Park Boyoung enters a new elite school with her childhood friend Minhyuk but on her first day of school, she already starts to get bullied by a rich classmate named Hani for bumping into her boyfriend, L. What will happen to Boyoung in this new school? Should she trust L?


2. Chapter 2: Hope For A Better Day

Boyoung’s POV


“OK MOM, GIVE ME A SECOND.” I yelled back.

I quickly change and go downstairs to be greeted by my best friend, Minhyuk.

“Well that took you long enough to get ready.”, Minhyuk chuckled.

“Shut up.”I giggled as I went to grab my schoolbag heading for the door.

“So, how was practice yesterday?” I asked.

“It was alright. I met some new friends, they’re really chill.” Minhyuk said

“Hmm, you still owe me ice cream from yesterday.” I smiled to myself by the thought of ice cream.

“Did I? I don’t remember.”

Minhyuk that sneaky brat, Imma get him someday.


“Haha alright ice cream it is.” Minhyuk laughed.


Minhyuk ordered one cookies and cream ice cream for him, and one strawberry ice cream for me.

“Yum.” Minhyuk said.

“Yum.”I repeated.

“How can they make the ice cream taste so good?”Minhyuk asked.

“I don’t know, but you can buy me ice cream everyday.” I said

“Shut up you pig. It’s not like you’re not fat already. And I’m gonna be broke because of you.” Minhyuk said

“Hehe.” I said while licking my already melting ice cream.


Minhyuk and I were walking around while eating our ice creams, when suddenly we bumped into Hani and L.

“Come on, let’s just walk faster.” Minhyuk whispered.

“Well, well, well. Look who it is, the new kids.” Hani said with a sinister smirk on her face.

“Just ignore her.” Minhyuk said loud enough only for me to hear as we just kept walking.

“Haven’t your parents taught you basic manners?” Hani scoffed.

“No, but your it looks like your parents didn’t teach you either.” Minhyuk replied as we continued walking.

“L oppa!!! Did you hear that? Ugh!” Hani whined.


“Thanks for having my back there.” I sighed while gloomily holding her ice cream.

“No problem. Just trying to keep you out of trouble.” Minhyuk said as he ate his ice cream.

“Do you think it was a bad idea for me to come to this new school?” I asked Minhyuk.

“Of course not. Just because one arrogant girl gets you down? You have to be get back up and stand up for yourself. You’re strong, Boyoung. I know you can fight back.” Minhyuk said as he noogied Boyoung’s head.


Minhyuk always knows what to say to me when I’m feeling down. That’s what makes him my best friend.

“Thanks! And stop that. Would you like it if I did that to you?” I laughed.

“OW! That actually hurts!” Minhyuk yelled as I started to noogie Minhyuk

“You see!” I laughed.


“Wow, they’re such idiots. Right L?” Hani said as she and L just came out of the ice cream shop.

“They sure are.” L smirked while he took a spoonful of his strawberry ice cream.


After we finished eating our ice cream and noogying each other outside, we walked back to my house.

“Oh yeah, Yonghwa invited me to a party tonight. And I wanted to invite you too. You should come and make some new friends instead of staying home and watching drama every night. So do you want to come with me?” Minhyuk asked me as we stood in front of our house.


“But there’s a new episode airing tonighttttt, I don’t want to miss it.” I whined.

“I promise that it’ll be a lot fun. It’s a chance for you to meet and socialize with more people. But, it’s your choice if you want to make some friends or not I guess.” Minhyuk sighed.


“No, I don’t have party clothes haha..” I replied


“It’s ok, I’ll buy for you.” Minhyuk answered.

“Are you sure that’s fine? You always buy things for me, I owe you too much.” I said feeling guilty.

“No worries. Just pay me back by coming to the party with me.” Minhyuk laughed.

“Ughhh finee.” I replied


Minhyuk grabbed me by the hand and they both walked into a boutique and Minhyuk already began looking for a party dress for me.

“How about this one?” Minhyuk said as he held the dress up in front of me. It was a short dress with a low v-line. Something that I definitely am not comfortable with.

“Isn’t that a little bit too revealing?” I said.

“How about this one?”Minhyuk said as he waved a black dress around. Minhyuk pushed me into the fitting room for me to try it on.


The dress was black and was a bit above my knees. The dress was a lacey material and it had a mesh that were the straps that wrapped the upper half of my neck. I then came out of the fitting room and Minhyuk’s eyes widened.

“My god, that looks great on you!” Minhyuk said in awe.

“Really? Why, thank you.” I blushed

Minhyuk bought the dress for me and then he walked back to my house again.

“Well, I’ve also got to get ready. I’ll pick you up at 7.” Minhyuk says as he was heading for the door.

“Oh alright, see you then!” I said.


After Minhyuk left, I headed to my room. I applied some bb cream, and lip tint. Next, I did my hair. I took out the hair iron and attempted to curl my hair. I barely managed to curl my hair in time.

The doorbell had rung and I knew that Minhyuk was here to pick me up already. I hurried to put on some random black heels i found in the shoe cabinet and I ran outside and into his car. After about 20 minutes, we finally arrived to the party location. Minhyuk and I walked inside, only to see the people dancing and drinking.

“This is your idea of fun?” I scoffed

“Hehe yeah, don’t be mad at me, I just wanted you to meet some new people. Minhyuk said.

“Hey Minhyuk! Come over here.” Yonghwa called.

“Sorry Boyoung, just go hang out for a while for now.” Minhyuk said.

“Seriously? I don’t know anyone here?” I screamed at Minhyuk as he left me all alone.

Great. My guide/ best friend just left me. Now what am I gonna do.

I managed to find an empty seat at the bar. Everyone was taking shots but all I did  was order water.

“Wow, you come to sit at a bar and all you order is water?” a familiar voice next to me said.

I turned around only to be greeted by Kim Myungsoo. Great.

“I guess that’s not really any of your concern?” I said sarcastically.

“Oh, but is. I am one of the hosts of this party. You are wasting our precious water.” L laughed out to me.

I’ve never seen this side of Myungsoo before…

“Fine. Take back your water. I didn’t want to come here anyways.” I scoffed giving him back the water I just ordered. I stood up from the chair to leave. As I was reaching close to the exit, a random guy held onto my arm. He reeked of soju.

“What’s your name beautiful?” he said as tried to reach my face.

Suddenly, L came and uppercut him in the face, and dragged me out of the door.

“Do you even know how to defend yourself from people like that?” L yelled.

“How was I supposed to know that this party would have bars and underage high  school students drinking alcohol?”I countered while I was still in shock from the situation that just happened.

L sighed in exasperation

“Are you okay?” L changed the subject.

“Clearly not. I still can’t believe that just happened to me. It’s all because Minhyuk left me.” Boyoung muttered in disbelief.

“Where do you live? It’s not safe for a girl like you to walk alone at night.” L said as he handed me his leather jacket.

“Oppa what are you doing out here? And with her?” Hani came out of nowhere said.

“I’m going to take her home.” L replied.

“Excuse me? You’re one of the hosts of this party. You can’t just leave me here.” Hani said furiously.

“Myungsoo, it’s ok. I’ll just walk by myself.” I said as I gave L back his jacket.

But then, L came to me and put his jacket on my shoulders.

“If you leave this party, we’re done! I’m going to break up with you!” Hani yelled as we walked down the street.

“Yeah, whatever.” L replied loudly to her.

“Are you sure this is fine? I can really walk by myself.” I said.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. She’s gonna come back and pretend nothing happened tomorrow anyways.” L replied.


“Thanks for walking me all this way, and sorry for making you and Hani fight.” I said to L.

“Yeah, it’s okay. Don’t stress about it. See you tomorrow.” L said.

“Thank you, goodnight.” I said


I watched as L was starting to leave. Maybe he’s not as bad as I thought.


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