Love at first sight

it talks about a girl named Sarah who is 19 years old and she is a senior. One day a friend of her dad along with his son that named Harry came to visit them at home, and their was the twist LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT !!!


3. chapter 3

   i ran upstairs to get ready for the dinner. the first thing i did was taking a shower, i turned on the water and then i hopped to the shower i let the hot water ran down my body it always relax me. 

  once i'm finished i straightened my hair and i applied some makeup simple but flawless that contained some maroon lipstick, some mascara and some eyeliner. 

   i walked toward the closer to pick an outfit i picked a short maroon skater dress with a thin black belt at the center of the dress and i chose a pair of  black flats. 

  i looked at the clock, they should be on there way.i get downstairs  and once my mom saw me she open her mouth slightly" you look cute baby"she said with a smile on her face."thank you mom"i gave her a kiss on the cheek.

 about a 15 min. the bell rang and my dad rushed to the door he's obviously excited to see his friend, when he opened the door a man appears, he's about my dad's age "Des long time no see" my dad said while hugging him." yeah i know " the Des man said. he looks kind, then a young man appeared behind him and wow he looks hot as hell. okay i don't know why i said that but he's soo handsome.he's wearing a black suit and a tight black pants,very tight and he looks amazing my father greet him as well his father greet me with a big tight hug.suddenly the handsome boy extended his hand to me "hi i'm Harry"he said without cutting the eye contact "i'm Sarah" i said with a smile on my face.

  Harry's pov:

  once i entered the house i greeted dad's friend then my eyes caught a beautiful girl, she was around my age she was so beautiful i pull my hand to greet her she took it and shake it as well"hi i'm harry"i said looking into her eyes "i'm sarah" she said with a smile on her face " beatiful name to a beautiful girl" i said to her and she blushed i chukled lightly"thanks"she said still blushing.

  back to sarah's pov:

  "i'm sarah" i said with a smile plastered on my face.

 "beautiful name to a beautiful girl" he said to me and i blushed,  he thinks i'm beautiful yupppyyy. i heard him chukling which made me blush more."thanks" i said almost whispering. than we both noticed that our hands are still intertwined.we pull our hands hands away then we both sit down with our perents."so how's your job des" my dad asked harry's fater.

"in the best case thanks for asking how's yours?"

" i'm doing well at my job i love it"

"how are you sarah. you grown up to a beautiful women last time i saw you you were 3 years old " he said.really?!?! i don't remember.

"i'm fine uncle Des and thank you"i said blushing

"please call me des only"

i smiled to him.then i looked at  harry i found him already looking at me smiling i smiled at him and he winked to me, i blushed and i could feel my cheeks are red like a chimpanzee's butt."dinner's ready" my mom called from the dining room. we walked toward the dinnig room and we sat in our places luckly harry sat next to me and very close to me. YES!! while we were eating harry asked me "how old are you?"

  " i'm 19 years old you?"

  " i'm 19 also"we both laughed but not too load.

  " you're beautiful" he said and i almost choked at my food no body ever said that to me except dad and mom.

  " thank you. you don't look bad yourself" i said blushing like hell. i don't believe i said that.he smiled to me and winked again i returned the smile while blushing.PHEWWW woww he's a flirt a big flirt.

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