broken hearted

Read it you'll like it . Plzzzzzz.....


9. leave me alone

es​Its been six yr. Of thinking he was dead and I find out yesterday that he is actually alive. And the woman who I thought left far away actually is the head of the other side.I'm sitting in my bed right now with my PJ's on. "babe I'm going to my moms office ill come back in a few minutes" I nodded. And walked to the bathroom I French braided my hair and changed in to my light blue jeans and gray crop top I walked downstairs and grabbed my levis' jacket. I got on my motorcycle and left I was a few blocks away when I noticed zayns car in front of Elizabeths house I stopped at the light and saw zayn in the car Elizabeth got in and kissed him on the mouth.. I kept driving and turned back to his house I walked in and took out my suitcase I packed all my clothes and shoes and got it all in my car I left my motorcycle keys on his counter top and got out. I locked the door and left I drove back to my house I took out my gun and walked inside. I stopped at the living room entrance and saw the guys drinking with girls on them Liam was sitting on my chair with a girl on each leg I felt a hole in my stomach the other person I thought would be there for me was drunk with hoes. I turned around and slammed the door I went back to zayns house and his car was parked outside I walked Inside and he was looking around. In the room "babe you scared me" he was ganna kiss me but I moved. "I'm packing my things and leaving" I walked past him and got a box from the basement I walked up got my things I it and left to my car when I came back I saw him sitting at the table crying. "don't leave me" he looked up and I looked away. "you cheated on me" he closed his eyes and mor tears came out "I'm sorry I felt alone like you didn't love me anymore. " I walked to the kitchen and got a cup of water" I grabed my keys and left. I got to my house and shot my tv right in the middle. "everyone else out " the girls all ran out "this is my house so unless you move out get cleaning " Liam walked to me and shoved me toward the wall. "who do you think you are " I shoved him back "this is my house so unless you have any-" I felt a sharp palm on my cheek I looked up at the boys and they looks mad at him. "get out, " he walked closer and i took my gun out "come back when all of you aren't being stupid" i pushed them out and slammed the door. I leaned on the door and cried.

​i was done cleaning and i went upstairs to my room i took a shower and laid in bed my cheek still stings and is still pink. I herd the door open and walking upstairs. There was a knock at my door and Liam came in "Lucy I'm so sorry I didn't mean too hit y-" "leave...go...leave me alone I don't wanna see you if you really loved me you wouldn't have done that" I pushed him out the door and cried. I washed my face and walked downstairs. "I need to talk to all of you" they all met me at the dinning table. "

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