Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


14. Chapter 14

 Bellatrix awoke on the day of her birthday, and the day of her wedding, excitement tingling through her veins. She wasn't surprised to see the bed empty next to her, or the note on the bedside table. Smiling sleepily, she opened it.




Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary. It was a year ago today I asked you to marry me, so I would say that it is significant.


You can use one of the guest rooms to prepare for today's ceremony. I have things to do in our bedroom, so you are banned from it until I tell you otherwise.


When we meet next, you'll be moments away from being the wife to the Dark Lord. That, technically, makes you the Dark Lady. It is with that in mind that I give you your first gift of the day.


Go and look in the opposite to your second favourite place, and you'll find something pretty. It is, unfortunately, not as pretty as you, but I think that would be difficult to achieve.


I love you.




Bellatrix frowned, sitting up in bed. Second favourite place? She didn't know why he was choosing now to inundate her with riddles. She quickly slid out of bed and pulled a robe on, knowing that the house would be empty of Death Eaters today. Half way along the corridor, she bumped into Narcissa.


"Happy Birthday," Narcissa said, hugging Bellatrix. "The Dark Lord is at home. He said I should come and wake you up, and help you solve something?"


"I'm sure he thinks he is very funny," Bellatrix replied grumpily. "The opposite to my second favourite place is where I will find something pretty."


Narcissa looked confused. "Well, he did look very smug when he mentioned it..."


Bellatrix rounded on Narcissa. "What else did he say!" she asked hastily. "Did he mention any locations?"


Narcissa nodded. "He said I'm not allowed to let you out of the house."


"So it's my second favourite place in the house then!" Bellatrix led Narcissa down the stairs.


"Your first is the bedroom. My favourite place at home is the bedroom." Bellatrix glanced at her sister, before bursting out with laughter. Narcissa coloured. "Not because of that!" She protested. "Because the bedroom is where all the cuddles and love takes place."


"Please, I don't like to think of Lucius as a human," Bellatrix said with a smirk. "But you're right, the bedroom is the winner. My second favourite place is the attic."


"Does this house have a basement?" Narcissa asked. Bellatrix grinned.


"Yes! That's it!" She grabbed Narcissa's hand, and ran down the stairs to the ground floor. She headed towards the waiting room, and to the secret doorway that led to the basement. She hadn't been down here before, but Voldemort had told her about it and how to get down.


It was dark, and slightly damp. Narcissa was shivering behind her. "Bellatrix..."


"Shh!" Bellatrix replied, lighting up her wand. Ahead of her, she could see metal bars to cells. She suspected this was the dungeon she'd heard so much of. Turning to her left, she noticed another door. She went for that, and opened it. Light suddenly flooded the room, and Bellatrix had to blink a few times before she could see clearly. The room was stacked with boxes, varying in sizes.


At her feet were two boxes, one bigger than the other. One said 'bridesmaid' and the other, bigger one said 'bride'. Bellatrix picked them both up, and handed Narcissa hers. There was a bracelet, finely wrought in silver, studded with huge diamonds forming circles.


Inside of Bellatrix's box was a tiara. It to was silver, peaking gently into spikes, higher at the front and at the back then the others at the sides. It was encrusted with diamonds and pearls, a pearl topping each spike and a diamond hanging down from the middle of the spike at the front. The label read:


Worn by Salazar Slytherin's wife on their wedding day. They were married for a long time, perhaps it brought them luck.


Bellatrix smiled. "It's perfect," she murmured, fingering it gently.


Narcissa shivered. "Come on. It's horrible down here."


Reluctantly, Bellatrix followed her sister up the stairs, excited for the moment when she would be able to find out more about the things that were kept in the basement. For now, she was content in preparing herself for her wedding.




Bellatrix was stood outside of the throne room, where the ceremony was going to take place, her insides churning. The dress she had found in the cupboard in the attic had been magically altered slightly to modernise it, and to make it look more like a wedding gown. The corset was of dark green silk, with panels of cream lace at the front and the back, the big sleeves replaced with thick lace straps. The skirt was full, now cream with a green trim around the front and a gentle bustle at the back, with a green train falling from the bustle in soft waves. Her hair was pulled up in a complicated bun, her tiara sitting nicely at the top of her head with a short cream veil coming from under her hair.


The best thing was that Bellatrix knew she looked how a 'Dark Lady' should look, and she knew that the Dark Lord would approve.


Her father was holding onto her arm, and Narcissa was stood behind her. Any minute now, the doors in front of her would open, and the wedding would begin.


"Are you sure this is what you want?" Cygnus murmured to Bellatrix.


"Yes, father," Bellatrix replied. "I'm in the best place I could be."


"I'm sorry you didn't get the opportunity to marry for love." Bellatrix glanced sharply towards Cygnus, she'd never heard anything like that come out of his mouth before.


The doors before her opened, and Bellatrix could see the Dark Lord standing with Lucius next to him, facing her, and Druella and Abraxas facing away from Bellatrix, now turning to look as they entered.


"What makes you think I didn't?" Bellatrix responded with a smile.


Cygnus chuckled, and began to lead his daughter towards her new husband. When they got there, finally, after what seemed like an eternity of walking, Voldemort reached for Bellatrix's hand, leading her closer to him. When they were close together, Voldemort kissed her hand briefly, and Bellatrix could feel herself getting hot already. He pulled out his wand, and pressed it first on his fingertips, then on Bellatrix's, and slowly took her hand in his again. Bellatrix could feel warmth seeping down her arm to the rest of her body, and she knew it was coming from him.


"Bella." The word came out of nowhere, and she jumped a little, before looking into the Dark Lord's eyes. "Do you take me as your husband?"


Bellatrix smiled. "I do," she responded, her voice clear and her nerves almost gone. "Do you take me as your wife?"


"I do," Voldemort replied without a moments hesitation. Their connection grew stronger for a moment, before the heat in her fingertips faded as Voldemort pulled his hand away. He turned to Lucius, and was handed Bellatrix's wedding ring. He turned back to Bellatrix, and slid it along her finger. "This is a symbol of our marriage, a symbol of my everlasting affection and of your unwavering loyalty."


Taking her hands once more, he let her towards a small table in which the certificate of marriage was laid out. Voldemort signed it under his name, and then Bellatrix, and then Lucius who was their witness. Voldemort led Bellatrix back to the centre of the room, where he put his arm around her waist and kissed her briefly on the lips.


Bellatrix almost moaned in frustration, and Voldemort seemed to sense what she wanted. "I know you're already dripping wet, but try to act like you've never been kissed," Voldemort whispered in her ear, pretending he was kissing her hair. A shiver ran through Bellatrix's body, her husband had actually talked slightly dirty to her, for the first time.


He chuckled, and Bellatrix instantly knew he'd been reading her thoughts. They accepted Cygnus and Druella's congratulations before heading towards the dining room for dinner, before Bellatrix's birthday party began later in the evening. She turned her head and looked at him as they walked, and their eyes met, briefly. "My queen," Voldemort murmured with a smile, and Bellatrix couldn't ever remember feeling happier.




"I feel like I'm dreaming," Bellatrix confessed to Narcissa after her sister had asked how she was feeling.


"You aren't dreaming," Narcissa confirmed, arranging Bellatrix's hair around her shoulders. Her evening dress was purple, as she'd wanted, cutting straight over the bust with thick straps on top, and long and draping on the bottom with a small trail. It showed off her figure, and it also concealed the black lacy underwear she was wearing while being timelessly elegant. The tiara had been placed back in her hair which was now loose.


The door burst open, and Voldemort strolled in. "Ladies," he said, but his eyes were fixed on Bellatrix. He walked towards her, and Bellatrix was suddenly aware of the door closing, and Narcissa leaving the newly weds together. "As soon as I am in a position of power, this will be announced to the wizarding world," Voldemort said quickly as soon as he had reached her, and Bellatrix could see lust in his eyes once again. "You will have the title of the Dark Lady, naturally. You will be my queen." He kissed her hand, and Bellatrix was surprised at the passion in his voice. "You are mine, in every sense now." His hand was suddenly at the back of her head, pulling her lips forwards to meet his, and for a moment Bellatrix was lost in the kiss. She didn't want it to stop.


"I love you," Bellatrix whispered, when it was over. She put her arms tightly around him. "I am yours."


Voldemort smiled, kissing her briefly once more. "Wife," he said, playing absently with her hair.


"Husband," Bellatrix replied, looking up at his face. They stared at each other for a few minutes, before Voldemort took a step back. "The guests are here." He paused, and seemed to want to say something more, but instead he linked her arm through his, and together they walked towards the grand staircase that led to the centre of the ballroom. This was the staircase Bellatrix had always dreamed of walking down with the Dark Lord, with a tiara on her head. It had come true.


Everyone in the room had silenced, and were staring at them. Half way down the steps, Voldemort stopped walking, and turned towards everyone. "My friends," he said, his voice loud and clear. "We are here to celebrate for two reasons tonight." Bellatrix's heart lurched, was he going to tell everyone? "The first, being our recent success," there was some applause and Bellatrix felt relieved. "And the second, being my beautiful protégé's eighteenth birthday." Voldemort turned and looked at her, with a small smile on his features. "And for tonight, since she is my only marked female, she will be my queen." He winked, and Bellatrix's stomach lurched this time, he was so charming and handsome. "For tonight, and many other nights I hope," he said softly to Bellatrix as the applause returned and they made their way down the steps.


"Mornings too," Bellatrix replied with a smirk.


"I'm going to have issues tonight I think," Voldemort said, placing one arm around her waist.


"What are you doing?" Bellatrix asked, surprised at the physical contact.


"Let them think what they will," Voldemort replied softly. "There is no way in hell I am going to be able to keep my hands off of you tonight. Just act like you're nervous."


"No pressure then," Bellatrix muttered, looking down.


"Come here." Voldemort led her over to a table in the corner of the room. It was stacked high with various boxes of different shapes and sizes. "All for you, from your guests."


Bellatrix gasped. "Oh my goodness!" she said. "These will take me all night to open." She paused, and looked back up at him. "Thank you for my present."


Voldemort smiled. "Your first present," he corrected. "I have some more for you later." He squeezed her briefly, and Bellatrix laughed. "For now..." He reached towards the bar, and picked up the two glasses of red wine that were awaiting them, and handed her one. "I shall leave you." He beckoned over Bellatrix's shoulder, and she could see her friends waiting for her there when she looked.


"Don't leave me for too long," Bellatrix replied quietly, flashing him a smile before curtseying and turning towards her friends from school. Each of them kissed her on both cheeks, with murmurs of Happy Birthday. Posey was last of all and Bellatrix led her away from the others, before holding her left hand up to her face. Posey squealed excitedly as she noticed the rings.


"When did this happen?" she asked in awe.


"This afternoon," Bellatrix said smugly.


"Why are you wasting your time with a birthday party when you could be..." Posey didn't need to finish the sentence.


"It's expected, everyone would think I had grown terribly dull if I didn't." Bellatrix paused. "Besides, I've waited a year, I think a few more hours will be alright."


Posey smiled. "I know you can't resist a party." The pair walked back over to the other girls. One was talking excitedly about her new job, and the other about how she'd left home and got her own house. They all seemed to feel like grown ups, but Bellatrix knew that she had gone a lot further than any of the girls surrounding her had. She was a murderer, a true Death Eater, and now a wife to one of the most powerful men in the world.


Voldemort was suddenly back at her side. "Ladies," he said, in his beautiful smooth tone. Instantly, the girls all fell into deep curtseys. "You all look very gorgeous tonight," he said, and in response received a lot of silly giggling. He kissed Posey's hand. "Miss Parkinson, you are well?" he enquired.


"Very well, my Lord," Posey answered with a smile. "Congratulations. I am pleased to hear of your recent success."


Voldemort smirked, understanding what she meant. "Thank you," he replied. "It's all because of Bellatrix."


Both Posey and Bellatrix smiled. "I don't doubt that, my Lord," Posey replied, and after catching Bellatrix's eye, they both dissolved into laughter.


Eedie Rookwood stepped forwards slightly. "My Lord, would you like to dance?" she asked boldly, clearly hoping to be noticed by him. Bellatrix and Posey immediately stopped laughing, and turned their attention to what was happening in front of them. Over her shoulder, Bellatrix could see Eedie's older brother rolling his eyes.


"Have we met before, Miss...?" Voldemort raised an eyebrow questioningly.


"Rookwood," Eedie confirmed, smirking at Bellatrix. Posey elbowed Bellatrix slightly in the ribs, and Bellatrix glanced to her, smiling calmly. She wasn't at all concerned, and she knew that Eedie was about to be humiliated by her husband.


"Ah, Augustus's sister," Voldemort said with a nod. Bellatrix knew he wouldn't appreciate Eedie's pathetic attempt at flirting. "Although these little social gatherings are a good time for you, ladies," he continued, gesturing around him. "For me, I am afraid they mean work." He paused, looking to Bellatrix. "Unless, of course, my beautiful queen wants to dance. I couldn't say no to that."


Bellatrix smiled at him, and curtseyed slightly. "My Lord is too kind," she replied smartly.


Voldemort smiled, and turned back to Eedie. "I think I see Mr Goyle watching you over there, perhaps you could dance with him."


Eedie forced a smile, and curtseyed. "Thank you, my Lord," she replied, her face tinged slightly pink.


Voldemort looked back to Bellatrix, and slid an arm around her. "Sweetheart, there's someone I would like you to meet," he said.


"Not that vampire you have been threatening me with, I hope?" Bellatrix questioned, laughing brightly.


"Perhaps," Voldemort replied lightly. His face suddenly broke out into a smile. "Come and see, it could be your lucky night."


"Oh, shush," Bellatrix responded mildly, shaking her head at him. There were a couple of gasps and shocked expressions at her lack of respect, but no one else spoke. Voldemort chuckled. "Excuse me," she said to the girls with a grin, and as Voldemort led her away she glanced over her shoulder and smirked at Eedie, who was bright red with embarrassment.


"Now you see what I had to put up with at Hogwarts," Bellatrix murmured when she had turned back around and was facing the way that they were walking.


"Almost as bad as being unable to consummate your marriage due to a houseful of guests," Voldemort responded quietly.


"Well, take that pain and multiply it by seven years," Bellatrix said with a grin.


Voldemort chuckled, before stopping next to a pale man with dark hair. "Bella, I would like you to meet Igor Karkaroff, deputy highmaster of Durmstrang Institute." The man smiled thinly, stepping forwards and shaking Bellatrix's hand. "Igor, this is Bellatrix Black, my protégé."


"Professor Karkaroff, I am delighted to meet you," Bellatrix said enthusiastically.


"It is my honour," Karkaroff replied, with a smile, his accent thick, though the smile didn't meet his eyes, which remained cold. "Our Lord has spoken very highly of you."


"She's a very talented young lady," Voldemort said. "She obtained five O's at NEWT level."


"It was my wish to come to Durmstrang for my final year," Bellatrix said. She thought that Karkaroff was a rather colourless, boring man, and she thought his empty eyes were unnerving. Even Voldemort's were warm most of the time. "I have heard a lot about how wonderful the education you provide is."


"It is better then Hogwarts's limited curriculum," Karkaroff agreed, smiling once more. "But I think you will be more then satisfied with the Dark Lord's teachings." He turned to Voldemort. "The highmaster is always speaking of your Lordship, and how wonderful it would be if you would come and teach at the Institute."


"I am afraid my ambition to become a teacher has been replaced with a far greater one," Voldemort replied lightly.


"The Dark Lord is an excellent tutor, the boys at the school are missing out, as is the rest of the world," Bellatrix said warmly, smiling at Voldemort.


"I do have a truly magnificent pupil," Voldemort said, slipping his arm around her once more. "She's going to do great things."


"My Lord, not so many compliments, I fear I shall get ahead of myself."


Voldemort laughed, and Karkaroff smiled too, but his eyes remained uninterested still. Bellatrix shuddered slightly. She caught Voldemort's eye, and then looked to the dance floor.


"Come and dance, Bella," Voldemort said, taking the hint. Bellatrix nodded to Igor, before turning away with Voldemort. "What do you think of him?" he asked, when they were arm in arm on the dance floor.


"He's not very pleasant," Bellatrix replied honestly. "Though if he's deputy head of Durmstrang then he must be talented."


"He will be useful," Voldemort said nodding. He smiled at her. "My queen, why are you so stunning?"


Bellatrix chuckled. "Stop it," she ordered. "You're the one that organised this party."


"You're the one who asked for it!"


"You could have said no, husband," Bellatrix said, gazing at him happily.


"I don't think I could say no to you," Voldemort replied remorsefully, a sad expression on his face. "What a terrible weakness you are."


Bellatrix laughed. "How long do we have left?"




The party was over, the guests were gone, the house was empty. Over a years worth of sexual tension was about to be released.


Voldemort had carried his new wife up the stairs to their bedroom, kissing Bellatrix as he walked.


The candles that illuminated the room had a slight red tinge to them, making the room dim and romantic. There were extra candles floating in the middle of the room, also glowing red, and on the bed lay several boxes.


Voldemort set her down as the door clicked shut behind them. "It looks beautiful in here," Bellatrix said, stepping further into the room.


"It does," Voldemort replied, his eyes fixed on her. Bellatrix turned around, and their eyes met, followed soon after by their lips.


They fell onto the bed, Voldemort's hands were on the small of her back, rapidly moving downwards. Lips still pressed together, tongues fighting for dominance, Voldemort moved on top of her, his hands holding onto her hair roughly, hardly noticing or caring if he hurt her. Bellatrix couldn't believe how much his rough treatment was turning her on, she'd never been treated like this before and was loving it.


His hand moved back up, finding the silver zip on the back of her gown and hastily undoing it, Bellatrix's back arched as he did. Their eye contact didn't end for a second. "My Lord..." Bellatrix found his arm, and held it tightly, stopping him from moving it any more. "Slow down," she murmured, and Voldemort pulled his hand away from her dress, pausing to look down at her. He'd never seen her so beautiful, with her hair messy and her make-up smudged.


"In this situation," he said, and he was smiling. "You don't need to bother with the formalities."


Bellatrix reached up and lightly stroked his face, her Dark Mark gleaming in the pale red candlelight. "My love," she murmured, smiling. Voldemort kissed her lips once more, gently this time, before sitting her up next to him, and turning her face towards his.


"My love," he repeated, staring at her.


"Darling," Bellatrix said, giggling softly. "Sexy," she said, kissing him on the tip of his nose.


Voldemort moaned again, hastily undoing her dress and pulling it off of her, leaving her only in her black underwear. Her body was perfect, a taunt stomach, slim thighs, pert breasts. He'd never seen a woman so beautiful. "Mm," he said, and Bellatrix laughed, laying down. She beckoned to him with one finger. "Come here." He did as she wanted, and laid on top of her, kissing down the side of her neck.


Slowly, she ran her hands down the front of his robes, savouring every moment of being able to undo them herself. Parting them, she pulled them from his shoulders, throwing them to the ground, leaving him in only his underwear. She ran her hands down his body, feeling his warmth seeping into her skin, loving how smooth his skin was. He kissed her once more, on the lips, and Bellatrix couldn't help the moan that left her. Voldemort pulled away, smirking down at her.


"Do you want me?" he asked, softly caressing the swell of her breasts.


"Yes," Bellatrix breathed, her eyes fixed on his. Slowly, she reached around and unhooked her bra, throwing that to the floor, and slid her panties from her body. "Do you want me?" she asked, and this time it was her turn to smirk.




After staring longingly at her body, Voldemort stood up, and pulled off his remaining clothing. Bellatrix sat up, looking at him for a moment, before uncurling her legs and sliding from the side of the bed. Voldemort hooked an arm around his waist and pulled her towards him, their bare skin finally touching each others. He slid a leg between hers, before kissing her, harder then ever. She now knew why he had such a reputation amongst the women, he clearly was very experienced. Smiling into the kiss, she felt her mark tingle in pleasure as his hand moved to her hair, cupping her head and forcing her back towards the bed once more.


Bellatrix could feel his hands sliding down her back, holding her arse briefly, before moving his fingers teasingly downwards


"Please..." Bellatrix mumbled, hating herself for pleading with him, but knowing he wouldn't make love to her until she did.


"Please... Who?" Voldemort slipped a finger inside of her, causing a flurry of more moans.


"Please... Master..." she said, moaning in desire.


"What do you want?" A second finger moved inside of her. Wiggling her hips, Bellatrix looked pleadingly up at him, receiving only a raised eyebrow. He seriously had self control.


"Please..." was all Bellatrix could say. She'd never been in this situation before, it was always the other way around.


"Please what?" Voldemort was smirking.


"Please make love to me," she finally said, hating how she was at his mercy, but at the same time knowing it wouldn't be any other way. She found herself, unwillingly, loving the change.


"Good girl," Voldemort whispered, kissing her briefly. "Was it so hard?"


"I know what is!" Bellatrix gasped, and Voldemort laughed, before suddenly sheathing himself within her, with one hard plunge. Bellatrix cried out in pain, she hadn't had sex for a long time. Voldemort didn't even pause, he continued, pounding into her harder and harder every time. The pain almost subsided, but Bellatrix liked how it hurt when he moved inside of her.


Voldemort pushed one of her legs back for a deeper angle, hitting her harder and rougher then any other before, roughly grabbing her hair and pulling it. Bellatrix could feel her orgasm approaching already. "Master..." she moaned, and Voldemort looked down at her, an expression of pure pleasure on his face. Slowly, she could feel the heat building in her dark mark, and as she began to orgasm, the pain became fuller. She screamed, loudly, unable to help herself, pleasure and pain mixing, when she suddenly realised she was experiencing the best orgasm she'd ever had before in her life. The pain worked with her pleasure. Panting, she opened her eyes, noticing that her fingers were digging deeply into his biceps. She slowly released her hold on him, involuntarily twitching as Voldemort moaned loudly, a smile on his lips, and Bellatrix knew that he too was orgasming.


The thrusts stopped, and Voldemort moved down over her and kissed her on the lips gently, before moving off and laying down next to her, panting and slightly sweaty. Bellatrix turned her body towards him, and put an arm around his waist, kissing him lightly on the shoulder, a pleasant tingling sensation now all over her body.


"How was that?" Voldemort asked, a few moments later when he seemed recovered enough to speak.


"Alright," Bellatrix responded, a cheeky grin on her face. Voldemort chuckled. Bellatrix shifted closer to him and kissed him on the cheek. "That was, without a doubt, the best sex I have ever had."


"About the same for me," Voldemort replied. "I am so glad that I waited. That was amazing." He glanced at her. "Though not quite as long as I hoped."


"It's been a year," Bellatrix pointed out. "I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did."


Voldemort kissed her. "Round two?"


Bellatrix giggled, and put her arms around him, half pulling him on top of her, flying high with happiness and excitement about her future.




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