Anthology and more ..


2. Hope you enjoy :)

Anthology and I 
Chapter 1
Dedicated to ruby ,Best friend taken so young ,helping me threw life ,miss you very much ! majority of my poems are for you I hope you see them and living the best you can up there xo -Maddy 
Ode to ruby
I can't live without Ruby's quilt 
On the bed , Colourful and bright 
Filled with clothes, sewed till the top 
In the centre lies ….
The last clothes she would ever wear 
Cute overalls and pink stripy tights 
Also surrounded by her other belongings 
To the left her favourite blankie 
To the right ,her favourite mini care bear 
With patches everywhere 
Might not be the most comfortable thing ..
But it feels like the best thing ever , wrapped around me 
-ode to ruby.
Senses poem
Chapter 2 
It looks like the stairway to heaven 
It sounds like a ringing sound ,wedding bells 
It smells like a fresh new car smell 
It feels like a silky soft ,fuzzy cotton ball 
It tastes like a fluffy sponge cake 

Chapter 3
My fish Nua 
Translucent surrounding 
Nua paddles around 
Swims to the tippy top for a feed 
Hiding ,swimming ,flipping 
Loud Taps against the tank 
Blip blop *tail flaps*
I reckon that means set me free is fishylan!
Bulging eyes ,stare down
Tiny mouth opens up and down 
When will it be the time he turns upside down …?
Chapter 4 
Lite round men ,sprinting down my face
Once reaching the skin ,they fall on the glowing stage 
Skin breaking like an empty heart ,crying out with red tears 
Crashing and burning on the inside ,releasing a “smile” on the outside 
Your hate full words bullet to my words like darts 
Tired of making pathetic excuses to run and hide 
Tired of pulling the brown thin snakes out of my scalp 
The men constantly dropping one by one until I finally hit the sheets 
If I turnt around , walked off and never came back …
Would you even shred a tear ..?
Chapter 5 
(This poem is just a description of sadness I don't mean to offend anyone ) 
Beside the blade is a glowing device 
Underneath the blade are stains on the ground 
On the blade is fresh blood 
Across the blade is a shattered mirror 
Around the blade is a pitch black dark room 
Through the blade is the sadness from one to another 
Below the blade are red shaped drops, hanging 
Over the blade is a weak girl.
Chapter 6
Do you think I'm attractive ? - Of course ! I love it 
Do you like maccas ? - Unicorns all the way !
Do you love nevil ? - yes , I do like chocolate e
Do you like sport ?- AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE ,OI OI OI 
are dogs your favourite animal?- 9435 are my favourite dogs !
Do you lift ..?- yes ,but not Jamie 
What colour is your nail polish ? - hound of the Baskervilles grey of course !
Chapter 7 
There once was a boy named Tom 
He had a pet named omnom
He would sleep with it all night 
Every time despite 
He was put in the wash poor Tom.
Chapter 8 
Metaphor poem 
Low tempered throne awaits in the corner 
When the cold wind blows in ,his low temper is over 
Flames bursting into the air . Screeching out !
until the giant comes a puts it out .
Chapter 9 
Sense poem 
It looks like the stairway to heaven 
It sounds like a ringing sound ,wedding bells 
It smells like a white rose 
It feels like a soft cotton ball 
It tastes like a delicious fluffy sponge cake 
White .
Chapter 10 
Address to Ruby 
Where are you ?
Are you above ,watching ? 
In the corner to my left ?
Or in front of me 
Are you there when I cuddle up in your quilt ?
Sobbing, talking ,remembering 
I miss you 
I miss us ,alie you and I tremendous 3 taking on the world !
Tackling down the troubles of boys.
Beating down the sadness and fears 
If you were head and saw me what would you say ?
Would be both screech jumping into my freezing cold pool ?
Would we copy off each other's work at school?
Would you help me threw all my tough times .
I can tell you right now 
There isn't a moment when I wonder if your here 
Because inside I know you are  
Watching me 
I know you are the confident ,soft voice in my head 
I want to say thank you 
For being the most beautiful and encouraging supporter when Lara and I performed "twinkle twinkle little star " to you beautiful basket of love at your funeral 
Thank you for all those memories I have on my wall
Thank you for helping me get this far 
Couldn't have done it without my bestie 
I love you Ruby Xo

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