It's You

"Get away from me" her eyes filled with tears, her words stung him as he felt a pain in his chest.
"Princess please.." He whimpers, holding out his hand but she didn't take it.
"You've hurt me enough" she mumbled and walked away from someone she once called her world.


2. I missed you

*Toulas POV*

I woke up from my nap that I took once I was done unpacking as I looked around and sigh softly. I grabbed my phone from my nightstand and went through it and all my notifications and sit up. I heard voices downstairs and ran my fingers through my hair. I looked in the mirror once I got up and shrugged a bit and walked down the hall and down the stairs. I saw him. Brown roots, blonde tips and baby blue eyes. It was Niall. "Toula!" Louis yelled and pushed past them and ran to me. Louis and I were closer and he was like another brother to me like the other boys but him and I always had a different bond. He ran to me, wrapping his arms tightly around me as he picked me up and I hugged back. "God I missed you" he said softly and pulled away and set me down. "You've grown up so much" he said and looked at me. "Not 14 anymore I see" he laughed as I smiled a bit. "I missed you too Lou" I said before I gave him another hug and took a deep breath.

I walked down the stairs as I was greeted by Harry. Him and I fixed our problems and him and I were closer too. "Hi Love" he said before he brought me into a tight hug as I wrapped my arms tightly around him and put my head on his chest. "I missed you" he kissed the top of my head as I nodded. "I missed you too" I said softly before I looked up at him. I pulled away after a bit and glanced at Liam as Niall was sitting on the couch, a beer in his hand as he had his head down. "He really missed you, he regrets ever letting you go" Louis whispers to me as I looked back at him. "How do you know" I whisper back. "Love, he's my best mate he tells me everything" he said softly. "Just go and say hi or something" Louis lightly pushed me to him as I took a deep breath. I ran my fingers through my hair as I was beyond nervous. I made my way a bit closer to him as I bit my lip, "Hey Ni" I said softly as he looked up. His baby blue eyes capturing me once more as I knew why I was madly in love with him from the start. He set his beer down and didn't say anything as he brought me into his chest, his arms around me as I wrapped my arms around him. "Hi princess" he said softly. His voice was soft as he spoke.

I had to admit I did miss him calling me princess but at the same time him and I broke up for a reason. "How have you been?" He asked as he pulled away, his hands going to my waist as he looked down at me. "I'm alright, I graduated high school early and I'm done, I just don't know where I want to go to college" I said as he nodded. "Do you still play football?(soccer)" I nodded, "I've gotten a few scholarships" I said as I hear Louis cheer, "That's my girl!" He said as I laughed a bit. "How have you been?" I asked softly and looked up at him. "Relaxing mostly since we are on a break" he said as I nodded and I sat down on the couch. The boys were talking in the kitchen as I glanced at the tv and a football game was on. "You know.. I've really missed you" he said softly as I sigh softly and looked at him.

*Nialls POV*

Fuck, when she walked down those stairs I regret every choice I've ever made by letting her go. I wanted her back but I knew after everything and the way that I acted she wasn't going to take me back. I fucked up bad by letting the best thing that's ever happened to me go like that. She looks a bit different, she grew up and she's no longer this little 14 year old. She's graduated highschool and moving on with her life. She's 17 and what does she need me for? I don't even know if she still loves me like I love her. Not a day went by where I didn't think about her or I wanted to text her so bad. I didn't for reasons, we broke up for a reason and maybe that reason was a good thing, but I wanted her. I needed her back. It's been too long since I've seen her and I won't go this long again. Her focus was on the game but she wanted to be polite and focus on the conversation but I don't blame her really. What do you say to someone you used to call your world?

*Toulas POV*

I looked at him, biting my lip and took a deep breath. "I've missed you too but Ni you and I broke up for a reason" I said softly and stood up to grab something from the kitchen. "Dinner is ready" my mom said as we all gather at the table and sit down. I sat down next to my mom and Harry as Niall was across from me as we all got food and began to eat and talk. I was playing with my food a bit and eating a little as I took a sip of the water that I had. "How long are you staying for Toula?" Louis asked as he shoved good in his mouth. I shrugged, "I'm looking at colleges out here but also back in the states for football but I want to study music or become a theater major" I said and began to eat as he nodded, "do what you feel is best for you love" Harry said as I smiled and nodded a bit. After we were all done eating I help my mom clean up everything as I looked at her. "What do you think I should do mum?" I asked softly. "What do you mean sweetheart" she asked as I sigh softly. "Should I stay here or go back for college?" I asked softly and put my head on her shoulder. "Sweetheart, like Harry said; do what you think is best for you" she said and kissed the top of my head as we finished cleaning up. The boys were watching another game as I went to sit down and the only spot open was next to Niall as I sat down and sigh softly as I began to watch the game.

After a little while I began to get tired even though I took a nap I was exhausted as I began to close my eyes. My body shifter as I cuddled into Niall, not really caring at this point as the boys had fallen asleep but him. I felt him kiss the top of of my head as he picked me up to carry me to my room as he set me down on my bed. I felt him climb in with me but I was too tired to protest and say something as I cuddled more into him as I placed my head on his chest and fell asleep for the night.

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