Haze Grey is super oblivious. She's been played many times, countless heart breaks fill her soul, she's even fallen into depression. So when Haze meets this grey eyed, black haired biker. She instantly rules him out. They cross paths a few more times, and he soon falls for her. Will he win her over, or will oblivion strike again.


1. Copyright.

Copyright © August 3rd, 2015 @8buff
This story is my intellectual exclusive property. Any text written in this story is protected under the United States international copyright law.
This content may NOT be copied to another computer, published, reproduced, transmitted, projected, stored, manipulated, or altered in anyway without MY permission. Any violations of this can be punished by law. 

This is MY original story line. My characters are also completely made up. This IS a fiction story so characters, places, names, and dates may not be real.



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