Haze Grey is super oblivious. She's been played many times, countless heart breaks fill her soul, she's even fallen into depression. So when Haze meets this grey eyed, black haired biker. She instantly rules him out. They cross paths a few more times, and he soon falls for her. Will he win her over, or will oblivion strike again.


2. A/N


 Dear Readers,

       8Buff here, I just wanted to give you a little reminder of what will happen during these few weeks of our break. If you don't know, My life as Arabella is on a brief hiatus. Not because I don't wan't to write it, because I have no time at all. With managing stories, stalking you guy's pages, doing volunteer work at my library, and of course having a little me time, my schedule is jam packed. But, My Life as Arabella, will be back just as soon as my schedule becomes clear enough. So to all you Arabella lovers out there, don't fret, because she will indeed be back. 

 Next thing, I have a heck load of stories coming out you guys. Like this much -..................- . I know, a lot right? Of course this one, Oblivious, will be one of the MANY stories that will be debuting on my Movellas within the next few weeks. New stories will start to appear soon. And I hope to start actually writing with some of you guys. I know Jelani is definitely on the list. J, if you're reading this, I love you boo. Haha, anyways that's that. 

 As of right now, I will indeed try to right up to two chapters a day. Might be a little hard, but I will try to make it happen for you binge readers out there. Cough Cough, Nia. Haha but I think that's about it for now. 




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