Skype /Phan\

The one where Dan always messages random people on Skype but no one ever replays.
Or the one where Phil decides to make a Skype account and immediatly recieves a message from a stranger.


2. 0.2 - "How do you know?"

Dan stared at his screen, surprised at what just happened. He actually responded. He quickly typed a message back.

Dan: 18/m/UK

Phil: so.. Dan, right?

Dan: yep. Phil?

Phil: mhm.

This is a record! Never has anyone replayed to him, so why did Phil?

Dan: wyd?

Phil: ...talking to you?😆

Dan: right😅

Phil: so, why did you message me? Do I know you?

Dan: no, it's just something I do.. I message people on skype. No one's ever replayed. But you looked interesting, and I was right.

Phil: how do you know I'm interesting?

Dan: you messaged back.

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