Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


7. seven

*Colette's POV*


I grabbed my brewed coffee and fixed my hair once more. I wore a navy blue skirt with a white button up. I had black tights on with the black heels. I was in a rush to show him my work but I didn't care if I matched or not. I grabbed the stacked papers I had for Mr. Styles. He's in for a big order. He hasn't been approving my work lately so I stayed up last night to get the perfect amount of work done. I drive to the usual parking spot.

I greet Stacy as I pass the desk but finally stop right in front of the door. I take in one deep breath before entering the office. He was sat, staring down at the papers he had in front of him while his laptop screen was also exposed to him. I step in and shut the door. I walk to the seat and wait for a response. I place my stuff in the seat next to me and let out a fake cough to catch his attention.

His eyes only met mine for a second, nearly revealing no color in his eyes. It was too quick of a look. His hair fell right over his shoulders, letting the curls naturally be in place. I hated the times he just didn't acknowledge me at all when I had work for him. I was tired of waiting and felt bothered.

"Mr. Styles!" my voice a bit high pitched and loud.

His eyes locked with mine. They seemed cold, agitated. I incredibly regret raising my voice to him. Couldn't hold back any longer, though. He tilts his head slightly, curious to know what was wrong. I think. I drop the papers on his desk, already in a bad mood. He takes them to his hands and narrows his eyes in concentration.

By the last page, an eyebrow rises up. He sets it down and stands up. I felt shrunk and powerless. His eyes relaxed but continued to look into my deep brown eyes. He walks around the desk, stands against it and puts his hands behind his back. I look down, afraid of being yelled at again. His angry tone wasn't so pleasant so I didn't look forward to shaking in my seat again.

"Very well done. Better than before". He told softly.

Woah. He was impressed? Okay time to calm down a bit. My heart still raced but it simmered down when he said it was better. Not perfect but I got somewhere. I nod my head and smile lightly at him. I couldn't look at him for two seconds with drooling over his gorgeous eyes. Oh no. I gotta stop thinking about my boss like this!

"Tell me, Ms. Stone, what does your mother have?" He questioned.

Was he seriously asking about my mother? It's not like he really cared, maybe he wanted to pity me for the past two days of being so hard on me. I couldn't read him though. His face held a blank expression and his eyes were just, curious.

"It's something called encephalitis. Her brain is currently inflamed and she ended up having a seizure. She currently in a coma and the doctors don't know when she's going to wake up".

I ache at the words I told him. I felt terrible for not visiting her lately, but the work he's been requesting has caused me to lose time during the day to even see her. I frown at the thought of her illness. I wished it didn't have to end up like this to keep us both of our feet. Soon, I wouldn't need to be here when she wakes up and gets better. Mr. Styles keeps his emotionless face and continues to ask questions.

"Where's your father right now?"

His question stung me. I bit down on my jaw and put my hand in a fist. I tried my best to hide any anger but it was too difficult. He noticed my tensed movements and put his lips in a thin line. He just stared, not even mentioning my anger. I sighed heavily before answering him.

"I don't know. Probably in Colorado with another woman. He left when I was five years old". I huffed.

I felt so exposed but the last piece of information was necessary for him to know to make him realize why I was, upset. I relax myself by taking in deep breaths. I look at him and decided that it was my turn to ask a question. He's been asking about me, it's time I should ask him.

"Where are your parents, Mr. Styles?"

He tosses his head back while chuckling. What was so funny? Did he not think my question was serious? God he was being rude. Never taking me seriously. Sometimes I just wanted to quit and walk out, but the reminder of my mother was the only way I stuck around. After his time of laughter, his smile slowly fades.

"My parents are not around here". His voice had the terrible attitude I hated.

I roll my eyes as he tried dodging the question. I roll my eyes and right as I was about to speak, his phone rang. He does his original greeting of, "Styles Inc., This is Styles speaking". It sounded weird and stupid but he made it seem proper and appropriate. After a long pause of listening on the phone, he waves his hand at me to make me leave the office. I hurry along and shut the door quickly.

I sigh of relief from the tension in the office. I was curious about who he was on the phone with but I couldn't bother to ask. It was too important for me to but in. I walk around Stacy's desk to grab a piece of paper for myself. I feel her eyes staring at me while passing, burning holes through me. She hasn't attempted talking to me quite often, so I wasn't close with her. Whenever I spoke to her, she seemed to act nice instead of being genuine.

Once I finished writing a little schedule for myself, Mr. Styles' voice rang out of his office, loudly. It didn't echo but it boomed down the hall.

"Colette! Get in here right now!"

I ran quickly inside without falling on my face. I catch my breath while looking at him, pacing. He seemed angry and upset but I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to seem noisy but I am his assistant. I needed to make sure my boss was okay. Before I even got the chance to speak, he was already commanding me.

"I have an emergency board meeting with a couple of people. I need you present in the meeting. Your information is vital right now. You must present it to the people. Can you handle this, Ms. Stone?"

His tone was rough but he tried his best to be nice. Obviously he couldn't be because he was fired up. I nod and scramble off to look at my stuff again. I had to present my work to them? This was all meant for him not everyone else. My hands began to fill with sweat and my heart was ready to beat out of my chest. He begins to walk out of his office, which makes me follow him.

We walk into the same room where I dropped off the goods. Some people were here already and it seemed like that phone call just ended two minutes ago. I decide to sit in the middle and have my paper set in front of me. I drop my pen on the floor but look up to see the shining, tan legs and black, tight skirt that was on the middle of her thigh with a red button up. It was buttoned only right above her cleavage.

I roll my eyes at the sight of Victoria's attempt to try and do something with my boss. Her hair had a large amount of volume with her light curls. She went out to get that done for sure. I burn holes through once she chose a seat by him. I wait patiently until the meeting began. Intense arguing happened through out the meeting. Something about a sudden downfall.

I wrote down anything that was brought up and hoped it would help me. As the meeting went on, I didn't realize Mr. Styles had been calling for my attention to present my work. I gulp hard before getting up in front of the people. I try not to shuffle and keep myself from stuttering. I began to give them the data I had collected for the past few days. Others stare intently, nodded or just looked bored. I catch Victoria gazing off to the window. I didn't expect her to listen but somehow I just knew she was somehow obtaining the information since it was necessary.

After the meeting ended, Mr. Styles walks up to me. His face was less tense but admitted to stress. I smile lightly at him and try to show him confidence. His emerald eyes shine with approval. My smile grows, displaying pure success for once. He takes a hand out, I give a questioning look but shook it.

"That was great, Colette. Not bad for your first time. Come back to my office".

I look around the room to see Victoria now standing up from her seat.

Her eyes were narrow and her evil smile was gone. She just stares intensely at me across the room. I try not to do anything rude but I couldn't resist. I wink at her and smile. I leave the room as fast as I can and catch up with him entering his office. We head to our seats, looking at each other. Suddenly, I felt no weights on my chest. I felt relieved to be around Mr. Styles for once.


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