Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


12. Chapter 12

Bellatrix awoke on the day of her sisters wedding, excited. Voldemort was already up, but that was normal for them. Unless she had training, of course, but today was a free day. They'd duelled a few more times, and Voldemort had stopped using Legitimacy to predict Bellatrix's moves, although, as he'd said, that wouldn't continue once she knew Occlumency.


Slipping into her robes and shoes, she combed her fingers through her curls and headed towards the office. The house was quiet for once, and the office was empty all apart from her fiancée.


He glanced up at her, before raising an eyebrow. "Mm, someone's looking sexy," he said appreciatively. "Such messy hair."


Bellatrix rolled her eyes. "My Lord," she said, reaching forwards and kissing him briefly on the lips. "When are you coming to Malfoy Manor?"


"Later," Voldemort responded indifferently. "I'll be there when my beautiful bride walks down the isle."


"It's Narcissa's day," Bellatrix replied softly.


"I am not in love with Narcissa," said Voldemort. "You're the beautiful one. I shall look at the beautiful one."


Bellatrix smiled. "You are sweet."


Voldemort chuckled darkly, and as usual the sound made her shiver with desire. "Not at all. I am honest." He stood, and walked slowly around the desk, until they were close to each other. "I believe you have to leave soon."


"Unfortunately, my Lord."


Voldemort chuckled again. Bellatrix wondered if he did it deliberately. "I shall see you this afternoon." He reached down to her hand, and pulled it to his lips, kissing her knuckles gently, his eyes never leaving hers. "Tell Malfoy not to forget his work. He can get on with it this morning, I am sure he will welcome a distraction from his nerves."


Bellatrix laughed coldly. "He doesn't feel a thing."


"I have seen his mind," Voldemort reminded her. "He is only human, after all."


Bellatrix wasn't convinced, but didn't comment. "My Lord," she murmured, stepping so that their bodies were touching. He pushed his hand into her hair, pulling her head back slightly. Bellatrix moaned lightly.


"What?" he breathed, smirking, knowing what she wanted.


"Kiss me, Master," she said, and with crushing force Voldemort's lips pressed against hers. A moment later, he pulled away from her, pulling her back to standing upright. His arms tightened around her body.


"Behave yourself today."


"My Lord?"


"No drinking."


Bellatrix pouted.


"At least until I am there."


Bellatrix giggled. "Why would I be drinking before you're there? I want to walk down the isle, not stagger."


Voldemort laughed softly. "Go on, beautiful."


With a final kiss on the end of his nose, Bellatrix turned around and headed to their room, to pack everything she was going to need.




Bellatrix arrived at Malfoy Manor with one of the Dark Lord's House Elves in tow. It was carrying her dresses and a large bag of make up.


The gate sprung into life when she was about two feet away. A single peacock crossed her path as the walked towards the front door. She smirked, peacocks and Malfoy's definitely shared the same traits. Before she'd even reached it, the front door had been opened and Lucius was stood there.


"Good morning," he drawled, looking her up and down. He then saw the elf. "I see you've brought provisions."


"Of course," Bellatrix replied. "The Dark Lord will be here this afternoon. He wanted me to remind you that though this is your wedding day, you were given a task last night and it still must be completed in good time."


"You mustn't stress yourself out, Bellatrix, it's in the bag." Lucius smiled coolly. "I shouldn't get too ahead of myself, if I were you. You're still the newest, the lowest."


Bellatrix laughed. "It's a good thing you're not me then. One day... Not so far away, either, I shall be above even you." She smiled sweetly, and Lucius returned the gesture.


"The bridal party have taken over the west wing," he said, and his voice was cold now.


"I'll see myself up," Bellatrix responded, turning away from him and walking towards the staircase. She glared towards him, but knew she wouldn't be angry for long. Upon entering the bedroom in the west wing, she was hit by the strong smell of about fifty bouquets of flowers from various well wishers that hadn't merited an invitation to the actual wedding. Druella was fussing around her, brushing out her hair. Posey was arranging some flowers. There were some girls from school who immediately silenced when they saw Bellatrix enter. Narcissa was sat right in the middle of it all, smiling dreamily, excited.


"Bella!" she called, as she spotted her sister.


"Cissa," Bellatrix replied, smiling. She approached, and crouched down in front of Narcissa. "Did you get the package I sent?" she asked quietly.


Narcissa giggled and blushed a little bit. "Yes. I'm wearing it now." Bellatrix smirked.


"Sexy underwear is the most uncomfortable thing in the world," she said.


"I know," Narcissa replied.


"What are you two whispering about?" Druella asked suspiciously.


"Nothing important." Bellatrix straightened up. "You are well, Mother?"


"Well enough," Druella replied, throwing a scrutinizing glance at her daughter. "And you?"


"Perfect," Bellatrix replied, looking over to Posey. "Alright Parkinson?"


Posey smiled. "I'm good. Eager to see you wearing pink."


Bellatrix chuckled, and then spotted the wedding dress hanging up. It looked amazing. "We made some changes to it," Narcissa said, seeing where Bellatrix was looking. "The rubies, we turned pink, and we put a slight gold tint on the white, can you see it?"


Bellatrix nodded. "It looks beautiful."


"It looks amazing on her," Posey said.


"Girls, we have three hours. I know that sounds like a long time, but five bridesmaids is a lot of work," Druella said. "Bellatrix, will you help Narcissa with her make up?"


"Of course." Bellatrix smiled in excitement, before stepping forwards, and beginning to work.




It was two O clock. Narcissa was shaking slightly, Bellatrix could see the net on her dress moving. As Posey had said, the dress did look amazing, and the new colours suited Narcissa far more than the old dress had. Her hair was done in amazing ringlets, piled to the top of her head, with a glittering golden tiara.


The four other bridesmaids were wearing simple black gowns, each with a pink ribbon around the waist and the skirts strewn with tiny pink and gold jewels. Bellatrix, as the maid of honour, wore a different dress. It had a proper corset, bringing her already perfect figure in tighter, thick straps to hold it in place, with a very loose and floaty net skirt. It was in a beautiful pale pink shade, and in the light it shimmered gold. Her hair was in tight curls, running down her back, with just a simple pink flower in her hair. She felt good. There had been a slight incident with Bellatrix's Dark Mark, she'd changed into the sleeveless dress, forgetting to cover up her mark. Everyone in the room had noticed it. The girls she knew from Hogwarts were both horrified and awed at the same time. She hated covering it up, she was proud of the tattoo, but it upset people to see it.


They were stood outside the ball room. All of the guests, and Lucius, were inside, waiting for them.


Narcissa's face was cold, she didn't look like she was at all nervous to anyone, but Bellatrix, who stepped forwards and squeezed her hand. "Breathe," she murmured. Narcissa smiled.


"Thank you."


Bellatrix laughed softly. "Uncomfortable?"


"You might say that," Narcissa replied, smiling.


"Only about twelve hours to go," Bellatrix said, snickering. "Then you can take off your dress, and Lucius's eyes will pop out of his head."


Narcissa laughed. Their father stepped forwards. "It's time." Smile fading now, Narcissa stepped forwards, and took her father's arm. Bellatrix was stood behind Narcissa, and the other four were stood in two two's. They all looked very nervous, but then being a bridesmaid at a Malfoy wedding was a fairly big deal.


The doors before them opened. Bellatrix clutched her bouquet of flowers to herself, wondering if the Dark Lord would like her dress. They made their way down the isle, Bellatrix could see Lucius staring at his bride, his expression lustful to begin with, then changing to his usual coldness, which Bellatrix knew was completely faked. Rodolphus was the best man, oddly, and wasn't looking at Narcissa, but directly at Bellatrix, who hastily looked away to the left.


Voldemort was standing in the front row, next to Abraxas. All eyes in the row were on Narcissa, apart from Voldemort's. He was staring directly at Bellatrix, lustfully. She smiled towards him, nodding her head slightly. She could see what he was thinking, just from his expression. It certainly wasn't anything clean.


The ceremony began. Bellatrix wasn't really listening, it was Malfoy, it was boring. She could feel Voldemort staring at her from behind, all the way through. She was glad when it was all over. The guests stood up once more, and Narcissa and Lucius turned around to face everyone. They were the perfect, icy couple. Bellatrix turned around, smirking. Voldemort was looking at her, smiling slightly. They had to be careful though, half of the Ministry were present. Though everyone knew his name, no one really know what he looked like.


Next they moved towards the Malfoy's dining room. A huge feast had been prepared for the one hundred guests that had attended the wedding. Bellatrix couldn't believe the size of the dining room either, ten round tables placed around the room, each seating ten people. She assumed that some sort of spell had been used to enlarge the room, there was a faint buzz of magic.


Narcissa looked over her shoulder to Bellatrix, who quickly moved forwards so we could talk. "I've put the Dark Lord next to you," she murmured. "There's just an empty space with no name, we didn't feel we should draw attention to him."


Bellatrix nodded, but she was smiling. "Eleven hours, Mrs Malfoy." She winked, and Narcissa laughed softly.


Lucius looked across to her, and he was smirking. "Eleven hours until what, Bellatrix?" he asked, though it was clear he already knew what they meant. The bride and groom took their seats, and Bellatrix didn't bother to answer him. She could see the Dark Lord from across the room. He was staring. Catching her gaze, he excused himself from Abraxas and walked towards her.


"Miss Black," he said softly, reaching for her hand and kissing it. Their eyes remained on each others. "You look so beautiful. Different..." He paused. "Very girly."


"You haven't been able to look away from me," Bellatrix stated. "I haven't wanted to look away from you."


Voldemort simply looked at her. "I know," he said. His gaze was very deep.


Bellatrix swallowed, and stepped back from him slightly. "We should sit down." She glanced to the table. There were two empty seats, which they both hastily took, not wanting to attract too much attention. Bellatrix was seated next to Narcissa, Voldemort next to Abraxas. On Narcissa's left was Lucius, then Rodolphus, then Posey, who seemed very flirty with Rodolphus, then Andromeda, who was sulking because she hadn't been a bridesmaid, then Bellatrix's mother and father. The other bridesmaids were sat with other girls from Hogwarts. Bellatrix was happy to ignore them all, they were no longer her concern.


Rodolphus was looking at her again. Bellatrix did wish that Voldemort would hurry up and notice what his follower kept doing.


As the first course was served, Bellatrix leant towards the Dark Lord. "I hate having your mark covered," she whispered.


"It's necessary." He paused, and began to eat. "For now."


Bellatrix laughed, but she too was hopeful.


"So, when will you be changing into your evening attire?" Voldemort asked, and he sounded interested. "Is it sexy?"


Bellatrix glanced over the table to her parents. They were deep in conversation. She was surprised to see Posey and Andromeda engaged in what appeared to be an important discussion.


"Very." She smiled."I was thinking about our... Flowers, earlier."


Voldemort nodded. "I shall leave it all up to you, Bella. You will receive all of the funding you require." To her left, Bellatrix noticed Lucius's head turn towards them. He'd clearly thought they were talking about a mission. She merely smiled at Voldemort, ignoring Lucius.


"Well, if it can be done in a week, I would say a month is plenty of time."


The rest of the meal passed with relative ease, Bellatrix was only eager to find out what Posey and Andromeda had been talking about. Once the toasts and speeches were over, and they'd been greeted by the various Malfoy and Black relatives, Ministry officials and distant relations, it was almost eight O clock. Druella and Abraxas had gone to change the layout of the ballroom before the other guests arrived, to that of a party scene, with, or so Bellatrix hoped, a large, well stocked bar.


"I'm going to change," Bellatrix whispered in Voldemort's ear when it was finally over.


"Good," Voldemort responded with a smile.


Narcissa's dress was pure white and slightly shiny, floor length with a simple slit up the back, and simple straps holding it up. It clung to her figure perfectly. Bellatrix's dress was exactly the same, only black. Narcissa's ringlets were now flowing down her back as well. Narcissa's make up was white and pink, and Bellatrix's was black and red.


They stood together, looking at each other in the mirror, like opposite twins. The angel and the fallen angel. "The men are going to adore this," Bellatrix murmured appreciatively.


"I'm old enough to drink now," Narcissa said suddenly.


"Not too much please!" Bellatrix said, smirking. "That's my job tonight."


"Did you see Posey and our sister talking?" Narcissa asked, and she sounded nervous.


"Yes." Bellatrix sighed. "I will find out. And when you're back at Hogwarts, you're going to have to look out and see what Meda is up too."


"I will." She paused. "I don't want to go back. I'm going to fail my NEWTs anyway, I'm too stupid for them." She scowled.


"You're not stupid, just a little bit blonde," Bellatrix said, smiling. "Besides, you're of age, and you're married. There's no way they could keep you there all of the time. And, Lucius is on the board of Governors." She paused, pleased that Narcissa seemed happier with that reminder. "The school would do anything for him. He's their perfect O grade head boy that now works for the Ministry."


Narcissa smiled. "We should go down now." She linked her arm through Bellatrix's, and together they walked back down to the ballroom. Voldemort was talking to Lucius in a hushed tone at the bottom of the stairs, and they both looked up as they saw the bottom of the two sister's dresses. Lucius swallowed heavily at the sight of his new wife, and Bellatrix could see Voldemort's eyebrow raising.


"My Lord," Bellatrix said quietly when they reached the two men.


"You didn't lie when you said it was sexy," Voldemort murmured.


"Would I lie to you?" Bellatrix tilted her head, looking up at him underneath her eyelashes.


Voldemort hastily looked away from her. "I wish you would, so I could punish you," he said. "I am so tempted to take you to one of the guest rooms and-"


"My Lord!" Abraxas Malfoy was beside them. Bellatrix snorted lightly, and Voldemort merely smiled at Abraxas innocently. "The girls look amazing, do they not?"


"Yes," Voldemort said, and Bellatrix could hear how sincere he sounded.


"So similar, yet so different," Abraxas continued.


"That's what we were hoping for," Bellatrix responded, laughing. Abraxas reached for her hand, and kissed it. He paused, looking down, a frown crossing his brow.


"An... engagement ring?" he asked, sounding inquisitive.


Bellatrix glanced nervously to Voldemort. This was going to be their only problem. He looked back at her, and shrugged lightly.


"Abraxas..." said Voldemort, stepping forwards, and sliding his arm around his fiancée. Bellatrix lent her head against his shoulder, grinning towards the blond.


Abraxas raised an eyebrow, before smiling knowingly. "I see," he said. "Not a word from me."


"Your son knows. I'm afraid I couldn't keep my hands off of her in front of him."


"I don't blame you," Abraxas replied, smirking now. "You had me fooled. Protégé indeed..." he chortled to himself. "When will this event take place?"


"Next month. A small affair," Voldemort said. Bellatrix took a step away as she realised her mother was staring at her now. She never had liked public displays of affection.


"On my birthday," Bellatrix added. "I think mother wants us," she said to Voldemort, pointing over Abraxas's shoulder. Voldemort looked. The only thing behind Abraxas was a door.


"Excuse us," Voldemort said, smiling. He hastily led Bellatrix in through the door. The room was small, with just a coffee table and two chairs and a fireplace. "We need to think of a reason for the ring," Voldemort said, heading towards the window to look out over the extensive Malfoy grounds.


"How about some form of charm, it can only be seen if the person looking knows of our marriage?"


"Perhaps." Voldemort turned to look at her. "Oh god, I should not be alone with you looking like that."


"What is so amazing?"


"You look incredibly sexy, Bellatrix, that dress shows off all of the right stuff, I love your hair like that, and you're wearing red lipstick..." He moaned again, stepping towards her. He put his hand around the back of her neck, drawing her closer to him, until their lips met in a crushing kiss. "You are the most beautiful person in that ball room. I could hear everyone thinking it as you walked down those stairs, and when you walked into the room."


Bellatrix smiled. "Do you ever hear people thinking about what you look like?"


Voldemort smirked. "Well, yes. The Minister's daughter thought it." He chuckled darkly. "They don't know who I am. They think I'm courting you."


"You are courting me," Bellatrix replied smugly.


"You'd be shagging me if it was your way."


Bellatrix shrugged. "I wish." Their eyes met. "But Narcissa's been so excited about going to bed all day... It's nice. I want to be like that. I'm happy to be waiting."


"Mm." Voldemort was staring at her. "You're fantastic." He kissed her lips once more, before stepping away. "Come. Dance with me."


Bellatrix met his eyes, and smiled, taking his hand and stepped through the door with him, ready to dance the night away.

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