Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


9. nine

*Colette's POV*

I fix the paper work and put inside a file. I stayed up all night having Louis help me. We both found out that Victoria was making up other things within my work to make me look wrong. I was furious about the damage she did to my job. Trying to make me look bad. I fix my blazer once more and head to building. I even didn't bother to put on tights anymore, exposing my pale skin.

I felt ignited. She started a fire that can't be tamed. My steps clicked down the hall of confidence. I knew I was going win Mr. Styles' approval again. I greet Stacy morning and open the door to Victoria sitting on his desk. His eyes were on her, lustful. What a great time to walk in. Her crossed legs fell to the floor and shifted her body to face me. Her wicked smile appears on her face. She walks closer to me, "hello Colette."

I return a fake smile and walk passed her. I eye Harry, angry at him for believing her. I drop the papers on his desk roughly and stare at him intently. "Louis also reviewed this. So don't even bother telling me this is wrong this time". I spat. I didn't mean to become rude but she was in here and I needed to stand on my ground. Harry's eyes narrowed as he stares at the papers.

Soon, his eyes relaxed and looked up at me. His grin began to appear, "I'm sorry, Colette. You were correct from the beginning".

I turn around and look at Victoria. Her eyes showing defeat and outrage. She storms out, slamming the door behind her. I sigh of relief and look down. I felt exhausted from just trying to be strong. His eyes meet mine. He seemed calm, soft. "I'm sorry to doubt your work. I should have known her jealousy was getting to her head".

And just like that a bell rang. Jealousy? What was she jealous of? I was only his assistant. She's the one getting him. I didn't care but I knew he deserved better. I smile lightly and tell him, "it's okay, Mr. Styles".

Suddenly he takes off his suit jacket and hangs it on his chair. His white shirt reveals tattoos seen through. I eye his body alittle to see what he had. His body hugged the shirt nicely and showed his toned body. God he seemed like he was perfect. As I looked up his body, his eyes meet with mine. Oh no, how long was a staring? I swear I can never catch myself. I look down, ashamed to be staring at my boss.

"It's okay. By the way, you can call me Harry."

His soft side surprised me. I still felt shivers from his voice. It felt warm, but he was also being nice. This was weird of him. I didn't understand why he was nice to me. I would expect him to be mean all the time. I guess I earned his good side. I was beginning to feel somewhat comfortable with him but I'm stilling working on being nervous all the time.

His light smile revealed dimples I've never noticed before. His deep emerald eyes made me feel butterflies in my stomach and I couldn't resist staring. I suck at trying to hide any signs of crushing. He was so attractive I couldn't contain myself.

"So, where did we last leave off of when we chatted?"

Wow, he wanted to talk to me. I bite my lip and think. I was asking him about his parents. I think of a lie and decide on that instead. I remembered him chuckling at the idea of his parents. I decided to ask him about the company. It wasn't a bad starter but he agreed to answering the questions I had.

He asked some personal questions for me, like if I had any siblings. He even asked how my mother was doing. The only other person who would ask was Calum. We continued to talk and laugh. I enjoyed this side of him. Sweet, soft, calm. He wasn't a pain and for once I didn't sweat for being so nervous. He was being generous.

*Stacy's POV*

I walk outside and take out a cigarette. I light it in between my lips and blow my first puff. I look around once more and call him. By the third ring, his icy and rigid voice was heard.

"What do you got so far?"

His voice always sounded like he smoked but he never really did anymore. He stopped years ago when he was with my mother in high school.

"Colette is starting to had him open up".

I puff again while waiting for his reply. "Really now? Looks like we're gonna need her on the team. Get all the information you can get on her and bring it to me. I'll do all the convincing".

I smirk and take one last hit before I hang up. She was going to be something worthwhile. I throw my cigarette on the floor and head back upstairs. I find anything for Colette to copy for me and soon walk into his office. They both turn to me, a bit upset. Seemed like I walked in the perfect time.

*Colette's POV*

I giggle at the idea of Harry being clumsy. He seemed so poised and sharp, I wouldn't believe he was any bit like me. His smirk kept his dimples on display for me to stare at. My heart was beating quickly but I ignored any sensation I had to be calm around him. For once I wasn't scared or he wasn't yelling.

"You are a great person to speak to, Colette".

His compliment made my cheeks feel warm. I hoped it wasn't turning any shade of pink. I found out it did when his smirk soon turned into a full smile, revealing his perfectly aligned teeth. How was his like a god? Suddenly the door opens, causing us both to look back and see Stacy stand with a paper in her hand.

"I need copies made please".

She eyes me, causing me to stand up. Harry's smile was gone and his eyes became distant again. He walks behind his desk and grabs his suit jacket. I sigh at the moment we shared now faded. I look back once at him before meeting with Stacy. His eyes locked with his laptop screen and left me to assume I was dismissed.


I felt bad for Colette, lol. Tell me what you guys think about Stacy? Who was she talking to? Comment & like please (:

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