Music and Monsters Book 2

Sequel to We’re just a band not demigods
The Wanted members are demigods. They have to go on a quest with One Direction to stop other war from happening. This takes place a few months after Ben stole the lightning bolt. The Wanted and One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

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I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
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I only own my ideas.
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also some of the scenes are from the books.
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24. Good To Be Back

~Ceci's POV~
We arrived in Long Island just after The Wanted members, thanks to the centaurs' travel powers. I rode on a centaurs back, but we didn't talk much, especially about Luke coming back. I knew what ever Chiron told the boys had to be difficult. I didn't what do push the boys with any questions. I saw Giselle and Luke together talking and basically ignoring us. I was mad that she didn't tell me about Luke and being engaged. I mean I thought we were friends and all. I guess I was wrong in trusting in her, but like the others I trusted Kelly more at the moment.
I sighed and turned forward wanting to get back to camp and see The Wanted members.
~Niall's POV~
  When we got to camp, the centaurs dropped us off before becoming disappointed that Dionysus wasn't there. The whole camp was gathered at the top of Half-Blood Hill. The whole camp had been through a hard two weeks since Ben had been ordering monsters to attack to stop us from getting the Book of Hecate. The Big House's rooms were overflowing with wounded. The kids in the Apollo Cabin, who were the best healers, looked like they had been working overtime performing first aid. Everybody looked weary and battered as they crowded around us and The Wanted members.
The moment The Wanted members showed the Book of Hecate, the  moonlight seemed to brighten, turning from gray to liquid silver. A cool breeze rustled in the branches and rippled though the grass, all the way into the valley. Everything came into sharper focus-the glow of the fireflies down in the woods, the Golden Fleece glittering in Thalia's Pine with Peleus guarding it, the smell of the strawberry fields, the waves on the beach.
Everybody cheered.
Chiron ordered a bit more guard duty on the hill top, at least until the last monsters the were going to be sent by Ben were gone. In the meantime, The Wanted members were being carried on their cabin mates' shoulders down to the amphitheater, where they were honored with laurel wreaths and a lot of celebrating around the campfire.
We also got laurel wreathes, but I saw a lot of campers from the war meeting going to Luke and Giselle.
~Max's POV~
Later that night, as we were roasting s'mores and listening to some of the Apollo campers sing we were pulled aside the One Direction members and Ceci who told us everything Chiron told them. I didn't trust Kelly that much, but I did trust my friends judgement.
 Throughout the celebrating I did see Harry looking at Luke and Giselle who were with a lot of other campers. Harry looked miserable, but he did perk up when he saw Kelly and Katie. Well mostly Katie.
~Giselle's POV~
We were celebrating around the campfire with everyone who fought in the Titan War were here with me and Luke. Luke told them how he came back to life and he was going to fix his mistakes.
I went looking for Sam to thank him for bringing Luke back. When I found my other favorite Hades child I gave him a hug.
"Thanks for Luke." I told him
"You're both welcome." He said getting out of my hug
Luke and I then walked around just enjoying each others presence. I know Ceci was mad at me, but Luke was a subject I wasn't ready to talk about. Harry, I noticed didn't like Luke at all, but I didn't care he wasn't on my good side anyways. I snapped out of my thoughts to see we were at Thalia's Pine.
Luke looked over at me and smiled.
"What?" I asked looking at the celebration going on
"Nothing, " He said "Just glad to be home. Everyone forgave me and they're letting me fix my mistakes."
"You're right its good to be home." I said smiling
He leaned over kissing my cheek before wrapping an arm around my shoulders. We stayed like that for a while before Luke spoke again.
"So you never gave me an answer at the centaur camp or when we were coming back." He said casually
I rolled my eyes before deciding that maybe we could have what we had before. "Yes I forgive you."
He smiled before lifting me in his arms (bridal style) walking towards Apollo's Sanctuary that was deep in the woods. The two of us spent the rest of the night there talking and just spending time together.

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