You Love Me, I Kill You

Michael is a serial killer. He likes to make people fall in love with him and slid their throats ones the person he chooses declares his love for him. His next victim is Luke.

Luke is a player. He likes to have sex with people, girl or boy, doesn't matter to him. He is glad when Michael comes to their school. He was looking for some new entertainment.

A dangerous combination.

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4. Chapter Four

"Wow, those lessons sucked!" Michael sighs when their classes before lunch are finally over.

"Yes, especially the last two ones." Alicia agrees. "And Luke didn't stop writing you notes. What did he want?" She adds curiously.

Currently, they are walking to the cafeteria to eat some lunch. Michael is very hungry, so hungry that he can eat an elephant. Not that he would ever actually eat an elephant, they are too smart and cute to be eaten.

"He asked my phone number." He says curtly. Alicia gasps an her eyes are wide. "What?" He asks her a little annoyed.

"Normally he never asks someone's phone number. He just gives his own." She says with a confused frown on her face. Michael smiles at her, because he has a theory about this.

"You know why? Because that's the impression I get when I look at your face." Alicia looks curiously at him. It makes him a little nervous. Michael licks his lips before he starts to speak.

"Well, I told him loud and clear that he doesn't have a chance with me. Maybe he is scared I won't send him a text if he gives me his own number." Michael explains.

"But if you give him your number, you can ignore him too." She says questioningly. "So, then your theory isn't waterproof." She concludes slowly. Michael smiles at her. A know-it-all, great. Luckily she knows a hell of a lot about Luke too. She is his Aliciapedia. A laugh escapes Michael's lips, what a lame joke.

"But if he has my number, he can text me constantly. He knows it will annoy the shit out of me, and that I will text him back 'Shut up' or something like that and the conversation starts. And if he would give his number and I don't answer, it hurts his confidence, something he wants to avoid badly." Michael rattles. Wow, since when is he so talkative? Alicia's smile betrays her amusement.

"Wow, you know a lot of people's behavior, don't you?" She asks with twinkling eyes.

"Yes, you can say that. I'm a good observer. And you are a good listener, so you hear all the rumors. Good team." He grins. "Can you tell me more about Luke?" He ads in an interested tone.

"Well, I can tell you a lot about him, but... er... would you like... er... This is so embarrassing but I want to help you, newbie. I have a notebook where I write everything in. All the rumors about Luke, I mean. And about other people too of course." Her cheeks become redder and redder from shame with every word she speaks. Michael doesn't think it is shameful, on the contrary, he thinks this Alicia girl is great.

"Don't be ashamed, Alicia. I did it too when at my previous school." Michael says while they enter the cafetaria. "I had a black diary with me everywhere and if I noticed anything interesting then I would write it down. A lot of people do it." He comforts her silently. Michael doesn't want anyone eavesdropping. She smiles grateful in his direction.

"You can have it for some days. I forgot it in my bedroom in dad's house. I'll bring it with me on friday." She also whispers . "Hopefully you don't mind the wait. Or do you?" She asks him.

"No, then I only have to wait two days. That's no problem." He says with a smile. Luke, I'm coming for you boy. A malicious grin appears on his face.


"Hello Alicia. Who have you brought?" A pretty blonde girl asks while she looks curiously at me. A brown haired boy next to her is staring curiously at me as well.

"This is the new student from America. His name is Michael Clifford." Alicia introduces him. He stretches his hand out towards them. They both shake it with a friendly smile.

"Welcome to our school. This is Ashton but you can call him Ash." She points at the brown-haired boy. "And I'm Eloise. Some people call me Elo but I prefer my real name." She speaks very quickly. Like she has only one chance to do it right.

"Nice to meet you two." Michael says with a big smile on his lips. "Do you mind if I come sit with you?" He asks friendly.

"Of course not! Please sit!" Ashton says enthusiastically. Eloise nods her head fiercely. That's his sign to sit next to Alicia.

"Thanks, it's nice that I don't have to sit alone. I feel a freak already because I'm new and all." Michael grins.

"And our playboy has set his eyes on him." Alicia says in a way that awakens her friends interest.

"Nooo!! Already?" Eloise squeals loudly. Some people turn around to look at us. You can see the curious glint in their eyes.

"Not so loud, Elo." Ashton hisses silently.

"Don't call me that." She snaps, but luckily her volume is down. "Tell us all about it, Michael." Eloise looks at him with wide eyes. She's still in shock.

"Chill girl. He had to bring me to all my classes today, but I told him he wouldn't need to. Then he started writing me notes in class. He wants my number." Michael tells them in a silent, calm voice. He is sure nobody heard him, except the trio at his table of course. Ashton covers Eloise's mouth to mute the next squeal. Eloise swaps Ashton's hand away.

"But, why?" She asks silently, but with wider eyes than Michael has ever seen. It looks creepy, really.

"Am I that ugly?" He grins.

"No, not at all, but we are talking about Luke Hemmings. He never asks someone's phone number he just gives his." She explains.

Alicia starts explaining Michael's theory and he is very glad for that fact. His mouth is dry and his stomach grumbles loudly. The macaroni he took is very tasty to his surprise. Normally the food in schools are carton boxes like he likes to call it. The girls and Ashton go on and on about Luke. Automatically Michael starts laughing. The girls and Ash look my way.

"What's so funny, Mikey?" Ash asks me.

"Wow, I already got a nickname?" He asks. Ashton starts to blush. "But the reason I laugh is because I feel like we're at a tabloid office and Luke is some kind of super famous artist. It's like we are discussing a very important article." Michael grins.

"We are from the school newspaper." Eloise smiles proudly.

"That explains a lot." Michael says with a wide smile. "Maybe you can start a tabloid online about all the rumors at school?" It wasn't really a question, just a joke of him. Both girls and Ashton look at him with creepy smiles.

"How come we didn't think about that?" Eloise shouts.

"You are a mastermind, Mikey." Alicia grins.

"We start this evening." Ashton says.

Uh-Oh, that wasn't Michael's intention, but maybe it would help him find a lot of information about Lukey, his little prey. Michael scans the cafeteria and soon he sees Luke, standing with three other guys. He's laughing his ass off about something. So, it must be something very amusing. When Luke catches Michael looking at him, he winks. Michael smiles at him and shake his head.

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