Trip to England


1. short story

The time has come. I have been looking forward to this trip for weeks and we are finally leaving for England. My name is Sarah and my mom is taking me, my sister Erin, my brother Jon and my cousin also my best friend Danny to England for a family vacation. We get on the plane and it took 10 hours. Danny and I were sitting next to each other and saw the castle when we were closer to the ground. When we landed we all decide to go to the hotel and check in then head to the castle. Everyone who goes there says it's really beautiful. The castle is so big that the door is the size of a small house. We first go through a fence that gets pulled open during the day and locked shut during the night so no one comes in and no one goes out. We get our bags checked in a line so we don't have anything to hurt any of the royal family. When we first go in we are greeted by the royal family. The king and queen and their son prince Charles signing autographs. My mom told me to stay away from prince Charles. Than Danny budded in and said " yeh Sarah stay away from him. Who knows he might bring you in his room and you know what happens next with a Royal teen." I hit him on the arm playfully. Me and Danny are really good friends and make a great team crushing the rest of our family in our competitive gaming. We got inline to take a tour of the castle. It took an hour to tour the whole castle. There was a library, game room, dinning room, indoor fields and all the bedrooms. My favorite was the ball room because of the architecture build into the walls and the room itself is breathtaking. I asked Danny what his favorite room was and he says the kitchen with the thousands of food choices and the fields in the back. Throughout the day there were people going around to random people asking people that they are invited to spend a dinner with the Royal family. After lunch me and Danny got lost trying to find to the bathroom. A really cute guy comes up to me and ask if I needed any help. Danny interrupts and says yes we are trying to find the bathrooms.

Matthew- hi my name is Matthew what are your names and where are you from?

Me- my name is Sarah and his name is Danny and we are both from Rhode Island in the US.

Matthew- I have always wanted to go to the US but my father never let me.

Me- that is so sad. Where are you from?

Matthew- ...oh I am from this area.

Danny- that is so cool. Can you please show us where the restrooms are?

Me- Danny!

Matthew- no problem. I also want to ask you guys that I have been told to invite one family to the castle tomorrow night for a dinner who are from out of the country. And I am inviting you and your family. What do you say?

Me and Danny- sure why not.

Matthew then leads us back to the tour group and prince Charles comes over to me and Danny, and Danny has his eye on me so I don't do anything stupid. Prince Charles comes over to Matthew and puts his arm around him and says " so brother did you invite this fine looking girl and her friend to tomorrow nights dinner?" I look at Danny and then Matthew and I am in total shock that he is also the prince. Matthew just says yes because his brother always embarrasses him in front of people his age especially girls because the winter ball is coming up soon and he still doesn't have a date. So the king called over his two sons to talk to the press. Before Matthew leaves he gives me 2 invitations. Danny just stares at me and keeps hitting me. My grandma says that we are leaving to go back to the hotel. So we leave and will come back tomorrow night. When we get to the hotel there are two rooms. Danny, grandma and I stay in one room and Erin Jon and my mom stay in the other. Danny, Erin, Jon and I all went down to the pool before it closed. Danny and I took the advantage of our age and went in the hot tub. We just talked. Danny talked about football and baseball and all I could think of was Matthew. Danny tells me that he needs to talk to me after this with a serious face. Then he jumps in the pool. I have to go in too. So I jump in as well regretting it because we were just in the hot tub. " it's freezing!!" I say. Danny splashes me and gets me wet. Jon comes over and jumps on Danny. Jon regrets that after Danny try's to drown him. It is so cute the way they play. I love Danny because I can always count on him no matter what. One year I made him come to my dance as my date. It was the best. My mom comes down and tells us it is time to come out. We all take a shower and go to bed. I share a bed with grandma and make sure she is asleep. I get out of my bed and go sit with Danny in his.

S-hey you wanted to talk?

D- yeh I wanted to talk to you about that guy we met today.

S- who Matthew? Why did you want to talk about him?

D- oh never mind.

S- what? If you don't tell me then you know what I have to do.

D- no you wouldn't.

S- you leave me no choice.

After I said that I pinned him down in the bed and started to tickle his stomach. And he started to die laughing. by that time we were both laughing and started a tickle fight. I won.

D- ok ok stop I will tell you! Just keep quiet cause grandma is still sleeping.

S- Oh, right. Continue.

D-The way you looked at him. I never saw you look at anyone like that other than Nate last year.

S- what are you saying?

D- tell me the truth. Did you sort of like Nate.

S- no... Ok maybe... Fine yes I did sort of like him...Ok fine I really liked him but I am over it. What's your point.

D- I am saying that you look at Matthew the same way you looked at Nate. Therefore you like Matthew.

S- ok so what if I do. He is a prince and there is no chance that I will ever go out with him. We are also leaving in a week back to the US.

D- so you have a week and you have never slow danced with a guy.

S- yes I have. With you ya big dope.

D- I mean for real. Think about it you could be a princess ya nerd. Now it's almost 11 and we have to get up early. Go to bed.

S- fine but can I sleep with you. Grandma kind of took over the bed.

D- fine. You take the bed and I can take the couch.

S- no we are family just sleep on the right. My mom won't mind. She loves you and she knows we would never do anything bad.

D- ok goody goody. Night

S- night Danny

After that Danny and me just fell asleep after what happened. I never knew he knew I liked Nate. I only told Kayla. I just don't want to make a fool of my self in front of the prince who I didn't know was a prince when I first met him. Maybe I should just rest on it. The next morning I wake up and Danny is gone and so is my grandma. Danny pops up beside the bed and nearly gives me a heart attack. I get dressed and we both go down to get food with the rest of our family. We go to a museum but I forget the whole thing because of Danny bugging me the whole time. But Danny did make the museum more fun. That night was the best night of my life though. When we got home from the museum we got dressed and I let Danny use the bathroom this time and I got dressed in the room. I just told him not to come out till I tell him to. A half hour later I am wearing my light blue dress and my silver heels. Grandma is wearing a blue shirt with crystal top to it and white pants. Danny comes out and he is wearing light brown khaki pants and a purple button down shirt. He comes out and just stares at me.

S- what?

D- wow. You look great.

G- ahem

D- oh, grandma, you look much better than Sarah.

S- thanks.

I have to hit him for that. So I do. He hits me back. Grandma tells us to stop fighting because we have no time to fix up. My mom comes in and asks if we are ready to go. So we go to the dinner. When we get outside the king sends out a limo for the family and it is an awesome limo. When we get there the castle looks better then it did last night. It looks like a real house now not just a museum. The royals are at the door ready to walk us to dinner. Every member takes one girl to escort to the dinner table. Prince Charles came to me but I saw Matthew behind him wanting to escort me. He takes my little sister erin instead. But Erin went to my mom so Matthew took my mom. When we arrived to the dinner all I could do was stare at Matthew across from me. Danny bumped me to signal me to quit staring before he notices. After dinner we were free to wonder around as long as we were back outside by 11. Matthew takes me by the hand to the ball room.

M- hey I heard that this was your favorite room.

S- how did you know?

M- no one special. ( signals to Danny who walks by)

S- I have always wanted to go to an actual ball held in one of these rooms.

M- really. Well if you read that invitation I gave you I m inviting you to the masquerade ball tomorrow.

S- I know. I just oh never mind.

M- what?

S- it's kind of embarrassing to Tell you but I don't know how to dance.

M- really because I take a lesson every day to prepare me for my special dance I am suppose to do. Do you want me to teach you.

S- um sure if you don't mind.

Inside I am jumping for Joy because I really like him and he Is Now slow dancing with me. He hits the music and it is a slow song. He teaches me the 4 step. And we really get into it. Right when he was going to kiss me the clock hit 11 but before I had to run off I told him thanks and kissed him on the cheek. He wanted to ask me what I was wearing tomorrow so he knows who I am. But I ran off. I met Danny and he ran with me. We had three horses. Jon and mom, grandma and Erin, and me and Danny. Danny took over and led us home. It was a really good ride especially because Danny went really fast and I held on tighter to him. I just got into bed and realized that I got in Danny's bed. But when he came out of the shower after his workout at the gym I was sound asleep. He kissed my forehead and said good night. He went on the couch. The next day went by so fast that it was already 5 and we had to leave in a half hour. I wore the same thing and so did Danny. We had a taxi take us. But I wanted to talk to Danny. I needed to talk to him about tonight.

S- Danny I am really nervous. What should I do.

D- just be your self and breathe. Just think of him as a regular teen who has a crush on you. It will be easier if he likes you because you also like him.

S- thanks I needed that. Walk in with me.

D- it would be my pleasure my lady.

Danny was acting really stupid and acted like a royal but in a mocking way. When we go in the whole place is filled with people I hold on to him tighter. He just tells me to relax and pretend it is just him and me. That made me feel better. Matthew comes up to me and asks if I want to dance. I did and said yes. I just pretended it was me and him yesterday and there was no one in the room. It felt like that because we were the only ones dancing. This was his dance. I just looked into his eyes. Prince Charles comes out with his princess. And then the queen and king come out to dance. I then realize I am the only one not royal dancing. Matthew leads me to a balcony to talk. He doesn't say anything. I just turn to him and say thank you.

M- for what?

S- thank you for giving me the best week of my life.

Mathew looked over at me and he kisses me. Danny dancing with a really cute girl sees me and Matthew. The night couldn't be any better. Matthew send me and my family to the airport in a limo. But before we leave I give him a letter. I tell him not to open it until I have left. He kisses my hand before I leave for the plane. I wanted to cry. But not in front of him. Me and my family go into the airport to board the plane in 20 mins. Danny saw that I wanted to cry he takes me to a corner where there is not a lot of people.

D- you ok.


D- are you sure.

S- no.

Danny gives me a shoulder to cry on. I really needed it right now. I was a mess.

D- do you want to talk about it.

S- no I am fine.

D- I don't think so. You know what I have to do.

S- no I am not in the mood D.

D- fine. Come here.

I just hug Danny and cry for like 5 minutes until we here our gate get called. I head to the bathroom the freshen up and meet Danny in line.

D- when you are done in the bathroom come sit next to me on the plane so you have a shoulder to Lean on.

S- thanks Danny, I know I always have you when I need you.

When they got on the plane it was a two seater. Mom and Erin were in front of me and grandma and Jon were in front. Me and Danny fell asleep on each other. My mom got a picture and put it on Facebook. #cousin love❤️. When we woke up it was time to get off. Danny told me that it was the best trip he has ever been on and thanked my mom his aunt for taking him. My mom knew that I would have had a good time with him. And I did. Two weeks later after a soccer game I got home and I got a letter from England. It was from the castle.

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for giving me the best week of my life and I loved your letter. I like you too and hope to see you again. You were my first real slow dance and it made my dad proud that I finally found a girl that I was not forced to dance with. I never told you about my self when you were here. I like football which is soccer in America and I love to ride horses. My favorite subject in school is science and I do go to a school for just royalty. I miss you and wanted to ask you on an official date. Tell Danny that I said hi and the rest of the family. Sarah, my dad decided that he is going to let me go to America next year! Till then. Oh and one more thing. Even though I just met you Sarah I still really like you.


Prince Matthew of England

The end

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