Social Casualties

Mental illness awareness
Strong friendships
!!!The characters (other than 5sos) "Liz" and "Avi" are based off of people the writers know in real life who ARE okay with having a character based off of them!!!


2. Chapter 2

Hello all of you beautiful people! It's Calums puppy, and I can't thank Bandomaddicition enough for writing this with me. So thanks for reading and after please go check out all of her books!


Liz's POV   


As Michael opened the doors, I look out at the checker tiled floor with rows of doors leading down an impossibly long hallway. I hesitantly looked in to the hallway, before I took a step.  


I looked up at Michael for guidance and he gave me a slight nod and a reassuring smile. Even though it was just a small act, it made me feel better. I finally stepped in after breathing in and out a few times to prepare myself for what laid ahead of me.  


After I walked in, Mikey closed the doors behind us and lead me down the hallway.


We went into the front office and we sat down in the seats in front of the desk.


"Is this the new patient?" The lady at the front desk asked Michael.


"No, I just brought in a random girl." The sarcasm was dripping off his words.


The lady glared at him. "Be careful Clifford. You've already broken the rules quite a few times, so no need for your sass. Unless, of course, you want to lose your job."


I already didn't like her.


The lady typed something annoyingly loud on her ancient computer. She finished typing and looked up at us. "Alright drop her off at her room then come back to fill out this paperwork."


"Yes ma'am." Michael said halfheartedly. We walked out of the office. "I'm so done with this place."


After hearing this statement, I looked at Michael completely confused. Why would he still be here if he doesn't like it here?  


We turned on to the hallway on the left and walked to the end of it.


Mikey opened the second to last door on the hallway and inside was exactly what I expected.


Grey walls, a door to what I guess was a bathroom, and a bed.


On the bed there sat a bewildered girl. She was pretty and the brightest thing in the room. Her eyes were the same color as the deepest ocean, and her hair a medium brown that went to beneath her chest.


Michael left me and coolly walked to the girl, his back was turned and no one was in the hall. I could run, but to where? Besides what is even left for me out there? A wave of sadness washed over me. No I have to distract myself.


I bought my attention back to Michael and the girl. 


Avi's POV


Michael walked toward me with a girl in tow, he had a huge grin on his face and it only seemed to get bigger.   


The girl seemed thin, but not unhealthy. She could possibly be taller than me, but I wouldn't know, because I was sitting. She had big blue eyes, the color of the sky and shoulder length light brown hair.  


I stayed still, criss-crossed on my bed, silently observing and trying my best to avoid any contact with the new female patient. 


"Avi, this is Liz. Liz, this is Avi, she's your new neighbor." 


"Uhm...hi" The girl, Liz, greeted with a wary smile. 


I simply waved and looked back to Michael, wondering why he was introducing us. 


"Avi, baby, say hi to her." Michael walked toward me, leaving Liz by the door. I guess he trusted her enough that he didn't think she'd escape.


He squatted in front of me and leaned into my ear, "Please, say hi, she's scared too."  


I looked up at Liz to see her eyes wondering around the room. She did seem a bit scared, "Hi." I said softly. 


She gave me a little smile and Michael kissed my temple, pulling me to stand up, "Good girl, now can you show her around for me? I have to sort the acquired paper work to submit her."   


He was about to walk off, but I grabbed his sleeve and pulled him back to my side. It was just instinct. 


"You'll be okay, I promise." He gave me a sure smile and engulfed me in a warm hug, "I'll be back in less than three hours. You okay?"


I nodded with a little smile. I didn't want him to worry any further, and although I was really nervous and out of my comfort-zone here, Liz didn't seem all that bad. 


He left the room, only to come back with a slight blush, "I should probably unlock those, huh?" 


"Would ya?" Liz laughed, positioning herself, so Michael could unlock her cuffs.


"Okay, now I gotta go, I'll see you guys soon!" 


Liz and I stood in a very awkward silence for what felt like hours, but were most likely only seconds.    "So, uhm..." Liz looked like she wanted to say something, but didn't really seem to know what. 


"The garden." I said softly. 


 "Pardon?" She asked, leaning closer. 


 "T-the garden... I can take you there.. If you want.. It's pretty." I stuttered out.   


God, you're so stupid! I just wanna hide in a hole, right now. No one wants to follow some weird ass girl who stutters! Oh my god, does she think I'm rude? I may have come off as rude. I haven't really said much to her and I really hope she doesn't resent me for it. What if-  


"Oh?" She cut off my thoughts and I looked up to see her smiling wide, "I'd love to go to the garden."


Hey lovelies, it's Bandomaddiction, both of us are super excited to be writing this story and hopefully y'all are enjoying it as much as we are! Give us some comments and favorites if you like it so far<3 xx

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