Iliana and Zach have known each other since kindergarten. They both liked each other in 5th grade but never dated. Iliana has liked Zach her whole life. Zach said they just should be friends cause they are leaving and it will be hard for them. But Zach has something up his sleeve and Iliana doesn't know what.


3. Zach's POV

I ask Iliana if she wanted to go to the movies but what she doesn't know that I asked her out. I know she likes me and to be honest I like her too. It's just really hard cause this is our last year together.

*ding* Once I got to her house I rang the doorbell and she came out. She went in the car and plugged her aux cord.

"What shall we listen to?" she asked looking at me.

"I don't care"

Then I heard the beginning of Pusong Bato. It was our song. After that we just started listening to p!atd.

"We're here," I parking the car and then we both got out.

We started walking towards that building then got in.

"2 Tickets for Batman vs. Superman"

"$10," the lady said while giving me the tickets through the window. I gave the lady $10 while Iliana was waiting for me at the door.

It was a good movie. We were both on team Batman but it was still and amazing movie. We went back in the car. I dropped of Iliana and went back home.

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