broken hearted

Read it you'll like it . Plzzzzzz.....


7. 1 year later

​I ran out and hid behind a car while three big men tried to get me I took my gun out and shot one I walked to another car but they shot my shoulder. "fuck" I took my gun and tried to shoot but I was out of bullets I put my hands up and walked out they were walking to me when I herd shooting from behind and my head was covered with some cloth. I opened my eyes and realized I was in the living room of my house. My shirt was cut open and I was wearing one of their shirts there was a knock at the door and Niall opened and zayn came in I walked to him and kissed his cheek I took off the shirt and wore my leather jacket that zayn brought me. I got on my motorcycle and we left. When we got to our house I took my jacket off and looked at my shoulder. "your okay I promise" I looked to my side zayn standing there with his hands around my waist he kissed my shoulder and slid my bra strap off and kissed up my neck "zayn lets go eat something" he kissed me and nodded his head while we were eating I looked up I asked "why did they help me" he looked at me confused. "the guys they helped us and didn't take me. " he looked away. "zayn tell me if you know something please." He shook his head no "that's for you to find out." I smiled at him and finished my food. "okay tomorrow I'm ganna go to the person they work for. " he nodded and finished his meal after we left home and got ready to get in the tub together grabbed a towel and undressed wrapped the towel around me and left to the tub I got in and he cought up. "lets talk about something" I said. Zayn kept looking at me. "babe I have an idea. I felt his chest on my back as he slowly pulled me close to him

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