Take Me Home

Spencer Hastings needed to get away from hell that has been brought to her from her home town Rose Wood, even if that packing up all her memories and leaving everything behind to start out fresh in Holmes Chapel Cheshire. Little does Spencer know is that her world is about to be rocked once again but will it be for better or for worse?


3. A New Day.

(Spencer's P.O.V)

It is now 7:30m and I'm awake.... Not because I want to be or have to be it's because of my neighbors. They have been playing music so loud all night that I barely slept. Owell I guess... I decided that instead of trying to sleep that I'll just get up and get ready. I went to the bathroom and showered. When I got out I grabbed a towel and walked back to the room, grabbed the cloths I wanted to wear... Today I was wearing a tight red dress that was flowy at the end, I had my favorite tights with cats and bows on them and a pair of my high top converse. I looked pretty good today even though I through my hair up in to a messy bun. I put of make up which is what I normally don't do. It was simple mascara and a perfect winged eyeliner. I was super excited to go out into town and be my own new person. Hopefully now I can find someone to love, and to settle down with... NO! No time for love only time for me. I grabbed my keys and purse and went to my car. Again my parents made sure I had all the essentials. I went to Starbucks and got me a medium Double Chocolate Chip Frappé. And of course I couldn't resist a birthday cake pop. As I was walking out my phone started ringing and I went to answer it but I ran it someone and dropped all my stuff. He helped me up and cleaned my whip cream off my face.. I looked up at him and told him Thankyou... But the moment I looked into his eyes I got butterflies! He was gorgeous!!!!! He had beautiful brown curls and gorgeous green eyes....

"Thankyou for helping me up..." I said stumbling over my words.

"Any thing for you beautiful." He said smiling at me.

I literally started blushing and smiling like and idiot. And before I could stop myself this flew out of my mouth.

"So um have you lived here long I need help getting around town and was wondering if you could show me around."

He smiled and said "I have lived here for 18 years well technically before I got famous I lived here but now I come to visit my family" he started smiling. "But yes I would love to show you around."

I couldn't believe he said yes to showing me around! Could I be dreaming?!????

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