My Warfstache Princess

Aria wants the fairy tale life. Great long lasting friends. A boyfriend who makes her feel great inside. But who gets that life when your demons are dragging you down and you can't swim to get away? Aria is stuck drowning in the water and no one notices. Except for a famous YouTuber named Mark. Will Mark be able to save her and give her the life she truly wants?


7. Chapter 6

The house, which used to be quiet, is now full of laughter. Terrence always called up Mark to come over and hang out while Levi was either doing work or wedding planning. I spent most of my time now outside. In the shade of the purple-blue flowering tree. Under the blue shaded sky with the dying Sun beating down.

Levi found a cool hanging tree seat for me since I stay outside more. A wicker teardrop shaped chair with black and red pillows and a white cushion underneath. A nice little alcove for me to hang out in.

Many times I listen to the cars beeping by instead of my music. I listen to the wind leisurely blowing through the purple-blue petals. I listen to the loud muffled laughs coming from inside.

Nighttime takes over the light blue sky. It swallows up the sky blue and changes it to a dark blue, almost black sky. Little white dots blink into existence all across the dark blue sky. The high rise business buildings slowly have their lights flicker on.

By that time I go back inside and hide out in my room. Today, I didn't. I wanted to watch the stars. To point out the constellations. I pull up the light and airy music from the game Flower. My fingers pretends to pull off a petal of a flower whenever I heard the tiny dings from the game. My other hand moves from star to star. I was making my own constellations. A slow moving light flies through the sky. I pretend to be a giant and flick one of the lights. I imagine the moving light flying farther away from me. I smile.

"Mind if I join?"

My smile slips away from me. I rapidly sit up from the cold ground. I swiftly turn my body 90 degrees clockwise. Mark was standing there. His head was barely tilted to the right. His glasses reflected the moon. My face felt lukewarm. It always happens when he's around. I always get so embarrassed. I want to know if he remembers me. I'm embarrassed to ask but I want to know so badly.

Mark was still waiting for an answer. My hands start to shake. "Y-Yes!" I blurt out. My hands lift to my burning cheeks. I turn back around. I couldn't face him. I just can't.

I heard his footsteps crunch the dark green grass. My shaking hands fall carelessly down into my lap. His body sits down next to mine. We don't say any words to each other. The music changes to The Last of us soundtrack. The in-famous song plays into our ears.

"Have you ever played The Last of Us?" Mark shatters the music with a question. He moves his legs into a crossed legged position.

My cheeks were still burning. My whole body was shaking. "Y-Yeah. I-I have."

I take a peek at Mark. He was staring at the stars. A permanent toothless smile was on his face. He runs a hand through his black spike on top of his head. "It's such a beautiful game. A great story too."

"N-Naughty Dog did an a-amazing game," My stutter was getting worst. I dug my nails into my gloved hands.

"I could see Levi and Terrence being Joel and Ellie," He chuckles at that statement. He sighs afterwards. "That'll be weird. Wouldn't it?"

I nod my head in approval. "I-I think they d-did," I let it slip out.

Mark was taken aback. "No way."

I laugh out of instinct. "I think i-it's true," I raise my head to the sky to think about it. "Yeah. At a party."

Mark was still flabbergasted. "Wow. That's cool that I called that."

I look up at the stars. I glance to see Mark looking up at the stars. He points up at them. "The Big Dipper," He starts. "Orion's belt, if it would be there," He tilts his head. "A weird looking dog."

"Now you're making things up," I answer, not knowing where this sudden burst of confidence came from.

He laughs. I do too. We sat there, making weird constellation, until the moon was high up in the air.

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