Strictly Business

"Her purity covers the devil's act of sins".

Colette, fragile, pure, innocent. She did anything she could to keep her mother alive. She finds a higher paying job; becoming the new assistant for her boss of the company, Styles Inc. Her boss only wanted to keep his company alive, nothing more or less. When the two opposite worlds collide, sudden destruction and danger occur in their lives.

Cover by @qveendom


8. eight

*Colette's POV*

I look at my mother's machine to just listen to the result of her heart beating. All the things connected to her body made me feel useless. I wanted to do anything in my ability to wake her and make her feel all better. I wish I had the money to just fast forward through this process. But it was just a place we were both stuck at. I decide to talk to her.

"So far Mr. Styles has been nice. At first I couldn't really tolerate his high expectations but I'm getting the hang of it.. I hope you're doing okay."

A tear slides off my cheek and falls on her bed. I kiss her hand and continue to look at her. I reminisce the memories we had before she was ill. It was unfair. She was such an amazing, hard-working person who had to be diagnosed with such a terrible thing. I sit in silence, just remembering the beauty of her eyes that once shined hazel.

After a long pause, a phone call interrupts my moment with my mother, it was him. I stand in shock and walk toward the corner of the room to answer.

"Hello? Mr. Styles?" My weak voice called.

"Get in here now, Colette. We need to discuss something important!" His voice was angry. His heavy breathing echoed through the phone. I bite my lip in nervousness.

"O-okay sir". Was all I managed to say and I hang up right away. It was my day off and all I wanted to do was sit with my mother. I kiss her head and look at her once more. I storm out of the hospital and head home to change. I wear the plain black skirt and white button up again. I don't bother to wear tights and put on my heels.

I speed through traffic while trying to fix my hair. I was a mess. I didn't expect him to call me in. What happened? What caused him to become angry? I tried to forget all my thoughts and sped into the building. I shuffle into the floor and just barge into his office. I stand far away, scanning the messy office.

Papers were scattered everywhere. I was afraid to speak or move. I stood frozen, waiting for him to speak. His head hanged, looking down on the floor. His knuckles were the only thing touching his desk. Soon he uses them to push himself off the desk and look at me. His once deep green eyes showed madness. He was madly angry. And I was the only one in here.

"Colette, do you know why I called you in on your day off?" His voice was deep, contained. He didn't want to explode but he was so close. I stood right in front of the door. I wanted to run and never come back I had to stand him. I needed to learn about my boss's ways. I shake my head and look down. He punches his desk, causing me to shake.

"The information! It was all wrong, Colette. You gave the people invalid facts and now I'm being told that my company is losing its prime. I need you to fix this, everything. Before I fire you".

I couldn't believe the words that fell from his mouth so smoothly. He sounded like he's rehearsed this. I bite my lip and tremble for words, "It was all reviewed before I gave it to you. How did it come back-"

He was enraged. He throws a glass cup on the floor, the shattered pieces flying everywhere. I gasp and press my back against the door. I couldn't do this anymore. He was scaring me. This was it. I failed. I'm sorry mother.

"Fix this now!"

I storm out as soon as he spoke and ran out the building. How could this be? The work I did was received over and over for data validation. I shuffle my mind through so many thoughts I lost sense of directions. I bump into a figure and mutter, "sorry" without looking until last minute to see tan skin and meet light brown eyes.

Her eyes showed anger. "Watch where you're going". Victoria eyed the papers on the floor and smirked, "what are you doing, Colette?". I pick them up quickly and stand up to meet her eyes. "Some work for Mr. Styles". She chuckles while tossing her back, "you'll be gone by the time I'm done with I'm upstairs". She licks her lips and walks away. I knew that bïtch was planning something.

I swore she wasn't paying attention to the presentation. How did she know what I even presented? I shake my head out of my thoughts once again and storm out of the building. I decide to text Louis that I needed his help. I wasn't doing this alone anymore. I was going to keep this job and become strong. This is for you, mother.


Here's another update, revealing some of Victoria's intentions. Tell me what you guys think of her (:

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