He Said Bye

Bridgett Herman has a serious heart ache for a guy names Ryder Paisley. She's not sure he will ever like her though. She may even ruin some friendships while trying to create a relationship with Ryder. Will Bridgett, or called by her friends, Bri, ever be able to maintain relationships with friends and Ryder?


27. Track

It was finally the weekend, and Ryder and I had movie plans. We’d been dating for about two weeks. I was happier than ever.

I actually have fun at track. They usually separate girls and boys, so Meg and I hang out the whole time. Meg and I do almost all the same events. I do the 800 meter run, the mile run, long jump, and triple jump. Meg does the 800 meter run, the 4 by 8 relay, long jump, and high jump.

We’ve only had one track meet so far and I placed in two of my events surprisingly. I got second in the mile and fourth in long jump. I absolutely suck at triple jump though! I got third to last.

Meg placed in two events as well. Her relay team got first place, and she got fifth in the 800. I was right behind her in sixth place on the 800, but they only place you first through fifth. Unfortunately it wasn’t a ribbon meet.

I don’t know what it is with me and ribbons, or even metals I guess, but I’m so competitive when there are awards involved.

Ryder placed in all of his events. He does the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, long jump, and triple jump. He got second in the 100, and he got first in the 200. He was neck and neck with this one guy, then he started pulling ahead and then he finished in first. When he finished, he pointed to me and blew me a kiss of victory. It was so sweet. Meg poked me in the side with a smile after he did that.

Then he got fourth in long jump and third in triple jump. What an athlete. What on Earth did I do to deserve such a sweet, handsome, athletic, kind guy?

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