Power, Wealth and Social Status

This is the story of the life of Bellatrix Black; a life ruled by power, wealth and social status. Split into two parts, the story loosely follows that of the Harry Potter books along with some added twists for drama. Voldemort/Bellatrix


1. Chapter 1

 Part One


It seemed like an ordinary day to Bellatrix Black, when she woke up that morning. She'd got up, endured breakfast with her two childish, giggling younger sisters, been quite relieved when her mother had taken both of them out for the day. She preferred to be in a quiet house, where she could read or talk to her father in peace. She had been in the library, reading her new schoolbooks. She would be seventeen in a few weeks and was anxious to do well in her N.E.W.T examinations coming up over the next year.


She found her books boring though, especially transfiguration. It was so easy to her. She stood, deciding she would go and sit with her father for a while, see if she could help him with his work. She glanced down in satisfaction to her feet, a pair of shiny black stilettos adorned her feet, giving her much needed extra height. She really loved how the shoes made her feel, grown up, sexy and sophisticated.


As she approached her fathers' office, she noticed a man just leaving. The man was tall, with a full head of black curls, lily-white skin with a strong and masculine jaw line and cheekbones, thick black eyelashes and bright blue eyes. He was without a doubt the most handsome man she had ever seen. Bellatrix could never resist a good-looking man with a dark aura, and as he stared into her eyes she knew he was very dark indeed. He transfixed her, she could tell he was dangerous instantly and that excited her. Perhaps he was a Death Eater. Perhaps they were trying to marry her off to him.


Cygnus and her mother, Druella, were keen to see their eldest daughter make an excellent marriage. Of course, they were only interested in what they would gain from it; her feelings were not taken into consideration. But then here was a different sort of man from all the others she'd met before... Her parents had really got it right for once.


Then the man smiled at her, and Bellatrix felt her knees weaken slightly as he moved towards her. She couldn't tear her eyes away from him, and he didn't seem to want to look away from her either.


Cygnus broke the spell by coming out of the office and shutting the door behind him. Bellatrix hastily looked to her father, and she was questioning as she did. "Bellatrix, we were just coming to find you," Cygnus said walking towards her. One hand rested on her shoulder. "My Lord," he said, turning to the tall man, who was still watching Bellatrix intently. The man turned his attention to Cygnus, although Bellatrix was sure he was having difficulty in doing so. She didn't even hear that her father had addressed the man with a title. "This is my eldest daughter Bellatrix. Bellatrix, this is the Dark Lord."


Bellatrix's eyes widened, she had been ogling over the Dark Lord? This man was powerful, she had only ever dreamt of meeting this man but she had never thought in a million years it would happen, his servants, his Death Eaters – They were all men. She bowed her head to him. "It is a pleasure to be of your acquaintance, my Lord," Bellatrix said softly, peeking up at him from under her eyelashes, hoping with every fibre that he liked what he saw.


Cygnus turned to the Dark Lord. "Forgive me, my Lord, I must leave for the Ministry at once." He looked back at his daughter. "Bellatrix will you see that the Dark Lord is well looked after?"


"Of course, Father," Bellatrix said softly, her eyes flicking towards the handsome Dark Lord for a moment. He looked about thirty; surely this man was older than that?


"I shall owl you this evening, my Lord," Cygnus said and with a bow he turned on his heel towards the apparation room, leaving Bellatrix and the Dark Lord very much alone in the house together. The Dark Lord smiled at Bellatrix once more, and her stomach lurched. She wanted him. "The pleasure to meet you is all mine, Miss Black." It was the first time he'd spoken and his voice was very sexy. Slowly, he reached for her hand and pressed a gentle kiss on her knuckles, his eyes never leaving hers.


Bellatrix held his gaze as she smiled at him. "You must call me Bellatrix, my Lord," she murmured, slightly breathless.


"I think I shall call you Bella," Voldemort responded, finally letting go of her hand.


Her eyes lit up, although she didn't know exactly what to say to that. She settled on something safe. "Would you like to stay for a drink?" Bellatrix asked him, slightly uncertain as to whether he would stay or not.


Voldemort smiled at her. "I would love to stay, Bella," he said much to Bellatrix's surprise, and she led the way to the sitting room. They sat down together, and before they knew it they were deep in conversation. They had a lot in common, Voldemort wanted to know all about her life, Hogwarts, the classes she took and her social life inside Hogwarts. Bellatrix wanted to know about Voldemort's aims, followers and supporters, and soon they both began to know a lot about each other.


"Are you betrothed, Bella?" Voldemort asked suddenly, as she finished telling him about the ten O. she'd received.


Bellatrix laughed softly. "Difficult to know, my Lord, it changes daily I am sure."


"Do you want to marry?" he pressed, and Bellatrix wondered why he was so interested in her potential husbands.


"I don't want to be a housewife, I would be bored," Bellatrix said honestly. "I want to do something with a purpose." She paused, looking at him in contemplation. "I would love to join you, but what husband would allow that?"


Voldemort smiled. "In that case, I had best lay my claim on you before you get married," he said, and as Bellatrix turned to look at him and ask what he meant, she felt his hand press against the back of her neck, pulling her forwards. Their lips met, and Bellatrix could hardly breathe, he was an amazing kisser. As he pulled away, Bellatrix could feel his hand in her hair, stroking her soothingly. She rested her chin on his shoulder, not quite sure what he meant still.


"I think I could use a woman in my ranks," Voldemort told her quietly. "Especially one as beautiful and talented as you."


Bellatrix smiled. "Well, they want me to finish school before anything is decided, so there is still time." She paused. "I think I have just decided exactly what I want from my life, though."


Voldemort chuckled. "And what would that be, Bella?"


Bellatrix smirked, leaning forwards and kissing him briefly. "You."


The Dark Lord nodded, smiling. "I love how bold you are," he said, kissing her and holding her tightly to him.


Bellatrix lay back in his arms, for what seemed like an eternity before he spoke once more. "I must leave you now, Bellatrix."


Bellatrix sat up, and turned to look at him. "When will I see you again?" she asked him, trying to hide her concern.


Voldemort ran one hand down the side of her face, ending it with a kiss on her soft lips. "As soon as is possible," were Voldemort's final words before he was gone.




Two days later, while Bellatrix, Cygnus, Druella and her two sisters sat having breakfast, an owl arrived. It was a big, black owl, which Bellatrix thought nothing of until her father gave the letter to her to read. It was from the Dark Lord.


Mr Black,


I am writing to you to invite your daughter Bellatrix to my Manor. After having such a delightful afternoon with her two days ago, I'd very much like to spend the day with her. I will await her in the outskirts of the forest of my Manor at 11 O clock today; I believe you do know that location, my friend.




Bellatrix excused herself from the table, after realising that it was half past ten already. She ran to her room to decide what to wear, and settled on plain black robes, with a silver and emerald sparkling clasp to hold them closed around her. She combed her hair, and applied some make up hastily, before returning back downstairs for her father's directions to the forest.


She hastily disapparated, and appeared in a very dark and misty forest she'd never seen before. She looked around her, hearing things from all around. The trees were dark green, and there were leaves and twigs on the floor, crackling as she walked on them. The wind was quiet, and the fog seemed to be intensifying. She soon realised she was shaking, and that feeling increased when she heard footsteps, twigs breaking and leaves crunching. She looked over her shoulder, and saw Voldemort there, watching her, the way now clear as the mist parted. He walked over to her, his robes flowing behind him. Bellatrix realised how much of an important man he really was.


"Welcome, Miss Black, to my humble home," he said with a smirk. He put a hand on the small of her back, and pushed her forwards, around a tree. She blinked, sunlight hitting her, and saw a great Manor in front of her. It was built out of orange bricks; the windows were gleaming pleasantly in front of her. As though in a trance, Bellatrix found herself right outside the front doors almost instantly. Was she dreaming?


Voldemort showed her into a large room. It was very beautiful, with large wooden panels on the walls, and dark gold and silver paper above it. "Have a seat," said Voldemort. Bellatrix walked forwards and sat down on the couch, hardly knowing where to look. "A drink?" he asked, watching her carefully.


Bellatrix nodded. "Whatever you're having," she replied softly. This time, she couldn't keep her eyes off him. The way he moved was so graceful; his movements were like liquid. He sat down, and passed her a glass of red wine, which she accepted with a charming smile. "I'm glad to see you again, my Lord," Bellatrix said after she'd taken a sip. It was delicious wine, sweet and full.


"I am very glad to see you, as well," Voldemort replied with a smile. He set his glass on the table next to him, and looked at Bellatrix. Bellatrix, placed her glass down next to his, and crawled down the couch to him, so she was almost on his lap. She reached up to kiss him.


Voldemort placed his hand over her lips before she could, and Bellatrix pulled back in confusion. "Before I kiss you any more, Bella, you need to understand me, and you need to answer my question." Bellatrix, in her confusion nodded, and watched him as he began to speak. "Bellatrix, I am the Dark Lord, as you well know. I aim to purify the world of mudblood and muggle lover scum, and kill all of those who try to stop me. I am not a nice man. I torture, and I kill and I do not care who I hurt to get what I want." He paused, to let all of this sink in. "Two days ago, I met you, Bellatrix, and as soon as I saw you, I wanted you to be my own. You're beautiful; you're witty and intelligent. I knew as soon as I saw you that you are special. You will be mine, yet only if you are willing to be. Tell me now; is that what you want?"


Bellatrix didn't need a moment to think; she knew her answer. "It is what I want, my Lord." Voldemort gave her the first smile that she knew he really meant. It was evil, cold, and… gorgeous. She couldn't help but think it.


The Dark Lords eyes seemed to be turning red; Bellatrix could see colour moving through them in tiny rivers, meeting to form a lake in the middle. "You must never doubt your decision, Bella; from now on you will be mine." His voice was beginning to get very strong and commanding, and Bellatrix knew she should be scared, but his power thrilled her.


Bellatrix smiled devilishly at the Dark Lord. "I am yours," she breathed, moving closer to Voldemort once again. This time, nothing would stop the kiss. It was deep and warm, and Bellatrix felt the Dark Lord's tongue against her lips. She opened her mouth to allow his full access, and she rubbed her tongue against his, exploring. She'd never been kissed like this before, and she knew that no one would ever match up to the Dark Lord.


When they finally parted, Voldemort's eyes had returned back to normal. "You're mine," he murmured, his eyes looking down onto Bellatrix's hands. "I'll show you the rest of the house now; you'll need to know your way around it for when your training begins, when you have left Hogwarts." Bellatrix stood up, and followed Voldemort as he gave her the tour of his manor.


On the first floor was the room they had just been in, which Bellatrix supposed was the parlour, a kitchen and a very big dining room, with a long table going down the centre of it with lots of chairs, enough for at least thirty people. He took her up the grand staircase - Bellatrix could just imagine herself walking down this staircase in a long red dress with a trail, wearing a tiara with the Dark Lord on her arm - and showed her two smaller meeting rooms, both with circular tables in them. She supposed this was just for meetings with his inner most supporters and followers. Across the hallway were all the other bedrooms, and there were about twelve of them, all with bathrooms. Bellatrix knew she'd be able to stay here whenever she liked, though it probably wouldn't be a guest room she'd be sleeping in.


They mounted another flight of stairs onto the third floor, which seemed to have two very big rooms to it. One, as Voldemort told her, was the ballroom, and another was his throne room where all the main meetings were held. When they were halfway up the stairs, which were hidden by a door in front of them, which was strangely buzzing with magic, Voldemort stopped her with his arm. "This floor, Bella, contains my private rooms. There are only a few Death Eaters who have ever been up here, and you are the only one privileged enough to receive a tour of it."


He paused, with a small smirk, and continued up the stairs. He went on to show her his own sitting room, dining room, his study, and then finally, what she'd been waiting for the most, his bedroom. The first thing she saw was a four-poster bed, with black velvet curtains around it. The covers were a thick black material, with a gold pattern on it; Bellatrix fell in love with it instantly. Hardly thinking, she walked fully into the room and went to touch the curtains. They were soft, yet rough with that velvet feel beneath her fingers. The Dark Lord walked up behind her, and put his arms around her from behind, before turning her around and placing a chaste kiss on his lips.


Bellatrix reached up and touched Voldemort's curly hair. "My Lord, what will I be to you?" she asked him softly. Voldemort looked down at her beautiful face, wondering what had brought on that sudden question.


"You will be my most faithful and trusted follower, one day, Bella." He paused, that was not entirely all of it. He'd been thinking over the last few days, thinking a lot. He knew he did not ever love, but he also knew he was human. Though he protested about it normally, deep down inside he knew it, and he knew he could feel alone, and possibly even love, one day. He doubted Bellatrix would believe this; he'd even be shocked if she did.


"I'm still in school, why would I be important to you?" Bellatrix responded, after a moment of thinking .


Voldemort sighed. In a way he was glad she had asked him now, he could tell her. He didn't know how to put it into words. "Even the Dark Lord needs someone to be close to, someone to confide in." He didn't say anything else, but Bellatrix understood. He had seen her and known right away that she was the one that would be his confidant, someone who would love him and not need that love back, as long as there was trust and an ability to be able to speak openly.


Bellatrix smiled, squeezing him tightly to her for a moment before glancing suggestively at the bed.


"Not today," he murmured. "I am quite happy to wait until school is finished, and I think you should wait as well, until you are ready."


"I'm not a virgin, if that's what you mean," Bellatrix said sharply, instantly defensive.


Voldemort smiled, and ran his hands through her hair gently, and lent forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "Forgive the assumption," he said, still smiling at her. "The Black girls are respected very much in our society; I naturally thought your Father would have made sure you would save yourself for marriage."


"What makes you think he didn't try?" Bellatrix asked; a seductive smile present on her lips. Voldemort shuddered involuntarily, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on, and that smile was not helping matters. Before he knew it, her hands were on him, touching his chest, running her fingers smoothly down his body. She knew what she was doing alright. Voldemort grabbed both of her hands, pinning them together in order to stop her.


"There are a few people I want you to meet before you leave; I believe they will be here shortly."


"Your friends?" Bellatrix asked as the Dark Lord led her towards the door.


"You could call them that," Voldemort replied, with a smirk. "They call themselves the Death Eaters. You will be one, soon."


"Your servants then," Bellatrix said quickly.


Her bluntness made Voldemort smile. "Yes, Bella," he said. "Be warned, they tend to go for gorgeous women. I have no doubts that you can protect yourself, however; they are exceptionally trained Wizards, and have age and experience; something that you do not possess."


"I have no reason to fear them," Bellatrix replied, which left Voldemort resisting the urge to carry her back to his bed and make love to her until she passed out with exhaustion.


"You have not met them yet," Voldemort murmured, stopping outside the room he had described earlier as the meeting room. He opened the door, and Bellatrix instantly noticed hushed voices coming from the room. "Gentlemen," Voldemort said, entering. "This is Bellatrix Black, my young protégé, about to enter her seventh year of Hog-"


"Lucius!" Bellatrix cried, stepping forwards, upon the sight of her sister's fiancé. The men around the table laughed quietly, as Lucius smirked. As she continued to look around the table, she noticed several faces that had been to her house before to speak to her Father. Rodolphus Lestrange was one of the men she had been considered to marry, but her Father had hastily severed all ties to him two days ago when the Dark Lord had met her. She didn't understand it. He was from a rich, powerful family, and he was especially good looking. Perhaps it was because of his age - he was nearing twenty-five, almost nine years older than her. Age never bothered Bellatrix. As long as they were good looking and rich, she was happy.


"Sit down, Bella," Voldemort said aside to her, beckoning to the seat next to him. "Dolohov, what happened?"


A man with a long face next to Lucius spoke. "It was mayhem, my Lord; we were attacked and outnumbered by about five to one."


"So you lost." The tone had changed to a very dangerous one, and for the first time, Bellatrix understood why he was so feared. He was terrifying. His face hadn't changed at all, except for his blue eyes, which seemed to be suddenly glowing an eerie red colour like they had been previously that day. Bellatrix wondered why it happened, it seemed to be when he was feeling angry or passionate. The men around the table all seemed nervous now, except Lucius, who was his usual cool self.


"Of course not, my Lord," Dolohov said hastily. "We won with minimal casualties. It was unexpected, but clearly not impossible."


Bellatrix was hardly listening. She suddenly began to wonder if she had made a mistake, what if something she was asked to do didn't quite go according to plan? Would she be murdered, or tortured? Shouted at? She swallowed unconsciously, eyes meeting Lucius's for a moment. His eyebrows rose, in a typically Malfoy gesture, but Bellatrix knew he was wondering what she was doing there. She had thought the same thing when she had seen him in the room. She looked away, back to Voldemort; whose serious face was still the most handsome she had ever seen.


She struggled to follow what they were all talking about during the meeting. Things moved so fast, strange names were brought up, and she found she was quite relieved when it was all over, and the Death Eaters finally left her and Voldemort alone together.


"How do you know Lucius Malfoy?" Voldemort asked her, when they were gone.


"He is engaged to my sister, Narcissa, and I know him from Hogwarts. He was in the year above me," Bellatrix answered, not looking at him.


Voldemort looked at her, and slowly reached forward with his hand, and tilted her chin so she was looking back into his eyes. "I have scared you," he said, smoothly.


"A little," Bellatrix admitted. "But you have to be like this in order to succeed."


Voldemort nodded. "You have nothing to fear, Bella; I have your respect, have I not?"


"Of course you do!" she said swiftly.


"Good." He kissed her keenly for a few, short moments, before letting go of her long brown hair, and moving away from her. "As much as it pains me, I shall take you back to the apparation point now-"


Bellatrix nodded at him, standing up and walking towards the door slowly. She really didn't want to go home.


"Bella…" Voldemort followed her, and took her by the hand. "I have to go away for a few days. It might even be a bit longer… I had to see you today before I left; I wanted you to know how I felt… I…" He paused, eyes fixed on hers. "We might not meet again before you go back to Hogwarts."


"I know," she answered him softly, as they headed towards the apparation point. When they got there, Bellatrix turned back to him, words forming on her lips.


"My Lord, it's my birthday, on the twenty fifth of August. As I am coming of age, my parents have planned a party for me, a grand ball…" Her eyes were bright. "I would be delighted if you could come... As my guest of honour."


"I shall not be making you promises which I cannot keep, but I shall do my best to be there, Bella." He kissed her, tenderly this time, struggling to wrench himself away from her. "My best is all I can promise."


"It is good enough for me," Bellatrix replied softly. Her hand rested soundly on his cheek for a moment, as she spoke again. "I will think about you every minute until I see you again."


"I shall write." Voldemort smiled. "Adieu, my sweet," he whispered, and as she vanished, he knew he was in trouble. He knew that he was going to fall in love with this bold, beautiful young woman, and he knew that all he wanted as her hand in marriage. And he made no mistake in knowing he was going to get it.




Miss Black,


This is my first day in Albania. I do not mean to stay here for long, the weather is not to my liking, nor are the people. The locals are dreadfully disrespectful; one cannot help but wonder what being the most feared Wizard in existence is about at all. Unfortunately, this Country is important to me, for reasons I cannot put into something as insecure as a letter. You have my word that, someday soon, I will tell you all about this, about my transformations and magical powers. I believe that we should wait, until you are older, more experienced in the world, though I am sure you will disagree. I understand you have a thirst for knowledge. We share this, my Bella. I understand equally that there is nothing more bothersome than wanting to know an important piece of information, and being told you are not old enough. You will learn, when your training begins, I promise.


If you can spare a moment or two for the man who will be shaping your future, I would very much enjoy a reply. My raven will know where to find me. I hope you are enjoying your summer, Bella.


Your bored lover,






My Lord,


I am pleased to see that you understand my needs, though probably more then I know. You're a strong, talented man, aren't you? In more ways the one, I should imagine. Well, whatever the case, I am sure that you used the magical powers (Or powers of seduction...?) for finding out the information you wished to. I think maybe I use this sort of power in a very different way, to the ways you have done in the past. Don't misunderstand; I don't sleep with people for gossip. Bellatrix Black has taste and she likes to lead stupid men on. Is it wrong that making them cry amuses me? Now, at least, you know how many times a day I am complimented on my good looks and charm. Appalling as it is, the only man I am not related to that I have seen over the last week was old blondie - Lucius Malfoy. I'll admit, it is nice to have someone I can whisper with about you, but Lucius is an arrogant bastard. Does anyone really like him? Goodness knows how my sister can be attracted him.


I fought with Andromeda today. We were out in the garden, and she tried to jinx me... I'm not sure what happened, I was angry with her, and my wand sort of... Spun out of control, and... Before I knew it, she was under the Cruciatus Curse. It all went rather quickly. I took it off her right away, but the sheer power I felt from it, was amazing. An amazing experience. I've never done it on a human before, only animals. She ran away from me, the poor girl was obviously terrified. Again, is it wrong that it only amused me that I did not care? Well. She didn't tell mother or father, so I'm off the hook. Besides, she's a Gryffindor mudblood lover; she deserves everything that is coming to her.


Next time you write, don't bother telling me to enjoy my summer. Why am I going to? I have two younger sisters, complaining that I can use magic, and they cannot. I have two very annoying parents, who talk of nothing but marriage, and my social position. Why should I care about my social position? I'll be too busy working hard for you to be concerned with marriage. Besides, I'll never be loyal to my husband while you still breathe. It would save a lot of arguments if they would just consider you for a moment. Now they are talking about my marriage to a man over double my age, with a face like a Hippogriff's bottom. All for power and money. Goodness, why don't they just marry me off to you, it would make me happier, and you're good looking and far more powerful then he will ever be. Or maybe you could just persuade my Father that I should remain unmarried until I am at least twenty...? Please do something!


Yours forever,




PS: Your lover? Is that what I am now? I like that.








Rest assured, I shall speak to your Father to be certain that you will not be married off for a couple of years yet, and when you are, it shall be a match that I approve of, as your Master. One day I shall have more control over you then your Father, but we must keep that thought to ourselves for now, my beauty.


As for the spell, I am most impressed that you already know how to do that, my training is not going to take half the time I expected if you can master a spell from a book. Especially a spell like the Cruciatus Curse. You should not feel bad for either of those reasons, my dear. I am pleased that you feel this way, you will not survive if you feel useless emotions such as guilt. It seems I was mistaken, you are equipped with the mental maturity you need, I was foolish to think otherwise, Bella.


Well, today I am in Germany, Munich to be exact. The beer here is good, but the magic... Hmm. Not altogether what I was expecting. Not to my standard, but I am very picky, and will accept only the best. However, I have met a very interesting character – her name is Akasha, and from what I can gather, is an ancient vampire. It appears she is the High Priestess of Scandinavia, known in other parts as the Mother of the Ghast. I crave to know more about her, but something tells me I will only find out more, and meet her again, if I move onwards to Scandinavia. Having someone as exciting and powerful as her, fighting for my cause would be a great achievement, something you would enjoy as much as I would, I am sure.


I look forward to your next reply, Bella.




PS: Yes, Bella, whatever else would I know you as? I cannot wait to feel those luscious lips of your against my own... I do believe I shall fall asleep adequately tonight, with many thoughts such as that...






My Lord,


A vampire? It sounds dreadfully exciting; I've never met a vampire before. I do hope you won't fall for any of her seductive charms. Well, you don't fall for mine, so I see no reason for you to fall to hers. I hope things are going well for you.


There is something strange going on, with my mother and my father. I mentioned to my mother that we had been corresponding, and by the end of the day, my engagement to that old man had been cancelled. It's happened twice now. I was betrothed to Rodolphus Lestrange, and then as soon as I got an invite around to your house, it was cancelled too. Perhaps my father does want me to marry you, after all. Personally, I see no point in marriage. Well, in my marriage. I'm only ever going to be loyal to you, there is no one else I would want to be loyal to, and no husband is going to like that.


I jump about in excitement whenever I receive a letter from you. Narcissa and Andromeda have no idea that I correspond with you, but mother and father know. I don't let them read the letters, or anything, but they are aware. I think that they are exceptionally proud of me. Well, I know for sure that I am going to do better than either of my sisters – A mudblood lover, and an air-head. My point is, every time I receive an owl from you, something changes within me. I ache for your touch, my heart beats faster, I smile, and the middle of my chest feels as if it could explode. I have never felt like this for anyone. What is it? Surely I cannot have fallen in love with you already. We hardly know each other, yet I feel as if we've been in each other's arms for a lifetime already.


My birthday is a week away. I can hardly contain my glee, you are returning in a week. Well, you'll be doing your best to return. It counts as the same.


Your devoted subject,




PS. Shut up. Teasing a beautiful young woman such as myself is highly improper, and calls for more discipline on your part. I would never write such things in a letter.


Though I shall also be dreaming of us shagging. Much love, my Lord.






Beautiful Bella,


I'm coming back. I should be back either on your birthday, or the day after. Either way, you will see me within the week, where I have several things planned for you.


You are feeling lust. Great lust, need... You've never been turned down before, or made to wait this long. The feeling grows as it waits. As for your parents, I promised I would speak with them, and I shall. You shall not be disappointed.


I write hastily as I am anxious to return to you as soon as possible, I must continue to travel. Remain in your current state for a couple more days, my lovely one.


Yours impatiently,






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