The funeral

Harry's loss of his beautiful girlfriend Jessie has taken rough on him.
This is the back story from the funeral told from Harrys point of view.


4. the funeral part 2

"How could i resist, she was just so perfect" I smiled at her and she gave me another big hug as to say "thanks"

Her father came over to me "her favorite color" he said and looked at my tie, "you are the boy every man wishes for their daughter and I don't know how to thank you enough"

I smiled at him and said "it's hard not to treat a princess the Way she should be treated" he looked me in the eyes and smiled "no man has ever been so right".

Walking into the church was like walking through a wall of memories.. every little detail about her came to my mind even though I was trying to shake them of me, I just couldn't.

While I was walking down the aisle I thought to myself "I'm not ready to let go yet" and with that I dumped down on the first row.

I closed my eyes and they stayed closed trough out the preach.

"And now if anyone wants to say something" I opened my eyes and looked at her mom, she smiled as to say "go ahead"

I stood up and walked over to her coffin, "Hello I'm Harry I was Jessie's boyfriend, best friend, and friend".

I took a deep breath.

"I don't no how to describe the feeling I got when I was around Jessie" I looked at the people sitting there in the church

"Its unexplainable I guess, so Jessie that why I wrote you a little something that I hope will make you understand how very very important you were to me."

"You were to me a piece of my soul. You were a part of me that I never wanted to lose.

You were so important to me that I couldn't see a world build up around me without you.

You were just so perfect that I couldn't bare the thought of loosing you, so when I'm going to say goodbye I hope you will understand that no matter what.

You were the person to save me from myself, You were the person to pull me back from the edge. And I'm forever thankful for that.

Now promise me that you will forever remember that you were my life, my inspiration to keep going. You were my better half.

Without you I would've been a zero, a nobody, I wouldn't have experienced the perfect life that I had with you. Now remember I loved you, I still love you, I always will love you. You're. Dearest. Harry.

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