Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


10. ten

*Colette's POV*

-next day-

It felt slow so far. The day didn't pass by faster than usual. I guess it was because Harry would talk to me and keep me company. He wouldn't be harsh or pushy. It was nice like that. But whenever something triggered him, he would go back to being distant and cold.

I walk out of his office to make copies when a catch Calum from the corner of my eye, sitting. He stands up and fixes his shirt. He looked sad but relieved to see me. I was stunned. Our eyes met, returning weird expressions. "What're you doing here?" Was all I managed to say.

He steps closer to me and holds my empty hand. "I've missed you so much, Colette. It's not the same without you there". His voice was very soft, quiet. As if he was embarrassed for anyone to find out why he was here. I remove my hand from him and take a step back.

"You can't be here, I'm working right now". I sounded a bit more harsh than I expected but I knew I would get in trouble. His eyes seemed to beg for more time but he didn't move from his spot. I try to make him go but he was refusing. Our voices began to raise after bickering about why I needed him to leave.

Soon, his office door opens and reveals him stepping out. Our voices faded and I turn around to seem him stepping closer. His eyes were not the normal shade of green, they darkened. His jaw was clenched and his eyes were narrow. Somehow, his arms were relaxed with his hands. He steps next to me and looks at Calum.

"What is all that noise I'm hearing, Ms. Stone?"

His voice was cold. It caused goosebumps to rise whenever he called me by my last name. But I knew he was serious when he did that. I gulped hard while thinking of a lie. I mean, he was just visiting but he just wouldn't leave. That's all. Calum's arms became tense, and he seemed to be angry. I notice the tension that was built. I couldn't speak. I didn't know what to say. Harry's light grin was a mask for some hidden anger. I knew that for sure.

"I was here to visit her, who are you?"

Calum's voice revealed hatred. I knew he didn't like him. His knuckles became white and he stared intently at Harry. He wanted to scare him but he probably tried to hold back.

"I'm her boss. I suggest you leave before this gets any worse", Harry's voice was threatening but calm.

I wasn't sure what Calum was gonna do but I hoped he would just leave to keep my job. I look at him pleadingly and thankfully he read my eyes. He looks at him once more before leaving. I sigh and close my eyes of relief. I wasn't sure what just happened but I knew Harry was defensive. I look back to him already walking back to his office.

"Get in here, Colette!"

I felt nervous again and shuffled myself inside his office. I shut the door behind me and see him standing in front of his glass wall. I felt the atmosphere shift back to the day I first met him. It strained my heart from beating properly and made me feel weak. I heard his heavy breaths. He turns around slowly to look at me. His eyes were still a shade darker. Why?

"You are not allowed visitors at this building, Colette. I will not promote any distractions for your work. Do you understand?"

All I did was nod. I couldn't ask him why. Was he jealous of Calum? Or was this really a way to protect my job? I was unsure. I wanted to ask him so badly how he felt against him, but I didn't know what was the risk. I gulp hard and decided to let my curiosity to take over.

"Did you not like Calum? He didn't mean to interrupt me. We worked together before at the-"

He slams his fist on the desk, "I don't care, damn it! No one is allowed to see you in my building! Do not break my rules, Colette!"

I was afraid. I should've never tested him or asked. I just needed to know the truth. I wanted him to be the better Harry. Where he didn't get tense or scare me. And wasn't pushing me around. I wish he wasn't my boss. Maybe that would've made a huge difference from our friendship at work. Maybe he thought we're together. I had to let him know.

"He was only a friend.." I finally spoke softly.

He looks up into my eyes. He read guilt in mine but I saw pure anger in his. He didn't care. He was hating the idea that I kept talking about him. He just wanted me to shut up and leave. I was probably going to get fired by now.

"I did not assume you were. But just as a reminder, I did that for your own good to keep your job, not out of jealousy".

Well that answered many questions. I was a bit hurt to find out the truth but I needed to hear it. I couldn't fall for him. Even though he makes my heart skip a beat, my skin grow goosebumps and become completely out of mind. I dismiss myself and step out. I needed fresh air. I needed to get away from him and his mislead signals.

While I got off the elevator, I bumped into Louis. His smile shows once he realizes it's me. "Colette! What a surprise!" His preppy tone matched his style today. He was only wearing a white button up and black pants. Still looked really good together on him.

"Hey, Louis. I was just going out to get coffee". His eyes lit up at the sound of my voice. As if it made him become alive. "Wonderful! Looks like I'll be joining you." We walk out together and drive to Starbucks. We sit inside and wait for our drinks. Once they arrived, I began to explain to him about earlier. I also add in the feelings get when I'm around Harry.

It was strange how a couple days ago that I was someone completely out of his world. Louis listened intently until I finished his eyes seemed to wander in thought and finally speaks for himself.

"I gotta admit ever since you both met, Harry hasn't been himself. His "arrangements" with Victoria don't seem to be following up anymore. I heard him the other day cancelling plans with her. He never would do that if it meant hurting the company".

He paused to take a sip of coffee. So he wasn't a really dating Victoria. I always believed he did even if he told me this was for business purposes. I felt confused. What was his true intentions for me? What did he really want from me? I was only his assistant. Nothing more or less. Possibly less, actually.

"But now he seems to destroy the idea of him doing anything with Victoria. He was never serious with her to begin with. He was never serious for any girl. I can see you both becoming something real. I mean it, Colette. You are something special to him. You're an unexpected drug".

Unexpected drug. That stuck to my mind. What was that suppose to mean? He couldn't resist me? So was he truly jealous of Calum earlier? All these questions were driving me insane. Harry, falling for me? I would expect myself to fall head over heels first.

"I don't understand. I'm nothing better than Victoria. She's rich, beautiful and into business. I'm nothing compared to his taste". I admit.

Louis shakes his head in disbelief with a grin on his face, "you don't know him yet. You will find out one day and realize what I'm talking about. I've known him since we were teenagers. He's grown since then. He may seem cold and far but I promise you he's worth something more. He may hide his feelings only for his own protection".

Protection? For what? I didn't get it anymore. I look out the window and couldn't comprehend everything that was being told. Who was he really? I needed answers. I needed to know who I'm working for. I needed to know who Harry Styles truly is.


What's that one saying? Curiosity killed the cat? Idk but it's something like that. Tell me what you guys think of Harry and Colette (:

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