The Winchester Effect

14 year old Luna Rose Winchester has Dean as a father, she loves him but several things go wrong and she runs away. Dean has troubles finding her until Castiel shows up with a case, and information where Luna has gone, Sam, Dean, and Castiel scramble to find her before something else does!


1. Chapter 1.

I approach the motel with the keys in my hand, my dad and uncle stayed in the car to look through an old journal. As I unlock the door Sam steps out of the car and Dean turns off the Impala. I step inside feeling a rush of cold air, it was at least 97 degrees outside. I sigh and lay on my bed, Sam goes straight to the bathroom and my father, Dean, sits next to me. "I got something for you." 

"Really?" He hands me a small box, it was heavier than I expected. I rip open the tape and pull the flaps open, inside there was a long dagger and sheath. My mouth dropped open and I quickly pulled it out. The handle had my initials embedded in it, I absolutely loved it! "Like it?"

"Why would you ask that!? Of course I like it!" He laughs, "Good! I hoped you'd like it!" Sam steps out of the bathroom and we could tell he was as hot as we were. Sweat streamed down his face and his hair was almost soaking wet. My dad on the other hand barely sweat all. All of a sudden I just blurt out, " I have to pee." Sam goes to a chair and sits. Dean takes the box and dagger as I get up and head for the bathroom. I close the door and I glance in the mirror, all I see is a blonde, freckle-faced girl, nothing much to look at.


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