Celebrating (7 Years Of Movellas)

(7 Years Of Movellas) - Luke J.R's Competition Entry.


2. 2013 - Luke's Downfall



This is the Year where Luke J.R actually started to develop, as the name used to be (xXJessXx) for those who don't know; that is my cousin who owned this account before me. She gave it to me Mid-2012, but 2013 is when I started to take control of the whole thing. She left for vacation & then told me that I wouldn't be seeing her much for a very long time...

What sucks is the fact that she was right, she was never going to return at an early time, she was always going to be away from me. And even 2016 is proving that, she is no longer with me. What saddens me is that she wanted to move on from Movellas, and she did say that one day she may return. I just don't see it being anytime soon if not at all, she has kind of made her own decision but its something that affects me deeply.

2013 In Movellas is the Year where FanFiction started to grow in size with the whole FanFiction thing becoming a norm. There were many users signing up just to write some FanFiction, back in 2012 there was only a few FanFiction stories as everything else was what you may have wanted to see on website dedicated to writing stories; fiction. One Direction was growing at this time (If I remember correctly), and the stories that developed from this Bandom is something that I'll admit to- I hated it, and it made me turn a blind eye to it. I didn't want to be part of a Community that was going to just continuously write FanFiction stories. Around the end of 2013 is when I truly didn't care about FanFiction, the time where I accepted it on Movellas, whilst many others were starting to cause an uproar. This was the final Year for some of them, and I'd have to say Goodbye to so many great friends to make new friends on here. 

The End Of 2013 is when everyone was kinda happy that there was Xmas Events going on, and there were so many happy faces. Nobody really said much about FanFiction- it was a Month of Peace.

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