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I am excited to see my new house; it is a little more in the country than my other house. I reached after 1 hour to a big yellow, cosy house, all around it was something wooded area, and the house itself is perfect from the outside to me. I walk into the house to see if it is as beautiful as it is from the outside, I am also just pleasantly surprised by how nice and spacious house is inside; I go around checking how the house looks. I check each of the rooms and is quite happy with the house until I go into a room where I can see that a book or it looks more like a diary, not been removed, it's pretty weird that it has been removed from the old owner when the rest of the things have been. I stand with the book and thinking what to do with whether I should read it or leave it as it can be private, I am able not to think about approaching about it as there is a note in the note says: Hi there stranger you will do me a great favour by reading this diary it works enough creepy, but please do read it then you're sweet. I chose to read the diary when my curiosity for everything in it was quite large.


11 August 2014

Dear Diary

It all was well when I was born, I meant everything to my parents at a time, so I trusted them, I loved them and they did the same with me. As I got older, I got the knowledge that I had been reversed, they said it might always fun but I believed them, I believed them every single time.

I felt no longer welcome in the family, I felt that they all looked down on me I was nothing, I was air for them, and they just gave me the cold shoulder and went. It became harder and harder for me, I did not know any longer what to do, they rejected me every time when I tried to speak to them so I was cold air for them nothing but cold air. They never thought I was good because I was not the brightest, I was never allowed to touch anything because they thought I destroyed everything I touched it and I did too but only because they said I could not anything so I started even to think that I destroyed everything I just touched slightly.

 The school was also not good for me, I was not, I was just the girl who was ridiculed, I was the girl that was seen down to her and the girl everyone thought was stupid, yes I was the girl more precisely whose name was silk. Yep my name was always made fun of my mom said when I was smaller it was because my smooth blond hair was soft as silk, she thought I was the most beautiful in the world yes or until I started at my school and was stupid.

 When I was 12, I came to help place where I had to be there for 3 months, where I could get some friends as the municipality heard that I had no friends, but it was not really my problem because when I came close to filling 13 began my friends to abandon me, I attached myself too much to one person and that was the reason for the pain I felt was worse than anything because I had the proven pain in life many times and to be forgotten, but it was just worse. When I was 13 I did something I am not proud of the day today, I cuttede in myself, it was a small one but still I cuttede. I was also in a depression and just wanted to die, but I was afraid of death, but I was as much afraid of life I was here stuffy and shy girl she could cry over to the friends I sea had said something ugly on me, but I was strong and wept never in front of them, I showed them never the pain I went through because maybe they would just sea seen more down to me maybe and maybe not what I never found out when I did not dare.

As a 14 year old was talking bad about me behind my back, I just wished that they said it to me than behind my back, so it was not so painful. In addition, the boy came finally to wait too up and down. The boy with the nice and slightly wavy brown hair, warm eyes, with the broad shoulders not that he was thick but he was very well how to say trained. He spent much of his time on his training. He was part right than me, sometimes I felt a bit too low compared to him, so he was not too high or too low, he was comfortable, he is also known as the boy who changed my whole sad life. You are probably thinking how a thing as a human can or even a boy change one's life but it is not impossible because he changed my life, but it helped me sad life?

It was the story behind my smile, a smile that was false before he came, and a smile most could not see was false. More precisely, it was my past, a past I would rather like to forget but cannot because it is my past.

Read advanced in my diary to hear more, but I want you to do me a favour anonymous reader I would like you to read only a day at a time from my diary. Regards silk Jensen.

Night Night

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