What Movellas Means to Me

[Movellas competition entry] This is cutting the deadline close because words wouldn't cooperate, but here are some thoughts about Movellas.


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    I find the words “it changed my life” over-used. But over the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling to put into words what Movellas means to me, so now, less than eight hours before the deadline, it seems like over-used words will have to do. After all, in this case, they’re true. 

    Movellas changed my life. 

    It’s weird to think that a site you can join in thirty seconds with an email and a username could possibly have such a lasting impact. I certainly had no idea what I was getting into when I first filled out that form and became Prodigy (or, at the time, I’mNotReadyForThis). I was entirely unaware of the vast world of words, the passions, and the people that awaited me in that green and blue site. 

    In a way, I’m glad I didn’t know. I’m glad that I got to discover Movellas myself, find my passion for writing, and meet so many new people without knowing which one of them might become my best friend somewhere down the line. Such a period of discovery is incredible, and unlike any I have found on other sites. Movellas is entirely unique; not because of the content (there are tons of writing sites) or because of the interface (there are sites arguably better designed) but because of the people. The Movellas community is indescribable. Even as a writer, words fail me. I trust that you all know what I mean. 

    Before I joined Movellas, I wasn’t a writer. I was set on studying science, growing up to become a radiologist in my grandfather’s footsteps. That just seemed like the thing to do; doctors made a lot of money, I was good at science and math, bones were cool, so what was in my way? I never entertained the idea of putting my creative side to use. Now, two and a half years later, I am on track to study creative writing and publishing and have drastically changed the entire course of my life. That change is almost entirely due to joining Movellas. 

    That is the mosts incredible thing I’ve ever considered. 

    If I hadn’t joined Movellas, where would I be? I would likely be headed for medical school - a solid career, but not one I ever felt passion for. I wouldn’t have one of my legitimate best friends who has helped me through so many transitions and life choices in these past few years. I wouldn’t have a place that I can always go back and feel like I’ve never left. I wouldn’t have a group where I feel like I absolutely belong. 

    I don’t know if these words all make sense. Words rarely do. Nevertheless, I hope my sentiment is getting across. 

    Movellas is incredible. 

    Movellas is home. 

    Movellas has changed my life.

    Happy seven years, Movellas. 

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