The Sun and The Moon(Draco Malfoy)

Alexandra Verin also known as Wolverines daughter, and her mother died after Alexandra's berth. Now Alexandra is going to begin her sixth year at Hogwarts and her sixth year in the Slytherin house, Alexandra thought that it was going to be a normal year at Hogwarts but she thought wrong, when a certain Draco Malfoy begin to show his feelings for Alexandra, and she begins to fall in love with him, danger is threatening their relationship. What will happen? Read and find out.


1. prologue

Hello before I start to tell you my story I think I'm going to presenter my self.

My name is Alexandra Verin also known as wolverines daughter, if you wonder so yes i have the same powers as my father has and if you don't know what powers he has than i can tell you, his powers are: He can shoot blades out of his fists and he can run really fast, he can hear from a long distance, just like a dog and he can heal himself, he also have magic. I also have more powers then he has, for example: I can use magic whiteout a wand and only use my hands, my hair and eyes changes color after what mode I'm in like: Black- Normal, Brown- Trouble, Restless, Red- Rage, Anger, Orenge- Aggressive, Irritated, Golden Yellow- Hope, Yellow- Confused, Curious, Yellow Green- Shocked, Surprised, Emerald Green- Triumph, Hyper, Energetic, Dark Green- Disgusted, ill, Nauseous, Teal- Alert, Nervous, Ice Blue- Fear, Scared, Panic, Light Blue- Sleepy/Tired, True Blue- Relaxed, Calm, Dark Blue- Bored, Blue-Violet- Serious, Confident, Violet- Happy, Light Purple- Excited, Magenta- Embarrased, Dark Pink- Drunk, Lust, Silly, Light Pink- Flirty, Amused, In Love, White- Hollow, Blank, Grey- Sad, Hopless.

I have also the power to control the four elements and when I use my powers to control the element of water i can also control the blood in a persons body(aka bloodbending) I also have the power to transform into an animal.

Well I thinking that is it about me, well not all about me, in two weeks I'm going back for my sixth year at Hogwarts school for witches and wizards. For six years ago I was placed in the Slytherin house, by the shorting hat, I think that was the happiest girl in the world, since I had always wanted to be in Slytherin and I got my wish. The first day at Hogwarts was a dream came true, and when we was going to get shorted in our houses, when they called our names one at a time. When professor MacGonagall called out Harry Potter's name the entire hall went quite and payed close attention to the boy who lived, the whole Griffindor table yelled and cheered for him when he was chosen for the Griffindor house, but what surprised me the most was when they called out my name and everyone gasped and looked shocked to se me go up to the hat and my eyes and hair turned Lime Green(shocked). When professor MacGonagall placed the hat on my head and said "hmm difficult weary difficult, I se a lot of strength and a lot of bravery, I can se that you are sly as a snake and brave as a griffin, but where do I put you, hmmmmmmmmm, I know exactly where I should put belong in SLYTHERIN" when the hat screamed out the name Slytherin, the whole Slytherin tabel yelled and screamed in joy that I was placed in their house and I didn't know why? And when I got to the tabel I asked the one who sat beside me why they were so happy that I was in their house, and he told me that it was because of who a was, that I was the daughter of the on and only Wolverine.

Well that was some information about me so let's begin the story.

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