The funeral

Harry's loss of his beautiful girlfriend Jessie has taken rough on him.
This is the back story from the funeral told from Harrys point of view.


3. after the funeral part 2

A couple of hours later I woke up finding myself still curled up on the bed, I stretched and went downstairs.

I could hear the boys watching a movie.

"Oh hey Harry, sorry but we didn't want to wake you up, we thought that you might need some sleep so we just went downstairs."

"Mhm" I was still tired but I didn't want the boys to be to worried about me.

Niall looked at me with a worried look in his face "are you gonna be alright" he looked me right in the eye.

"Yeah Niall I'm gonna get trough it besides I got you guys, and it's all gonna be okay"

I smiled at him to let him know that I was gonna make it, and that he didn't have to be worried about me.

After the movie we went eating at Nandos. I wasn't really hungry so I didn't eat it all but Niall as we know him helped me,

We were having a great time and for a moment just a tiny little moment I felt that everything was gonna be just fine and that I was gonna get trough this.

No matter how hard I was gonna be I was going to survive it.

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