broken hearted

Read it you'll like it . Plzzzzzz.....


8. mom!!

​I got up and made coffee and tea for me I showered straightened my hair and went to my closet I took out my high heel boots my black pants and a black tank top with my leather jacket I got dressed up and walked to the bed. "zayn babe I'm leaving ill be back In a couple of hours" he kissed me good luck and I left. I got in my motorcycle and left. When I got there I saw Claudia at the door. "come so you can sit with me at my meeting." I nodded and walked with her. When I was walking she spoke "we are ganna sit with the head of the other side and speak about our people getting together." I nodded my head. We went in a room and I put the gun in my lap. We sat down and the door opened Liam Louis and harry came In and they sat down in front of us. I looked away from Liam but I could feel him starring at me. Then the door opened and a woman with long black hair came in she looked familiar untill she turned around "mom you lied to me I thought you didn't want me and that you went away. " I looked to the door as it opened and Niall came in with my brother laughing. "you lied to me you all did." I ran past the elevator down the stairs out the doors of the building. I sat on the stairs taking off my jacket gasping for air. I got up got my motorcycle and walked home everyone kept calling me. Untill I called zayn and he picked me up. "babe its ok " I nodded my head.

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