It's You

"Get away from me" her eyes filled with tears, her words stung him as he felt a pain in his chest.
"Princess please.." He whimpers, holding out his hand but she didn't take it.
"You've hurt me enough" she mumbled and walked away from someone she once called her world.


1. Home

*Toulas POV*

3 years ago I was this messed up 14 year old girl, someone who needed help, someone who didn't know who she was. 3 years later I'm 17 almost 18 and stronger than I was before, I'm not the same girl I was. I'm more independent, I learned to love myself for who I am and accept me for me and stop looking for people's approval all the time. I'm currently sitting on a long plane ride on my way back to England to see my big brother, Liam. Over the past 3 years things changed, Zayn left the band and the boys are on a year long break. I still keep in contact with all the boys and we all still have a close bond but some things happened between Niall and I over the past 3 years. Him and I ended up breaking up because the distance and him touring at the time was too hard for both of us. Our relationship lasted maybe a year after I left for California but after that it was too much. I keep in contact with Violet only, Roneth and I had a bit of an argument cause she didn't want me to leave and so on. As for Liam and I he actually came out to visit me while I was out there and we rebuild our relationship and it is stronger than ever really, he's acting like my big brother again. My mom and I are still close but she was upset about me leaving, I talked to her everyday and she came out with Liam a few times to visit me. Liam had moved out of the house and got his own place and my mom ended up downgrading to a bit of a smaller house since it was just her and she ended up getting a dog.

Finally after a long flight I got off the plane and went to baggage claim to get my things. I pull my phone out and texted my mom, 'Are you here?' I walked out to the front of the airport and began to look for her car. 'I see you!' She texted me back as I turn my body and see her standing there a huge smile on her face. "Hi mama" I said and hugged her tightly, dropping my bags to the floor to give her a proper hug. "I missed you sweetie" she said softly as I nodded in agreement. "Hey mum, has Toula landed?" I heard a familiar voice say as I pull away from my mom and see Liam, "I'm like, right here" I playfully rolled my eyes as he looked up and smiled. "Hey little sis" he said, bringing my into a tight hug. I hugged back and put my head on his chest. The last time I saw them was maybe 6 months ago when they convinced me to come back home for a while. "Ready?" Liam pulled away as he grabbed my bags for me and placed them in the trunk as we all pile into the car as my mom drove off to home. Once we got there I grabbed my stuff as we all walked in and I took my shoes off. "I know this isn't as big as the house you grew up in but it's still big and your room is upstairs and you get your own bathroom" my mom said as I nodded. She walked me upstairs to show me my room as I looked around and it was all my old stuff as I set my bags down and walked to my dresser, picking up an old picture of Niall and I. "Have you talked to him since?" My mom lightly placed her hand on my shoulder as I shook my head. "I didn't think he would want to talk to me" I said softly as I looked at the old picture. I was on his back and we were at the park that was down the street as Violet took the picture for us. "Liam told the boys that you came back, they are really excited and are coming for dinner" she casually said as I watched her leave my room. I sigh softly and began to unpack everything and sat on my bed, running my fingers through my hair as Liam walked in. "You alright?" He asked, taking a seat next to me. I nodded and looked up at him, "Are all the boys coming?" I asked softly. "Zayn couldn't make it but he said another time so it's just, Harry, Louis and Niall" he said as my heart broke in my chest as he said his name. "I'm going to finish unpacking and then probably take a nap, I'm pretty tired" I said and he hugged me, "I'm glad you're back home" he said and kissed my head before he walked out of my room. I rolled my eyes a bit, "Ya.. Me too"

-This is the sequel to My big brother. I hope you all love this as much as you did the first book. Thank you guys, I would enjoy some feedback as well! Love you lots!-

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