broken hearted

Read it you'll like it . Plzzzzzz.....


3. claudia

​I got in the car and left with the guy I stopped at a building and saw Claudia at a window talking on the phone with someone. "so your quite the girl there why are you important to Claudia ?" Zayn asked. "because there's things I know that she doesn't know and there are things that I'm willing to do that she isn't " I looked at the window "like wat?" He asked. "that is not of your concern" I walked out of the car and got my gun and put it in the back of my pants. When I got the they checked me and took it away. "ahh Lucia hidalgo wat a surprise, I'm sorry if my son scared you all of the sudden, by the way I was going to tell you to be careful with that group of boys that you call friends they aren't who you think they are they have secrets too " I got up from the chair "wat do you mean by that" she laughed and said "ask them." I got up and left I saw zayn waiting for me. "I'm so sorry but your mom is such a control freak" he nodded. "look if my mom needs you so much shell tell you the truth plus I'm starting to like your attitude its badass and you make my mom go mute every time you visit her to talk" I smiled and I got in the car. When I got home I walked in the living room and sat on my chair I smiled and kissed Liam after a while I felt weird Claudia's words kept going in my head.I walked to my room and sat on my bed. Liam came and sat down next to me. "I'm so glad you were my first time Liam" he covered his face then uncovered it I smiled and pecked his lips and he moved away "WATS wrong Liam " I saw his look down then up at me "I'm sorry but I can't date you its not right" I stoped him from leaving the room"wat do you mean" "I can't do this to you" i looked at him"wat do you mean" i asked. "at first it was all to see if you knew anything about why they had killed your brother we were going to see wat you knew and report it back to them " i felt my eyes go watery and i got up he got up and walked to me "don't fucking touch me" i ran down stairs and out to my car i sat on the sidewalk i took out my phone and dialed "hey zayn can you pick me up i need someone to talk to" i hung up and saw Niall and Liam were coming "Lucy wait i can explain" i leaned on my car and looked the other way "i let you--" i saw zayns car and walked to it befor i turned to the door i looked back at them "the sad part of it all is that i fell in love with you" i turned to Niall. "and that i thought you guys were my best friends." I got in the car and left with zayn i looked out the window on the whole ride "it feels like a bitch to be used you know" he nodded and i felt warm tears on my cheeks.. "Claudia was right about them"

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