Trapped In Her Love (august alsina story)

They say love makes everyone happy but really it makes you sad when you can't the person you want to have. My name is August. I'm in love but does she love me. I'm 16 and in the tenth grade. This my high school sweetheart.

My name is January. I'm 15 and I'm in the tenth grade. I love him but I am afraid that he's going to play me. I have blonde hair and I'm in foster care with my brother and sister. They rely on me and they need me I'm the only one they have


1. Introduction




                      My name is August. I'm 24 and a light-skin with three kids. I'm like "5'11" with an A tattoo that everyone knows me by. I was and still am in love with a girl named January. She was around "5'3" and had mid-length hair that was dyed blonde. She also had a hour-glass body, with the perfect attitude. That's what I loved most about her. No matter what she would always have a smile on her face. Even if it's bad.

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