Music and Monsters Book 2

Sequel to We’re just a band not demigods
The Wanted members are demigods. They have to go on a quest with One Direction to stop other war from happening. This takes place a few months after Ben stole the lightning bolt. The Wanted and One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
thank you for reading.
leave any comments for some new ideas.
also some of the scenes are from the books.
sorry if any characters seem OC.


21. Surprise Part 1

~Luke's POV~
I was still watching over Giselle who was still sleeping. I was staring at the draining bracelet knowing that Giselle was already to weak to handle another draining process. I paced around the room wondering where the demigods were.
"They got the book so let's take it from them." Ben said walking outside of the room
"And what about your sister?" I heard someone else ask
I turned myself invisible and I watched as the door opened revealing Ben and another guy. They both walked into the room stopping at the edge of the bed.
"Justin take her up to the deck. I'm going to go get the Book of Hecate." Ben said staring at her
Justin nodded and picked up Giselle  walking out of the room following Ben. I got the hell fire and followed after Justin, Giselle, and Ben.
~Nathan's POV~
The ship took us all the way to Miami docking at a cove that mortals weren't nearby before disappearing in a flash of light.
I watched as Siva ran to the nearest newspaper stand and checked the date on the Miami Herald. He cursed.
"October 18! We've been away from camp for 8 days!"
"That's impossible!" Max said
But I knew it wasn't. Luke told us that time traveled differently in monstrous places.
"Giselle must be exhausted," Jay said "We have to rescue her tonight."
"Wait Ben wants the Book of Hecate and he can't have it." Liam said
"Then what do we do? We're hundreds of miles away from camp. No money and no ride." Tom said
"No maybe we can get the Book to camp." Louis said
"Does anybody have money?" Harry asked
"We could use the money we got from camp." I said
"But why the money?" Siva asked 
Ceci opened up a black with blue trim book bag taking out a ziploc bag full of money and handed it to Tom. Louis ran to the curb and grabbed a taxi that just let out a family of cruise passengers.
"Tom you and the others come on. You're all going to the airport. Get the Book." Zayn said
Harry and Liam began to push us to the taxi.
"But what about-" Jay said
"We'll get Giselle. Ben can't the Book. Now go!" Harry said
We all got in the taxi and headed to the airport getting tickets to New York. We all prayed to Zeus wouldn't blast us out of the sky.
~Zayn's POV~
"How are we going to get home?" Niall asked
"We can worry about that later. We have to find Giselle first." Harry said
"Come on," I told my friends "Let's go find my sister."  
That's when I turned to find a sword's point at my throat.
"Hey, bro." Ben said "Welcome back to the states."
That's when people wearing armor and two bear-men appeared around us. The bear-men grabbed Niall and Ceci by their collars. The other tried to get Louis and Harry but they both knocked him into a pile of luggage. Liam was being held by two huge people wearing armor.
"Zayn," Ben said calmly "Tell your two brutes to back down or Orieus will bash your friend's heads together and Derek and K will slice your friend's neck open."
Orieus raised Ceci and Niall off the ground, kicking and screaming while Orieus was grinning madly.
"What do you want, Ben?" I said glaring at my half-brother
He smiled, and gestured towards the end of the dock, and I noticed the biggest boat in port was the Chimera.
"Why, little brother," Ben said "I want to extend my hospitality, of course. The same way I extended it to Giselle."
~Niall's POV~
The bear twins and the armored demigods herded us aboard the Chimera. They threw us down on the aft deck in front of a swimming pool with sparkling fountains that sprayed into the air. A dozen of Ben's assorted goons-snake people, laistrygonians, a few demigods in battle armor-had gathered to watch us get some "hospitality".
"And so, the Book." Ben mused "Where is it?"
He looked over us, prodding Louis' shirt with the tip of his sword, poking Zayn's jeans.
"Hey!" Zayn yelled
"Sorry, brother." Ben smiled "Just give me the Book and I'll leave you to return to your, ah, little music tours."
"Go to Hades." We all heard a voice say
We all turned and saw Giselle standing with a demigod wearing some armor behind her. She was pale and looked ready to collapse on the spot.
I saw Ben roll his eyes at her then he turned back to us. "Maybe you didn't hear me." Ben's voice was dangerously calm "Where-is-the-Book?"
"Not here." I said which probably wasn't a good idea but it felt good throwing it at his face. "We sent it ahead of us. You messed up."
Ben's eyes narrowed. "You're lying. You couldn't have..." His face reddened as a horrible possibility occurred to him. "The Wanted members?"
I nodded.
"You gave..."
The bear-man flinched. "Y-yes?"
"Get below and prepare Arion. Bring him up to the deck. I need to get to Miami Airport, fast!"
"It won't work." I heard Giselle sing-song "Arion hates you and only answers to Hazel and her friends."
"But boss-"
"Do it!" Ben screamed "Or I'll feed you to the Drakon!"
The bear-man gulped and lumbered down the stairs.
Ben paced in front of the pool, cursing in ancient Greek, gripping his sword so tight his knuckles turned white.
The rest of Ben's crew seemed uneasy due to never seeing their boss so unhinged before.
I started thinking...If I could use Ben's anger, then I could get him to talk so everybody could hear about his crazy plans... I looked at the swimming pool, at the fountains spraying mist into the air, making a rainbow in the sunset. And it suddenly gave me an idea.
"You've been playing us all along," I said "You wanted us to bring you the Book to save you the trouble of getting it. So you could use it after Giselle couldn't heal Kronos anymore."
Ben scowled, "Of course, you dolt! And now you've messed up everything!"
"You're a traitor!" I dug out my last drachma out of my pocket and threw it at Ben, who dodged as I expected. The coin sailed into the rainbow- colored spray of water.
I hoped my prayer would be accepted in silence, I thought with all my heart: O goddess, accept my offering. Please.
"You tricked us all!" I yelled at Ben "Even everyone at CAMP HALF-BLOOD!"
Giselle just smirked at Ben I like she knew what I was doing. Behind Ben, the fountain began to shimmer, but since I needed everyone's attention on me, so I brought out my sword.
Ben just sneered, "This is no time for your heroics, Niall. Put away your little sword or I'll have to kill you sooner than later."
"Who stole the bolt and kidnapped Giselle?"
"I did of course," Ben snarled "You already know that."
"You mean betraying your friends? Kidnapping your half-sister? You mean that?"
Ben raised his sword "You don't understand this has happened before."
That made me hesitate. He must've been lying, but I couldn't afford to lose Ben's attention.
"You were going to bring back Kronos," I said
"Yes! Giselle's power and the Book of Hecate would've sped his mending process by tenfold. But you haven't stopped us, you've only slowed us down a little bit."
"And so you kidnapped Giselle and stole the Master Bolt. You set us all up-all to help Kronos rise again to destroy the Gods."
Ben gritted his teeth, "You know that! Why do you keep asking me that?"
"Because I figured you wanted an audience to hear about your plans."
"What audience?"
Then Ben's eyes narrowed as he and his goons looked behind themselves. They gasped and stumbled back.
Above the pool, shimmering in the rainbow mist, was an Iris-message vision of everyone at camp in the dining pavilion looking at us in a stunned silence.
Ben bellowed in rage as he slashed through the fountain dissolving the Iris-message, but the deed was already done. 
I was feeling pretty good about myself, until Ben turned to give me a murderous look.
"Kronos was right, Niall. You boy banders are unreliable weapons who need to be replaced."
None of us were sure what he meant, and didn't have time to think about it. One of his men blew a whistle, and the deck doors flew open. A dozen warriors poured out, making a circle around us, their brass tips of their spears bristling.
Ben smiled at me. "You'll never leave this boat alive."
~Luke's POV~
I was silently watching everything happening. I figured it was time I made an appearance. I used a sleeper hold on Justin who collapsed letting Giselle who went down to the ground and I released the hell fire on the draining bracelet letting Giselle go of its magic. I then placed the leather bracelet that would bring me back to life on my wrist. True to his word the bracelet brought me back like Sam said.
I kneeled down next to Giselle and whispered "Hey beautiful. Did ya miss me?"
She looked at me shocked since I wasn't a spirit anymore.
"How?" She asked
"Sam." I said
And she nodded understanding before taking out the engagement ring I gave her.
"You'll need this." She said handing it to me
"Thanks." I whispered before standing up changing it to my sword.
"Actually I'll challenge you Ben. One on one." I said loudly shocking everyone especially Ben "What are you afraid of?"

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