed, she did feel a bit tipsy this time. "No point in risking this apparation, my Lord," she said with a grin. "The Valerian serves up very strong wine, have you noticed that?"


Voldemort smirked. "Yes I did, maybe that's why I like to take you there so often," he replied, before turning back to Marcella who looked fairly confused. "I take it these are the keys to a two bedroomed suite?"


Marcella looked down at the door number on the keys, and then looked back up, nodding.


"Excellent," Voldemort replied. "Have two bottles of your most expensive red wine sent up as well, with two glasses."


"Yes, my Lord," Marcella responded, looking down and nervously writing. "Your belongings are already in the suite."


Voldemort smiled once more. "Thank you," he said, before putting his arm around Bellatrix and leading her towards the staircase. Once they were safely in their room, Bellatrix spoke.


"Two bedrooms?"


"Just to confuse everyone," Voldemort replied, walking into the room and sitting down on the huge sofa. The view out of the window overlooked the Thames, and Bellatrix went straight to the window to look. There were boats on the water, some in darkness, others transformed into floating restaurants filled with muggles. Reflections from the buildings were dotted obscurely on the water, but it looked beautiful. "We don't want this to get out, but at the same time we don't want keeping it a secret to ruin our lives." He grinned, and stood up to answer the tap on the door. He returned a moment later with the bottles of wine, and promptly began to fill the glasses up. "For instance, you might know a silly girl working at a restaurant or hotel, and she might go blabbing to the wrong person, just because she knows you."


"People are too scared of you," Bellatrix replied, sitting down and picking up her wine.


"Dumbledore isn't," Voldemort said unhappily. "And people love Dumbledore."


Bellatrix kicked off her shoes, and stretched her legs out over his lap. Smiling, Voldemort absently ran his hands up and down her legs. "I love this," Bellatrix said quietly, her eyes on him.




Bellatrix paused, swirling her wine around in the glass. "Us... Finally being able to act like a married couple should."


Voldemort nodded. "Mm," he said appreciatively. "Married."


"Yes," Bellatrix said, grinning happily. "Married to the Dark Lord."


"For ever and ever," Voldemort said, slowly taking her hand, his eyes fixed on hers, and kissed her fingers gently.


Bellatrix couldn't believe how much she loved him, she thought her chest was about to explode from happiness and love. She never wanted to be away from him again.




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