Creepypasta Short Stories

Just a bunch of creepypasta short stories, there are back stories of my creepypasta and they are:
1. Maddie of Nature
2. Heather the heart breaker
3. Lilith
4. Stitched
5. Death
6. Nightmare Lucy
7. Code Blue
8. Silence of the Night
9. Reaper the Stapler
10. Kelly the Kid
11. Cotton Candy
12. Time Stopper
Those are mine and I will wrote short stories about more of the creepypasta's that I do not own only the twelve that I have up there are mine and when I make more I will tell you guys hope you enjoy


1. story one



CP: Death

Favorite Color: Black and Red

Age: 19

Height: 5’6

Weight: 110

Weapon: Reaper

Enemies: Ben, Jason, LJ,

Family: Zalgo, Stitched

Likes: Blood, Dead animals

Dislikes: Spicy food, Humans

Saying: “Death is just around the corner”

Kills: Anything she is told to kill

Friends: Toby, Sally, Jane

Crush: Red

Hobbies: Reading and Killing




    There isn’t much to say about me, besides that I have a very loving dad that rules the underworld, and amazing sister that was born with her mouth sewed shut. She knows how to communicate and all I have to do is read her hands and just talk. So that is my sister, I should talk about me shouldn’t I. Like I said there isn’t much about me. Um well I’m Zalgo’s daughter, I have red eyes and I always wear black makeup around my eye, when I cry I cry blood like Ben. My hair changes with my mood like if I’m sad, it changes to a blue color, or when I’m mad it changed black. My normal hair color is auburn. So I think that’s enough of me.

    “Death! Come down do you have most of your things packed!” Dad yelled. I sighed.

    “Yes!” I yelled grabbing my normal clothes. Which was an open layer top, that was black and red, red skinny jeans, I slipped on my black high heel combat boots. I pulled my hair up in a pony tail. I grabbed my suitcase and grabbed my reaper. I walked down stairs and I already found my dad and sister that was already by the door. I was always the last one to get ready I always take me time.


    We got to the mansion that our dad was sending us off to for more training. I’ve meet Slenderman once and that was before Stitched was born. Stitched never seen him before so this is her first time. We walked in and we heard doors slamming. Slenderman must of told them that we were coming and who our dad was. Doesn’t surprise me to be honest.

Slenderman soon walked out of big double doors, our dad didn’t say anything. They don’t really talk either so I kinda don’t blame them for exchanging words. I grabbed my sister hand and squeezed it.

“Everything is going to be okay.”

“I know I’m kinda scared.” She signed back to me.

“I know but we will be fine, they might be scared of us because of our father but it’s okay we have each other.” She nodded and smiled.

“Okay thank you for making me feel better.” She signed and I heard her blow out air which meant she laughed. I laughed a little till our dad gave us kisses and left. I sighed and looked at the ground.

“Nice to meet you again Death.”

“Likewise. So tell me why did our father brought us here?”

“Well for more training and he is kinda kicking you guys out he thinks that you're old enough to go out and kill.”

“Well Death is 19 and I’m 17 so yeah we’re old enough.” Stitched signed.

“What did she say?” Slender man asked.

“She just said that we were of age long time ago.”

“How does she communicate?”

“Sign language since she can’t talk.”

I’ll have everyone get started on that so we know what she is saying.” I took one step forward and I felt something on my leg. I looked down and saw Sally.

“I knew that it was you!” She yelled with a giggle. I smiled and rubbed the top of her head. There was soon other talking I looked up and saw three people that I hate.

“So who is this hottie?” Ben said with a smile. I growled and Sally got off my leg and I got in front of my sister and made my reaper appear. I forgot to say something I do know magic. I swung it and they jumped back.

“Back off Ben!”

“Damn just cause you don’t like us doesn’t mean you can be a bitch!” Jason snapped. Laughing Jack just started to laugh.

“Sis don’t worry I’m fine I can take care of them.” Stitched signed. I sighed and signed back so I didn’t want them to know our conversation.

“That doesn’t matter Stitched I don’t want them near you.”

“Whoa we can take care of them if you want us to.” Jane signed. Toby jumped in too.

“Yeah they are pervs Stitched so I would watch out.”

“I know that I just met you guys but I need to find things out on my own.”

“Okay children you can stop talking.” Slenderman said clapping his hands together.

“Sorry just didn’t want you to know what we were talking about.”

“Okay everyone so we know what Stitched is saying we all are going to learn sign language and the people that already know it can help out other people.”


It’s been a couple of days and training is hard, I was sweating. Stitched was taking lessons on cutting people up. I was being trained by Slenderman and he was pushing me hard core. I threw my reaper and it cut the puppet in half. I sighed and fell to the ground. I was tired and hot, even though the forest was really hot even though it was autumn. I felt myself be picked up off the ground. I looked and one of Slenderman's black tentacles were around me. I made my reaper disappear and he finally spoke up.

“I think that would be good for now.”


He put me down and I walked around the place I’m still trying to find everything I still get lost. I sighed and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Glitchy Red.

“Hey Glitchy Red.”

“P-Please Death j-just Red.”

“Sorry I keep forgetting.”

“It’s fine what are you doing?” He asked.

“Walking around probably going to go read a book that I brought.”

“Is it okay if I play a game in your room while you read?”

“I don’t care.” I said with a smile.

We went to my room and he put a game in while I sat on my bed with his pikachu at the end taking a nap. It kinda creeps me out to be honest, but I’ve gotten use to it. I sighed and closed my book. I looked down at Red and he was looking at me.

“I guess you're tired from training for the killing tonight.”

“The killing is tonight?”

“Yeah you and Stitched get to go out with us tonight.”

“Oh I don’t know if I’m ready though I jus-”

“Stitched! Death! Come down here! Your father is here!” Slender man yelled.

“Zalgo is here?” Red said lowly.

“Yeah he’s my dad.” I said getting up from the bed. I made sure that Red didn’t come with me but his pet did, he was right on my heels. I saw dad and smiled I saw something behind him and made my reaper pop up. Stitched had her scalpel out. I was ready to fight.

“Girls stand down. This is Aoi she is going to be your bodyguard to make sure that no one hurts you.”

“And here I thought that you came to say I love you girls.” I scoffed at him.

“I do love you girls but I have work and I sent you here for a reason I know it’s been about a month but I’m sure you guys are making progress.” I rolled my eyes.

“They are making very good progress.” Slenderman said. I still haven’t figured out how he talks. “We can talk in my office.” They walked off and I got a good look at this Aoi person.

Aoi had orange and blond hair, with her right eye blue and her left eye a yellow and orange. Her lips were a blood red she had cracks or cuts around her mouth and she had two sets of fangs. She had on a drak red lolith dress on with black boots, she also had a reaper, her nails had blood on them. She seems pretty cool.

“Death!” I turned towards the voice and was tackled to the ground and I had hand choking me I couldn’t call on my magic and whoever it was someone ripped them off of me. I coughed and saw that Aoi has Ben pinned to the wall and I saw Zalgo and Slenderman walk down the stairs. I was coughing still and Stitched was rubbing my back.

“What the hell?!” Dad shouted.

“Dad don’t.” Stitched signed.

“Don’t?! Don’t what?! Kill someone! I will since someone hurt my daughter!”

“D-Dad its o-okay, A-Aoi had a hold of things. I-I was off g-guard.”

“Aoi and definitely staying here now I don’t want anymore hard to come to my daughters Slenderman.”

“And none will I will take care of Ben.” Slenderman turned towards Aoi. “Aoi you can let go of Ben. Ben go to my office.” Aoi did as slenderman asked and she walked over to us. Dad and Stitched helped me up and I held my throat.

“Will you be okay for the killing tonight?” Stitched signed. I nodded.

“Yeah I should be fine it’s okay Stitched.”

Dad left and Stitched helped me up to my room and I laid down till it was time to go out and kill.


It was time and everyone that was going was by the doors. It was Stitched, Sally, Toby, Jane, Jeff, Clockwork, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky and me. Slenderman only wanted to take a few people. So it’s not so much pressure on Stitch and I.

We soon got in the human world we all went our separate ways, slenderman showed me the house and I climbed on top of the roof. I looked around and slammed my elbow into the window and broke it. I looked around and nothing. I smiled and saw that it was just a college student. I smiled as I went into the room and climbed on the bed. I stood up and smiled down and my eyes glowed red the guy stirred under me and he woke up and was shocked to see me.

“H-How did you get in here?!” He stuttered my smiled widened.

“Death is just around the corner.” I said and made my reaper appear and then struck his throat and had blood spray everywhere. The warm liquid got on my skin and it felt good. Haven’t felt like this in a long time. I guess I should find another house, or just meet up with the group.

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