You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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13. Chapter Thirteen

Michael sits up in his bed, back against the headboard. His phone is in his right hand and with his left hand he puts his book on the nightstand. The phone starts ringing and he jumps a little then laughing with his stupidity. He picks up the phone and waits.

Luke (reluctantly): Michael?

Michael (sarcastically): Who else?  

Luke (chuckling): You don't have to be so mean. I'm going to read to you. 

Michael (little impatient): Just start reading already. I didn't let you call me to whine. 

Luke: Alright sweetcheeks.

Michael scowls but realizes that Luke can't see that.

Michael: Shut the fuck up.

Luke: How can I read if I need to shut up?

Michael hears the grin in Luke's voice and he really wants to punch that little shit.

Michael (irritated): Luke.

Luke: alright alright, give me a second so I can install myself. 

Michael hears Luke's bed creak and he wonders what Luke's wearing right now. 'oh God. I sound like a perv.'

Luke: Here I go.

Michael: Okay.

Thirty-four pages later, Michael realizes how much he loves listening to Luke's voice. It's raspy now from reading so much.

Michael: Luke? Maybe you should drink some water and go to sleep. You have read so much already.

Luke: Can I first ask you a favor?

The tone of his voice betrays that it's going to be something stupid.

Michael: Not if it's a nude.

Luke (Fake sighs): I would never ask you that.

Michael (Unbelieving): Yeah right.

Luke (chuckling before whispering): Busted

Michael: You ass, I hate you!

Luke: I like you too.

Michael can't help himself. He starts laughing and Luke soon joins in. This is so perfect that Michael keeps laughing 'till his belly hurts. He got Luke where he wants him now.

Luke: Really though, can I get that nude now?

Michael: Bye you ass.

"Sweet dreams, babe." Michael hears Luke chuckle before he hangs up the phone. µ



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