Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


5. five

*Colette's POV*


I parked outside and walk in front of the same glass doors. I took my mother's clothes she used before during her job. I didn't have any business attire so I decided to borrow hers. I was sure she wouldn't mind if she found out I got this job. She would be proud if she was awake.

I wore a white button up shirt with a grey pencil skirt that went all the way down to my knees. I wore black tights under them, matching it with black heels. My hair was pinned up lightly but didn't reveal my ears. The clicking sounds of my heels echoed throughout the room when I walk up the desk to show Stacy. She wore all black today but had the same hair style. She told me to head into his office on my own and congratulated me. Her smile made me feel weird, like something wasn't okay. I let the thought go while I thank her and walk to his office.

Once I reached his door, I gulp hard before entering. I put my head in first to see him the same way when I was having the interview. Only his back faced me again. I close the door behind me and step close to the seat.

"Hello, Ms. Stone. Please sit".

I walk to the seat and place myself slowly down. I put my stuff on the other seat, in silence. Gosh why did it always have to feel this tense? I wait for him to say something but I couldn't take it. His presence made me feel weak. "Mr. Styles?" My voice rang.

His body shifts and then faces me. His emerald eyes stared into my brown eyes. His face carried a blank expression and only the shade of his pink lips stuck out, besides his eyes. His curls fell lightly on his shoulders and his suit was black and white today. I bit my lip as I realized I was staring. I look down to prevent anymore awkward tension.

"Congratulations. Now you will begin work right away," his voice was deep and serious. The tone caused me to fiddle with my own fingers. I was afraid to fail him. I felt like if I did, it would be the end of my life instead of just being fired. I wait for instructions, watching him walk around the office. I follow every step, waiting for words to come out of his mouth.

"I would like to clear up some, boundaries and rules for our sake of my business".

I gulp hard while waiting for them. What happened before? Did the other assistants mess up that bad? Or did they hit on him? Why boundaries?

"We will not be at any point of time, intimate. You are a work colleague which therefore must be professional at all time. We are not to talk outside of this building unless it is for business purposes. If you break my rules, you will lose this job. I know how much you need the money, Ms. Stone. Please don't break my rule".

Suddenly he walks closer to me, becoming inches away from my seat. I squirm for space as I felt his scent become stronger by the inch and soon, he was standing right in front of me. His tall body hovering over my small,weak one on the seat. He looks down at my eyes, keeping in locked contact. I try not to look away but I didn't want to seem rude for always looking away when he was talking. My body was tensed and stuck. I couldn't even breathe. I felt like any sudden movement would make him fire me.

"You are intelligent, Ms. Stone. I know you are capable of listening to me and making sure to get this job done. You will learn how to work in this business and what your job consists of for me. Now, your first task".

Why was his rules so strict? I wanted to ask all these questions but let's be real here, he wouldn't want to answer me but just try to kill me probably. I nod in agreement and waited again for a response. His face stayed blank while his eyes were still fixed on me. I hoped I dress properly. I guess I did since he didn't mention it.

"You will learn to deal with the basic essentials here in this company. Stacy will teach you what you will need to know. Until then, you are dismissed, Ms. Stone".

I bite my lip and shift my body. I had some stuff with me. I wasn't sure if I were to leave it here or put it somewhere else. I felt pressured and decided to take it with me. I moved out of the office fast and looked for Stacy. God he made me feel so inferior. I didn't like it but I guess I had to tolerate it. I find her behind the desk and walk up to her.

"Hello Stacy. Mr. Styles told me you had to teach me things around here", I told. She shows her signature smile and tells me to follow her. She begins the tour of the floor. She explains that I shouldn't really need to leave this floor unless I pick up something or leave the building. She didn't have a big voice, but it made me feel a bit tense like Harry. I wasn't sure why but I just didn't feel okay. Maybe it's just because it's my first day or something.

We continue on to different rooms and places to teach me the machines, meet new people and the criteria of the company. She signified how any mistake can lead to the loss of my job. I guess everyone got the same lecture as me. We finally finish off at her desk, receptionist. She tells me that's mostly her job and I should only cover if it's necessary. But until then, she was meant to be here every day. She decides to take me back to Mr. Styles for my first piece of actual work.

I cringe inside with fear. I didn't want to be around him again damn it. I let myself in again and call for him, "Mr. Styles?". He looks up from his desk, stopping all his writing and gets up to walk closer to me. His intoxicating cologne filled my nose as he handed me a piece of paper. "Make copies for me please. I need over 100". I nod then turn around to get out. As soon as I shut the door, I heard a loud speaking angrily. It as a woman. I walked slowly to see it was Stacy at her desk. She was on the phone.

"Don't rush me!.. I doing my best!.. Look, I need to talk to you later. I'm too vulnerable here". The call ends with her dropping the phone on the desk. I sigh and pretend that nothing happened I walk around the desk and grin at her. She gives a fake grin back, feeling her eyes go right through my body as I walked passed.


Sorry for another boring chapter. I'm trying to keep good things in future chapters and hopefully you guys will like this story! Vote and comment please (:

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