Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


14. fourteen

(Suggested song - Dark Times by The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran)

*Colette's POV*

-one week later-

Ever since the incident, Harry hasn't said a single word about it. I guess it was the only way to keep things normal between us. But I could admit I still can't resist feeling restless around him. Everything was okay with Louis and I. He still continued to stick around and be my friend. He came into Harry's office once in awhile and chatted I guess about the company. They both seemed okay but I still hinted tension when I came around them at the same time.

I was on my way to Harry's house, actually mansion, for a personal meeting with one of his business colleagues. I didn't understand why he needed it present at his place and why I was needed. He only told me he to be present during the meeting. I didn't do much expect take notes or luckily have useful information. I drive up to the gates and show my face to the same maid I ran into the hall. She opens it and let's me drive to the front door. She lets me park in front of the garage to let the visitor park in front.

I was wearing a light blue dress that hugged my waist. It fell right before my knees and had a long v-cut in the front. I curled my hair lightly and touched up on some makeup. I wore beige heels just to compliment me even though I wasn't so skilled on walking with them on. I make it inside without falling and look around. I remembered it exactly from a week ago.

*Harry's POV*

I buttoned up my shirt then fixed my hair. I hope that Colette would enjoy her view today during the meeting. I decided to wear my black jeans with a white shirt and blazer. I didn't button my shirt all the to the top, leaving my chest fully exposed. She saw my tattoos already so I didn't need to hide them anymore. I heard the front door open downstairs, signaling that she was here. I motion toward the stair case and see her at the bottom.

She looks beautiful.

She was delicate with her steps and heard the sound of her heels echo around the house. I walk slowly down the stairs but never catch her attention. As she walked toward the kitchen, I cough to finally see her frightened eyes meet mine. She relaxes then sighs of relief. I let my eyes wander her body, admiring the lovely outfit she put together. I enjoyed seeing her dress the way she wanted. Made me get to know her better.

"The meeting will begin once he arrives, let's head into the other room", I point down the hall and let my hand touch her back to lead her.

I heard her breaths become unsteady and shortened. I knew her heart was beating quickly and she couldn't control it. She would nearly lose herself whenever I did things like this. She was intriguing to have around. She sat in the seat next to the large couch, where I thought we would sit next to together. I decided to let her sit there, only because I felt terrible for her losing breath. I never meant for her to ever go crazy for me but it made me want her. She was so eager for my touch, yet her purity was too vivid. I wanted to break her innocence for me.

"So who are we meeting with today?" Her sweet, unsteady voice spoke.

"A family friend who had helped out since the beginning of this all. Would like anything to drink?" I offer.

I felt her eyes dart away from mine, trying to avoid eye contact. I lightly chuckle at her attempt to be cautious for revealing too much emotions. It was cute how she just dropped hints just like that. So naive but lovely.

"N-no thanks." She clears her throat.

She looks around the room, observing every detail. Her curious mind wandered while it gave me a chance to just stare and admire how amazing she looks. Her skin shined and appeared smooth. Her brown eyes became lighter from the sunlight coming through the windows. Her hair was curled lightly and fell over her shoulders. Her dress fit her body perfectly. Her legs were folded, exposed. I just wanted to put my lips on her smooth, pink ones. They were glossed slightly but I didn't mind. It was a perfect shade. Colette was perfectly pure.

*Colette's POV*

"How long have you had this house?" I ask, trying to break the awkward silence.

"Quite awhile. I used to live with my parents but I decided to move". He responded.

I didn't want to ask any questions that related to family. Luckily the maid came in, introducing the person who was in for the meeting. Harry stands up to shake his hand and let's him sit on the couch across the Harry. He places his paper work on the table in the middle between all of us. He looks at me then back at Harry.

"You've got quite a mistress here, Harry! She's lovely. What's her name?" He asked with his loud, deep accent voice.

Harry smirks, "she's my assistant actually. I needed her for witness reasons, just to make sure no one else believed I stole the money this time".

Harry looked at me, then winks. And suddenly I felt my heart melt. The man chuckled then continued speaking about the company. I sat quiet the whole time since I had no idea what their conversation was about. All I picked up on was that he was transferring money to the company in hopes that it keeps it steady. He is also a family friend of the Styles since Harry was a baby. At least I knew now he wasn't a complete stranger. I tried to keep my head down and make sure to not stare. But I guess he would notice since my head wouldn't turn fast enough to the other direction.

It didn't take long for the conversation to die down and the man began to head out the door. After he left, I shifted to complete nervousness. I was alone with Harry now. I was guessing that I had to go as well but as soon as I reach the front door, Harry's footsteps grew loud as it echoed down.

"Where are you going, Colette?" He stands right in front of me.

He kept me in between him and the door. Now it was a decision I needed to make. Would I want to turn down a chance to possibly spend time with him or just walk away? I knew from the beating of my heart and the way my hands sweat, I wasn't sure if it was a good idea but maybe I could get a better side of him and end all my curiosity.

"I was about to go home, did you need anything?" Was all I managed to say.

He lightly smirks, "you don't need to leave. I'd like to spend some time with you. Learn more about who you are, Ms. Stone".

His voice was convincing and cool. I bit my lip in thought and just nodded to stay. "Well, would you like anything to drink?" He walked away to the kitchen. I followed him from behind and smelled the brew of coffee in the air. I wanted to drink some but I just wasn't sure how long I would be staying here. Would I finish the cup by then? Why am I so worried over a cup of coffee. I'm spending time with Harry Styles.

"Follow me, I'll give you a tour of my house. You seemed lost last time". He smiled sarcastically. I smiled of embarrassment and knew he was right. We walked around the first floor. It was simple yet there was actually color around his house compared to the company. We finally head up stairs, wandering through each room. I noticed that there wasn't any display of family or even himself. I was quite relieved to see he wasn't that full of himself, but he was pretty selfish when it came to the company.

I wanted to ask him all sorts of questions. Did he have siblings? Where was the rest of his family? Did he ever speak to his father? I was afraid to kill the moment if I did let myself ask anything like that, but I hoped one day he would open up for me. He was very general about the details of his house. But I wanted to him to speak deeply about things. Hear his voice become raspy and tired. I bet it sounded so sexy.

"What do you do in your free time?" I asked with a steady voice for once. I let my eyes wander around the room to avoid eye contact.

"That's not necessary to answer." His voice was light but serious.

"Do you live alone?" I let the question slip my lips. I looked at him quickly to see him relax. He seemed liked he didn't mind the question but I still felt nervous.

"Yes I do, Ms. Stone. Anymore questions?" His eyes seemed to observe me, as if he wanted to figure out who I was. It was weird thinking about Harry being curious but I knew he was just trying to get under my skin.

When I was about to ask another question in his office, a call interrupted us. He wanted me downstairs but as soon walked out of the door, he leaves it slightly open and stood right behind it. I hovered my ear right by the opening and let myself listen to Harry change moods.

"You told me you would be able to make it... Don't call me your damn son! You were never there to begin with!"

His voice scared me, but this time it wasn't towards me. It was for his father. Was he suppose to fly in from Asia? I just continued listening to try and figure out what was going on.

"Well, did you find the nearest opening?.. Of course you didn't. Just do not bother coming anymore.. I've done fine without you.. The company is perfectly fine.."

He didn't seem to listen to his father. His pauses were too short to let him speak a sentence or two probably. I felt bad that his own father was reaching out to him but he just didn't acknowledge his attempts. The thought of my father came in mind. I pushed the tears back to stay quiet and listen.

"Colette is my assistant, she's not my girlfriend.. I'm not cheating on Victoria.. Don't believe the damn magazine over me! For once listen to me!.."

Magazine? I was confused but then I realize after that the day he took me out to coffee must have caused a rumor to start. Did people assume I was his girlfriend? But was Victoria his on public? Now I knew how complex it must be to run a company. Even your own reputation is at the line 24/7.

Soon I heard Harry throw something across the room. I heard a piece of glass break but I couldn't go in. I was afraid. What was I gonna say? I couldn't just ask if you're okay and expect him to yell his lungs out. But deep down, something was seeking out to him. Without second thought, I barged in and saw his once glowing green eyes glossed. His nose flared while his eyes darted to me.

"What the hell are you doing here? I told you to wait downstairs". His tone was deep, rough. I gulped hard when I noticed the Jack Daniel bottle in his other hand. He became drunk. I never thought I would witness this side of him, vulnerable.

"I heard you break something.. I wanted to check and make sure-.."

"I'm fine. Now leave me alone".

I couldn't. My body was stuck, unsure of his actions. I didn't care if I was going to get hurt at this point. I needed to be certain Harry was actually okay.

"You can talk to me if you want". My hushed voice managed the words out. I wasn't sure if he was really going to open up but i wasn't doubting anything. I waited until his eyes displayed exhaustion. He began to stride slowly up to me. His face was inches away from mine, the scent of alcohol suddenly mixed with his original cologne.

My heart was out of control. Harry's eyes were glued to my lips. As if it was shooting star. His fingertips began to slide up my arm. My skin felt hot, aching for something. But I knew in my mind how wrong it would be to take advantage of my intoxicated boss.

Without hesitation, his lips was pressed against mine. My heart was ignited, causing a domino effect in my body. The taste of his drink lingered in my mouth but I didn't care. He kissed me first. I stood frozen, lost in the moment. I completely became blinded by consequences and felt my body ache for more. His hands slither around my waist, feeling his aggressive pull toward body contact. His tongue pleaded for entrance, and of course I let him through.

He lets his fingertips wander my body, exploring the curves I carried. I let my hands hold his face, denying any other touch on his amazingly toned body. I was afraid it would become too far if I let him do anything to me. But I felt his body was on fire, his skin was too warm. His body was pressured against mine, while my back laid flat against the wall.

His lips detach mine. The color of his original shade was brightly shown as red. They looked plump, visible of his actions toward me. I looked him, confused. I stepped away to take an overall view of him. His body was crooked, the bottle was nearly empty on the floor, his shirt was untucked, and his hair was a mess. He was a mess.

His eyes were stuck staring at me, emotionless. I wasn't sure what just happened but I had hoped he wasn't going to fire me for this.


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