Spilled Secrets (SAMPLE!)

(AS SEEN ON WATTPAD...) Natalie Greene is a successful business woman who has a multimillion dollar company , Greene Beauty, that specializes in beauty products. She goes through some things that make her start a club with friends, where they talk while enjoying wine, but the secrets that they hide from each other are soon revealed ... ( For the complete book series, add the book to your library on Wattpad!: https://www.wattpad.com/story/35541134


1. Prologue

Natalie Greene is a 26-year-old business woman who owns a multimillion dollar company, Greene Beauty, that sells hair and makeup products that are award winning and approved.


You would think she would have it all. She married entrepreneur Windell Levy in 2011, and moved into a luxurious mansion in the Hamptons, but things would soon turn to the worst.


Just 2 years into their marriage they began having many problems. Natalie suffered from two miscarriages in a six month period and Windell began blaming her rigorous work schedule for the miscarriages, though she told him she had fertility issues.


With all of this Natalie refused to change her last name for her company, as Windell wanted her to rename it Levy Beauty, though Natalie felt it didn't pop. Natalie also accused Windell of having an affair after he came home late multiple times with a scent of perfume.


All this going on, there was only two things she could rely on, wine and her friends Tameka, Courtney, and Shadaé. They decide to come up with a club with all four of them to drink wine and talk about their problems.


They called it Wine Relief Club.


What they don't know, is that all of them are hiding secrets from each other that will soon come out to play.

The story will be told in the POV's of Natalie, Windell, Tameka, Courtney, and Shadaé, as you will find out their secrets and how they come out ...


This is Spilled Secrets...

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