We're Just A Band Not Demigods Book 1

One Direction are demigods. They have to go on a quest to stop other war from happening. This takes place when Percy and the gang are going to fight Gaea. One Direction-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
thank you for reading.
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sorry if any characters seem OC.


4. Welcome to Camp

~Giselle’s POV~

I was watching over the boys, me being the daughter of Apollo who is the god of medicine. I’m a healer so don’t question.

Suddenly, I heard someone stirring. I looked over and saw the curly haired one, Harry trying to sit up.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I said walking over to him.

He looked up at me and I froze. Those eyes, they’re like a soft green meadow…..

No. Bad Giselle. You can’t fall for him not after Luke.

“Why?” he asked

“You need rest.” I said picking up a piece of ambrosia.

“Eat this.” I said handing it to him. He slipped it in his mouth and chewed it slowly. He smiled and laid back down.

“How do you feel?” I asked

“I feel like I could take over the world.”

“Good. Then it’s working.”

Harry looked up and around him, taking in all the sights. He looked out the door and then looked back up at me.

“Where are we?”

I threw out my arms and smiled. “Welcome to Camp Half-Blood.”

“Wait, so who are our parents?” Niall asked

“Well, usually there only one.” I said “Either your mother or your father was a god or goddess. I don’t know Niall.”

“Why are we here?” Liam asked

“To train. It’ll keep you alive. If you stayed out in the mortal world any longer, you probably would’ve been killed.”

“So how long have you been here?” Harry asked

I stopped. I hated when people asked me that. It just brought back memories. I sighed.

“I lived with my mom who was a drug addict and completely hated me. I ran away when I was 8.” I said and kept walking

“I’m sorry.” Harry said

“I don’t need sympathy. It’s all in the past.” I snapped

He was quiet for the rest of the night.

“Heroes!!Warriors!” Chiron said

Everyone shut up and looked over. Chiron was a centaur. Yeah, half-horse, half-human. I heard the boys gasp and whisper amongst themselves at the Hermes table.

“Now, I call Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne to come forward,” Chiron called

I saw all the boys get up from the Hermes table and walk up to the front. They were all scared, with beads of sweat trickling down their faces.

I remember when I was like that.

Suddenly, everyone in the pavilion gasped. I looked over and saw an owl above Liam’s head. He would be joining Kelly Blue in the Athena Cabin. There is something about her that makes me uneasy.

Harry had a dove above his head. Aphrodite Cabin. No surprise there.

Zayn had a lyre above his head. Son of Apollo. Welcome to the family.

Louis had a lightning bolt. Son of Zeus. That’s a problem.

And lastly, Niall had a trident above his head. Son of Poseidon. That’s not good.

Two children of the Big Three. That’s not good. Not good at all.

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