He Said Bye

Bridgett Herman has a serious heart ache for a guy names Ryder Paisley. She's not sure he will ever like her though. She may even ruin some friendships while trying to create a relationship with Ryder. Will Bridgett, or called by her friends, Bri, ever be able to maintain relationships with friends and Ryder?


30. He Said Bye

A week had passed since Ryder told me the news that he was moving. Today was the day I’d been dreading since then. Ryder was leaving forever. The whole week, Ryder and I spent every minute we could together.

We sat together in every class, including lunch. We met each other at out lockers after every class period. We hung out together after school every day. We saw one last movie, and this time I actually watched it. All week was him, him and me… us.

After today though, there would be no ‘us.’ It would go back to what it used to be. I would be Bri the girl who does well in school, who isn’t unpopular, but definitely not popular. Ryder would probably be popular at his new school and have girls falling for him. It would go back to being the same stupid way it always used to be.

I had spent the night at Ryder’s house, with mine and his parents permission of course. Nothing happened or anything… you know… We did sleep close together though which was nice. We slept on the floor on a bed we had made out of blankets and pillows. We didn’t really sleep that much though. We were awake until 3:00am talking and laughing quietly. Around that time, we fell asleep. An hour later, his mom came and woke us up. Ryder’s arm was around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I could feel his breath against the back of my neck which gave me chills. I sat up and Ryder was still asleep. He must be a heavy sleeper.

“Good morning Bridgett.” Ryder’s mom said kindly.

“Good morning.” I replied rubbing my eyes.

Ryder woke up and sat up like me slowly. He was so cute. His hair was all messy, but it was still cute. I wanted to fix it for him sweetly, but his mom was right there. Instead I made a little joke.

“Hey there hairy.” I giggled a little.

Ryder gave a little chuckle, “Haha very funny. I could say almost the same to you ms. black eyes.”

I was confused for a moment, then realized that he was talking about my mascara. I forgot to take it off last night. So I laughed a little.

“Okay you two, better get ready our flight leaves in an hour.” Mrs. Paisley said.

Ryder went to his bathroom that was right next to his room and I headed to the one in the hallway. I had just brought a small overnight bag with a bra, underwear, and a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in it. I also brought my phone of course. At the bottom of the bag, I found a small tube of mascara.

I got dressed quickly, feeling awkward for some reason. Then I just quickly applied a thin layer of mascara to my lashes. I completely forgot to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. As well as a brush. I hoped my breath just didn’t smell too bad. I just threw my hair into a messy bun with a pony tail holder I had around my wrist.

It had only taken me about ten minutes to get ready. I just went in to their living room and sat down on the couch. It only took Ryder another fifteen minutes to be ready. I assumed he took a quick shower is why.

It was 4:25am and everyone was rushing. I helped carry the bags out to their van. Every bag I carried felt like I was helping Ryder leave. I didn’t like that feeling. I did it anyway of course.

Everything was loaded within five minutes. I wondered if they would make their first flight since it would leave in a half an hour.

“I guess this is it.” I say holding back tears.

“For now.” He replied giving me a sight glimmer of hope.

There was an awkward silence that was broken by Ryder’s dad, “I don’t mean to interrupt, but we need to leave.”

“Give them a few minutes Joseph!” Ms. Paisley shouted.

“I love you.” I said letting a tear trickle down my cheek.

“I love you too. Please don’t cry. I will call you and text you as much as I can.” Ryder said hugging me.

“I will too.” I said feeling another tear trickle down.

I didn’t ever want to let go. It felt like everything I had was just crumbling right in front of my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it. Then I felt a calming hand wipe away my tears. Then I felt something on my lips. It was his.

It was short, but it was the best one by far. It meant so much. Then it was over. Not just the kiss, our relationship, it was all over.

“Bye.” He said as he walked to the van.

I couldn’t speak so all I did was wave. It pained me to do it, but this was probably the last time I would ever see Ryder.

Just like that, he was gone. Our relationship was over. My heart had crumbled. I fell to my knees in tears. I would never see the only guy I ever loved again.

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