Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


11. eleven

*Colette's POV*

I get ready for another meeting and head to the room. Some people I've seen people were already there and greeted me. I was beginning to feel welcomed at the company. They were nice enough to accept the idea of my no experience and realize that there's something in me for this industry. I felt good for once in my life after working so hard for my mom. She deserved to be awake right now.

Soon after small talk, Harry walked in and made it seem like he was the priest or something. Everyone's face lit up and shared greetings to him. From old or young, they all shared the common interest of working with his company. Harry displayed his famous smile to everyone, even making my heart beat faster. We all sit around the table.

This time I didn't need to present anything, thank god. I was only here to take notes just in case we needed to have any final details for files and what not. A short, chubby old man speaks up with his loud, funny voice, "how's ya father, Styles? What's the branch like in Asia?"

Asia? That's why he was never here. I was always curious where his parents were. I wonder if his mom worked with his dad. So many questions yet no time for answers. I listen intently to the conversations throughout the meeting. I fell in and out of dazes when it was too boring. Sometimes I stared at Harry without realizing it.

His pink lips moved smoothly throughout each word he said. Whenever he was listening to someone else talk, his eyes were focused intently and emerald glare was rich in color. It wasn't a different shade. I tried my best to catch myself whenever I admired something about him, but I couldn't help it. He was like sculpted from the Gods. His perfect jawline casted a shadow on his neck.

After awhile, he catches me staring at him. I shuffle my eyes back to the paper and pretend to write anything. I begged myself to not blush but I knew my cheeks were warm enough to show color. I was not falling for him. I couldn't. But his cold heart and distant mind wanted me to seek out his true self.  What was he like without any of this? What if he never had the company? Then what would he had been like?

I tortured myself throughout the meeting with his random glares at me and my cheeks burning up every time. I hoped he knew that I didn't have feelings for him. I didn't need that in my life right now. I didn't need him or anyone. All I needed was my mother. I was just hoping for time to speed up and end the meeting but it didn't happen anytime soon.

*Harry's POV*

I discussed the current situation my company is in and figure out improvements. I tried to listen to the people but Colette's stares caught me off guard at times. I would be looking at her and suddenly cause her cheeks to turn a light shade of pink. She was blushing. That was cute of her. I couldn't help but smile mentally about her cute smile.

The way she hid her feelings for me. That was fine by me. I couldn't fall for her. I needed to focus on this company and never fall of anyone. She would only be a distraction, given that she has no experience in business but seems to adjust pretty well. I was impressed with her work and dedication for this job. She was different from past assistants I had. Her soft, gentle self made me seem like a monster.

I noticed her face was relax while writing things down, but when she was around me suddenly her atmosphere was tense. Did I intimidate her that much? I didn't bother to consider it while I continued to put down suggestions to the business colleagues that are here currently. I only used the corner of my eye to look at Colette ever so often.

*Colette's POV*

Finally the meeting ended and everyone said goodbye to me while  sharing their blessings to Harry. I felt inferior but I couldn't help it. He was my boss and I was his assistant until I decide to quit or get fired. Once the people left, Harry walked up to me. His tall body leaned over mine. I attempted to steady my breathing but it was too late. He was already inches from me.

"Good job, today. Let's go grab a coffee".

My heart skipped a beat. My mouth dropped open and I couldn't help but stand frozen. He walks away to the door but stops before he exits,

"Are you coming or not?" His tone suddenly becoming a bit harsh.

I shake my head back into reality and run after him. I begged myself not trip over in my heels but luckily I was safe. We head into the elevator together and stay quietly next to each other. The scent of his cologne filled my lungs with the short span of time. It was so intoxicating. I was suffocating in this cramped space. I just wanted to feel him need me, but I knew that was never gonna happen. Finally reaching the first floor, I take a deep breath out of the elevator and follow Harry to the parking lot in the back. Of course there was one but I never knew about it.

We head to a black car that screamed expensive. It was really nice. The interior was leather all around and the center of the steering wheel had the logo of an Audi. Not shocked. We drive out of the parking lot and head into heavy traffic. I sit in silence while looking out the window. I was too tempted to ask all these questions from earlier but I couldn't. It would make things awkward and I did not want it worse on my case.

"Have you visited your mother recently?"

His voice scared me. I bite my lip and reply a little too quick, "yeah. She's still in a coma".

I take my eyes off the window and see him staring out the windshield. His one arm on the steering wheel while the other rested. I look away quickly to avoid staring. I tried my best to be calm but the sound of my heart thumping against my chest was too loud. I knew he can hear it. The traffic was so heavy, it made me feel like I would be stuck in the car forever.

I wouldn't mind if it wasn't for Harry driving me to get coffee with him. What was his deal anyway? Was he just so impressed with me that he had to reward me like a pet? I sigh at the thought and catch his attention.

"Is something wrong, Colette?" His soft tone blended right in with his deep voice.

I look at him and his eyes meet mine. I nod my head quickly just to keep myself from staring. We finally reach a Starbucks and park somewhat close by. As I stepped onto the concrete, my ankle twists. I flinch right before I felt my face hit the cold floor. But instead I felt warm hands catching my body and securing me. I look up to see Harry's lips centimeters away from mine.

"Are you okay?" His peppermint breath hits my face and makes me stand up as fast as I could. I wipe myself clean and avoid looking into his emerald eyes, "yeah".

My cheeks felt so hot and I couldn't help but feel embarrassed. I hated heels with a passion. We order our drinks and drive back to the building. The awkward tension made me stay quite for the whole ride. I didn't want to go out with him ever again. When we reached his office, a figure was leaning against his desk, facing the glass walls. As we both walked closer, I stopped midway through and saw the long, chocolate colored hair.

"Hello, Mr. Styles. I need to speak to you about important issues".

She turns around and spots me. Victoria's evil smile was glued onto her face. Harry walks toward her, making her eyes graze his body. I bit down on my jaw and tried not to squeeze my drink. I decided to dismiss myself and shut the door. I sighed with anger and jealousy while walking away. I wasn't sure why I was jealous because he wasn't my boyfriend. I didn't even want to date him. He wasn't my type anyways. But it wouldn't hurt to try, right?


Do you think Colette's attempt at Harry will get her fired or actually win his heart? Tell me what you guys think (:

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