He Said Bye

Bridgett Herman has a serious heart ache for a guy names Ryder Paisley. She's not sure he will ever like her though. She may even ruin some friendships while trying to create a relationship with Ryder. Will Bridgett, or called by her friends, Bri, ever be able to maintain relationships with friends and Ryder?


11. They're Gone

We all stared at each other for a moment. It was clear we had no clue what to do. We each started to text something back.

Trish: What do u want us 2 do?!

Chloe: How can we hlp?

Meg: Oh well, I guess she wants 2 go 2 Germany. It's her choice.

Bri: K.

I didn't really plan on doing anything about it honestly. If Jade wants to go to Germany to be with Caden, I think that's endearing. 

Lea: I'm buying a ticket to Germany! I gotta go with Jade! Ttyl!!!

That had the four of us baffled. Why did Lea want to go with Jade so badly? I guess they are both very close. It made some sense.

"Well, that was intense." Leave it to Chloe to break the awkward silence.

"I guess that's it. They're actually going to Germany." Meg said with an unreadable expression.

"We don't know that. They could turn around and come back once they rethink their decisions." Trish always tried to make logic out of situations like this.

"Usually I'd agree, but they both seemed so serious." I retorted.

"Nothing we can do." Meg said.

Chloe doesn't really get along with Jade either. They fight a lot! They're kind of off and on. Right now they're on, which could be good or bad. Good, because she cares that Jade is gone. Bad, because she seems sad.

The topic changed from Meg and Ty to what we thought about Jade and Lea moving to Germany.

"Do you think Jade will send pictures?" Chloe asked excitedly, clearly forgetting her sadness.

"Jade and Lea's Instagram and Snapchat will be blowing up with pics of Germany and each other in Germany!" I state one hundred and ten percent positively.

"Do their parents know?" Meg asks getting us back to reality.

"I'm not sure. I'll ask Lea and Jade tomorrow after we're sure or not that they actually went to Germany" Trish said with an eye roll.

Trish was usually a bit doubtful of such crazy situations. Trish is the one who keeps us centered. You know, the one who keeps us from going completely into a fantasy world. Chloe probably needs Trish's expertise more than Meg and I do. Chloe tends to trek into fantasy land constantly. 

"What if they actually do end up going to Germany?" Chloe asked.

"Then they end up going to Germany. Simple as that." Meg simply retorted.

"What if their parents actually don't know?" Chloe continued to press us for answers that we didn't know.

"Can we change the topic please?" I asked getting seriously stressed.

We didn't even know if Jade and Lea would actually ever get to Germany. I didn't really want to discuss such a stressful thing until we knew whether or not it was for sure something we needed to stress about. I was in the mood to talk about boys actually. Which surprised me even.

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