Haze Grey is super oblivious. She's been played many times, countless heart breaks fill her soul, she's even fallen into depression. So when Haze meets this grey eyed, black haired biker. She instantly rules him out. They cross paths a few more times, and he soon falls for her. Will he win her over, or will oblivion strike again.


5. Haze


 I wake up, back in my bed, to my alarm clock going completely ballistic. Groggily, I roll over and smack my snooze button. Slowly sitting up, I rub my now aching head. Thanks alarm clock. 

 I scratch my head and rub my eyes. My face is stiffened from dried tears, but its okay. I'm used to it by now. I roll out of bed and head downstairs towards the kitchen. When there, I notice my dad, sitting at the counter drinking his 4th beer. I guess my mom and brother leaving effected him more than it did me. I shake my head and walk over to him.

 As he's lifting up the bottle to his mouth, I slowly push it back down. He resists at first, but then soon lets it go. I take the beer away from him and slide it to the side. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and hug him tightly. He comforted me last night, now its time for me to repay him.

 He buries his face deep into the crease of my shoulder  and cries. He cries like I've never seen him cry before. My white shirt is wet now, but I don't mind. He's been holding in all of his emotions for a while now, and its time for him to let them out. I love my dad and I hate seeing him this depressed. When he finally stops crying, what he says shocks me.

 "Thanks Haze, I needed that. But go get ready, you're still going to school today." He sniffs while leaning against the counter again. 

 "Please dad? Just this one day." I whine and pout.

 He coughs and looks up at me. "Fine, but only for today." He responds and stands up. "I need a nap" He says while walking towards the stairs "Try not to burn the house down" He groggily says and heads upstairs. 

 When he's finally hidden behind his door, I let out a long breath. No school, no embarrassment, and no worries.  I've always hated school. It takes up too much time and energy. Plus, I never really had any friends so, that's partially why.

 I stare over at my dads car keys and smirk. What he doesn't know wont hurt him. Also, I have my licenses so there is nothing wrong with going for a quick spin around town. 

 I look down at my outfit. My baggy pants and white shirt are alright. It's not like I'm going to impress anyone. But, I would love for my hair to be up. So I scan the room for a hair tie. When I spot one, I calmly attack it and place my hair up in a ponytail. 

 I then grab my phone and my dads keys and head out of the door. Once I'm outside, I take a deep breath of the morning air. The dew on the grass makes it glistens against the suns mellow rays. The sky is baby blue, just the way I like it. Not to bright, not to dark. I step off of my porch and head over to my dads pickup truck. I run my hand softly against the side of the car. It's still moist from the dew. Smiling, I hop in and start it up.

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