Superglue - nh

❝This is a disaster.❞

❝I have tape.❞

❝That won't work. It keeps breaking.❞

❝Maybe some superglue will help?❞

❝No, it won't.❞

*the sequel to Tape*


6. 4

Chapter Four, Alien Invasion II


       It had been nearly a week since the caramel macchiato incident-- a nice way of recalling the most intense study group with my friends ever-- and I still couldn't get over the fact that I didn't have to sit alone anymore. My friends forgave me and welcomed me back with open arms, sort of. There was the questioning after I explained myself, but they said they loved me anyway. They understood how evil Samantha was, even Peter did. I don't think he forgave me for their breakup though, but whatever. I was glad I never had to be acquainted with Samantha and instead could be with my friends again. The only problem about all of this was Carmen. I still didn't know where we stood with each other.

      So I guess as good as lunch was, it sucked so bad because Carmen was there-- wait, it was great she was there, but our relationship confused me.

      "Guys, aliens are going to invade Earth finally," Peter announced with a hundred-percent certainty, I didn't even feel pity for him anymore. It was quite sad actually.

      "Are you seriously going to go off about this again? Get over it," Adrian told him with an eye roll.

      "I'm serious! I was scrolling through articles on Google and videos on Youtube when I stumbled across twenty-four karat pure evidence."

      "Really?" Christopher asked skeptically.


      "Hold up," Adrian interrupted, "I thought we banned you from using the internet three months ago unless it was for homework?"

      "That only lasted," Peter stopped to think, "Like three weeks."

      "HAH! YOU OWE ME TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS FOOL. PAY UP SON!" Adrian roared like a lion ready to pounce on his prey. I was the prey and yes, I coward a little.

      "Why do I owe you two hundred dollars? You know money doesn't grow on trees. I only have a hundred in twenties."

      "Well you better find a way to scrap together another hundred. I bet you Peter would last three weeks without internet and you said two. Carmen is my witness, tell him!" he ordered her.

      Her eyes went wide for a moment and then they narrowed at Adrian, "You said you'd buy me Chipotle for a week and that never happened. Bet is officially off and invalid."

      I didn't think it would happen, but I was so grateful Carmen was on my side. "HELL YEAH. EAT COW DUNG."

      "Well that escalated quickly," Mike commented.


      "What's your proof?" Brandy questioned skeptically.

      "This guy found crop circles from an owl."

      "Next thing you know, he's going to say he found the Platform for the train to Hogwarts so he can become a wizard. But plot twist, he missed the train and had to self-train," Adrian said.

      "How do you know they're alien crop circles?" Mike asked Peter.

      "This is some M. Night Shyamalan shiz y'all. Just make sure you have water with you at all times. I think Peter stumbled upon Mel Gibson's only good role in the movie Signs on YouTube," Adrian continued.

      "That was not Mel Gibson's only good role. Joaquin Phoenix was very good though," Brandy admitted.

      "Agreed," Mike and Carmen said together.

      "You guys are ignoring me still! There weren't only crop circles, but mysterious lights in the sky!" Peter exclaimed. I didn't even know he was still talking, but he continued on just as he had if we weren't listening,  "Barry Gibb has even admitted to seeing UFOs too!"

      "Barry Gibb? Who's Barry Gibb?" Christopher questioned.

      "Yeah, how can I trust a guy named Barry Gibb?" Adrian asked.

      "He's one of the guys from the Bee Gees," Peter answered.

      "This sounds like a butt-load of science fiction," Adrian told him. I nodded in agreement since Peter's statements about aliens always seemed to be far fetched.

      "You know, you guys are my brothers, but I don't think I'd save either of you anymore," Peter pouted.

      "That's because you're not our brother, fortunately, and one day the universe will punish me by making you the guy from A Beautiful Mind. Oh! That's another good role of Mel Gibson. Seriously, why is he in so many freaking movies?"

      "Adrian, I don't like math and am not schizophrenic. Aliens are legit coming."

      "Did you watch Aliens Vs Predators again?" I asked, because sometimes Peter starts acting and talking like this after.

      "No," he answered.

      "This is why tigers eat their young," Adrian deduced.

      "You know my mom's vegan," Peter stated with a bit of annoyance.

      "Hey, PSA guys," Christopher interrupted, dropping Peter's alien invasion accusation and causing everyone to quietly settle down. "You guys know Alexa? The one we sometimes see from behind and assume is a guy?"

      "Oh, I have her in my Econ class!" Adrian exclaimed as he recognized who Christopher was talking about.

      "Yeah, so anyway Alexa is agender and would like to be referred to in non-binary pronouns," Christopher explained.

      "So she is not a he or a she, but they?" Adrian asked.


      "That may take some getting used to," Adrian said.

      "I feel bad because we always mistook her gender," Brandy said with a frown and then corrected herself, "I mean, their gender."

      "You know, this is why I don't consider myself a feminist. It's not only women that need equality, but all genders," Carmen said, shifting the conversation from Alexa to more pressing issues in society.

      A discussion quickly brewed and I stayed quiet as I listened to my former lover speak so passionately about what she believed in. I swear I fell in love with Carmen all over again and harder. I missed her so much. Her smile and opinions meant everything to me, even when we disagreed, and I wished I could sit next to her and admire her and then continue the discussion just between the two of us as I drove her home after school. I missed that. And her. It made me wonder why we couldn't have had a discussion like that during lunch instead of talking about aliens.

      And then I started thinking about aliens and hoped they would invade so I could be abducted and taken to a galaxy far, far away.


I love Peter's obsession with alien invasions so much

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