A Dragon's Treasure

GoF and onward. Just when Draco's life is becoming more perfect, it's turned upside down when his sister enters it. Will he become the good big brother he's supposed to be or will he'll ever accept her?


2. Narcissa's Announcement

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A Dragon's Treasure


Chapter 2


Narcissa's Announcement




A mosquito flew around the camping grounds and landed on the back of a person's neck. Just as its long mouth pierced the person's skin, a hand whacked it dead.


"Disgusting," the boy groaned, wiping the bug guts on the ground. Since he was awake, he figured he might as well go back into the tent. "I hope Mum and Dad are done. I can't believe they were at it all night."


The love-making noises of his parents caused Draco to spend the night outside. It seemed just as difficult with the ministry talking to the Muggles and repairing their memories. There were crickets and all sorts of strange noises, not to mention it was quite chilly. Wondering if his parents were asleep or awake, Draco paused by their room. It was quiet except for his father's steady snoring. They would be tired after last night.


Draco shook his head and went to the bathroom. He needed a shower to wash away the earth and smoke and all those weird smells one acquires when camping. He found a couple of bug bites on him but he had come prepared with the finest wizarding camping supplies. He stood in the warm water for a while, going over the latest events in his mind. Who conjured the Dark Mark and why? Would his father know?


Feeling squeaky clean, Draco stepped out of the shower and towel dried himself off. Wrapping his fine silk robe around him, Draco stepped out of the bathroom and paused by his parent's bedroom again. They were still asleep. How long were they going to lie in? Draco just wanted to go home. He didn't want to risk the Ministry questioning his father.


Dreading the thought of it, Draco dressed in his muggle clothes. It made him want to take another shower. Why did they have to dress like Muggles? Couldn't the wizarding world come up with some robes that would change to Muggle-friendly clothes?


'As soon as I'm getting home,' Draco thought, pulling on a plain black Muggle shirt. 'I'm burning these clothes.'


Draco didn't know what to do to occupy himself while his parents slept. He couldn't go outside with the risk of everyone gawking at him, especially Potter and his mates. He decided to make himself breakfast and read a few books and try to take a nap. By noon, he heard movement from his parents' bedroom. Draco sat up and looked down the hall. The door opened and Lucius walked out in a bathrobe.


"Father," said Draco, "who do you think conjured the Dark Mark?"


"It definitely wasn't me," Lucius muttered. "So, how did you sleep?"


Draco cleared his throat. He didn't want his father to tease him. "When are we going home?"


"In an hour or so," Lucius told him. "Be patient."


"Patient!" Draco demanded. "Father, I just want to go back home. I'm sick of wearing these stupid Muggle clothes and do you know I had to sleep outside because you and Mum were so loud? It sounded like you were killing each other instead of having sex!"


"Outside, eh?" Lucius grinned. "Well, I must say it was the best sex your mother and I had."


"I don't want to hear this!" Draco grunted, thoroughly embarrassed as he jumped to his feet and headed out of the tent.


"Where are you going?" Lucius demanded.


"Out for a walk!" Draco retorted over his shoulder.


Lucius turned and walked to the back where he met Narcissa heading for the shower. He kissed her and he followed her in. "You weren't about to start with out me, were you?"


"Wouldn't dream of it, Lucius," she whispered.



Around mid afternoon the Malfoys arrived at their mansion in Wiltshire. Though he knew there wouldn't be quidditch because of the Triwizard Tournament, Draco spent most of his time outside on his private Quidditch field. He had to keep practicing so he could take Harry Potter down when they get to play Quidditch again. Harry Potter was a half-blood living with Muggles. He knew there was no way he could practice during the summer holidays. There have been many talented broom riders in the Malfoy family. Draco wasn't about to look like a fool again.


When Draco wasn't flying, he was walking taking their crups for walks. Crups were wizarding dogs that closely resembled Jack Russell Terriers except for their forked tails. Because they were dogs for wizards, they were quite ferocious to Muggles. It was the main reason why the Malfoys owned seven of them. They wanted to keep Muggles as far away from their property as possible. Of course, they had many anti-Muggle detection spells but every little helped. Unlike other wizarding families with crups, the Malfoys never severed the crups' forked tails. It was the feature that set them apart from Muggle dogs and the Malfoys wanted to keep them unique.


"Go get it, Aladfar!" Draco shouted, tossing an enchanted ball that went "wheee" as he threw it.


Aladfar, Draco's favorite crup, ran barking after the ball. The other crups followed after him. Draco settled himself on the grass and waited for the lucky crup to return the ball. Grinning, he laid down and thought of how fortunate he was to be a Malfoy. He was a rich pureblood with just about anything he could ask for. A nice room, a big manor, seven great loyal crups, a collection of fine broomsticks--though he wished he could own a Firebolt so he could beat Potter.


Draco went to one of the best wizarding schools in the world. He would love it more if he went to Durmstrang so he could learn the Dark Arts and not have to go to a school with Mudbloods. Even though, his dad was a Death Eater and Lucius taught Draco a few things and he could only imagine a few more as he continued to go to Hogwarts. Draco was the only heir to the Malfoy Manor and fortune. He had it all to himself. He couldn't' help but brag about it. He had the sort of life every wizard wished for.


Aladfar came up with the enchanted ball in his mouth. It was saying "eww," as it was collecting the crup's drool. He dropped the ball next to Draco and barked.


"Another go, boy?" Draco asked as he sat up. "All right, one more but we've got to go home. It's getting late you know."


Draco chucked the ball and it went "whee!" once again. The dogs barked with glee and ran after it. After a few moments, another dog got it and came to return it.


"Good girl, Carina," said Draco, tossing the ball up and catching it. "Right, back home, let's go. Cepheus! Vega! Come on now. Dinner time!"


The dogs jumped around him happily and he threw the ball for them a few more times. Some would lay in front of him and beg for a belly rub. Draco continued to play along with them on the way back to the manor. Draco couldn't believe how good life was. It would still be nice to have Dobby around so his mother wouldn't have to cook and clean. Until they got a new house-elf his mother had to keep house. He could imagine she didn't like it much.


Besides going to Durmstrang, getting a new house-elf and a broom, there really wasn't anything that could make being Draco Malfoy more enjoyable. There wasn't anything that could ruin it.


"I'm home," Draco announced as he entered. "I'll feed the crups. Come on now. Hurry up."


After putting crup food in the crup bowls, Draco went to wash up for tea. When he came to the dining room, his mother seemed really happy about something.


"Mum?" he asked.


"Yes, Draco?" she smiled as she levitated the dinner to the long table.


"Is everything all right?" he inquired.


"Why of course it is, Draco darling," she simpered.


Draco raised an eyebrow. His mother hadn't called him 'darling' since he was a little kid. After she was done setting the table, Narcissa used a Voice Magnifying charm to call her husband.


"In a moment!" Lucius' voice rang from somewhere in the huge manor.


Narcissa looked the table over and looked at Draco. "Have I forgotten something?"


"Er," Draco glanced down and shrugged. "No, Mum. It looks fine."


Moments later Lucius appeared in the dining room, after kissing his wife on the lips he grabbed his chair at the head of the table and sat down. Draco and Narcissa settled themselves in their usual chairs and they began to fill their plates. Throughout the meal, they had simple talk about their days. Lucius told his family more gossip about the Ministry and the scene at the World Cup.


"You don't think that the Ministry suspects you, do you, Dad?" Draco asked nervously.


"Don't you worry about it, Son," Lucius said dismissively. "The Ministry is already too busy planning the Triwizard Tournament."


"They're not going to cancel it, are they?" Draco inquired. "I've been waiting to meet Durmstrang students before I even went to Hogwarts!"


"You'll get to make some friends from Durmstrang," Lucius insisted. "People have been waiting centuries for this tournament."


Draco cut a piece of his pork chop and dabbed apple sauce on it. "I wish I could've gone to Durmstrang."


"That's just too far, sweetheart," his mother said, "I don't even know where Durmstrang is. Do you know, Lucius?"


"Not the exact location," Lucius answered, "I know that Igor Karkaroff is the Headmaster but we haven't exactly kept in touch after he betrayed so many of us. I came so close to going to Azkaban."


"Aren't the grounds at Durmstrang bigger than Hogwarts?" Draco asked earnestly.


"That's what I've heard," Lucius answered.


"It is really cold there too," Narcissa said, "the days are so short."


Draco shrugged. It didn't matter what the weather was like there as long as he got to learn the Dark Arts and not have to be with Mudbloods. Why wouldn't Dumbledore use some of Karkaroff's ideas?


"What did you do today, Draco?" Lucius asked.


"I practiced Quidditch," Draco answered, "and played with the crups. I think we're going to get some new toys for the crups, Mum."


"All right," Narcissa nodded as she picked up her glass. "I'll be sure to pick some up the next time I'm in Diagon Alley."


After dinner they had cream puffs with hot chocolate sauce for pudding. Lucius noticed that Narcissa was acting quite peculiar and Draco did too. She was twisting her glass on the table and pushing her creamed puffs in her bowl around as if there was something on her mind.


"'Cissa, is anything wrong?" Lucius asked.


"Why do you ask?" Narcissa inquired, turning to him.


"You're acting a little, odd," Draco whispered, "are you ill, Mum?"


"No, dear," Narcissa said gently as she tapped her son's hand. "I'm fine."


"If you're worried that the Ministry suspects me, Narcissa," Lucius began, "you know I'll be able to handle things."


"It's not that," Narcissa sighed.


"Then what is it?" Lucius demanded.


"I was wondering when the best time would be to tell you two this," Narcissa said, "but I suppose this is a good time any. I have some…some wonderful news."


Draco grinned and leaned forward. "We're getting a new house-elf, aren't we?" Getting a new house elf after his fine day would be like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.


"No," Narcissa said, "but we'll have a new person at the house."


"What do you mean?" Lucius asked.


"Lucius, Draco," Narcissa looked from her husband to her son. "I'm pregnant."


There was silence. Draco couldn't speak. Did he misunderstand his mother? Lucius scratched his ear and leaned forward. "Pregnant?"


"Yes," Narcissa stated, "I'm going to have a baby."


"When did you find out?" Lucius inquired.


"This morning," she replied, "I suspected since…since after the World Cup and so I went to St. Mungos to make certain."


Draco rubbed his forehead. Of course, after the sort of night at the World Cup his mother was bound to get pregnant. But why now? His life was so good. Why didn't his parents be more careful? It wasn't like they couldn't afford it. They could have ten kids if they wanted to but they didn't need them. Draco Malfoy was the only heir they needed. He didn't want to share the fortune with anyone. Being the heir was his job. It was his treasure. It was his pride. Now he was going to have a new brother or sister? His perfect day was ruined.


"Well, say something," Narcissa said in a hurt voice.


Draco looked at his dad. He was going to have to say something. Draco was at a loss for words. He knew his father would explain how this wasn't good timing and they already had a perfect son and heir to the Malfoy name.


"That's wonderful, Narcissa," he said simply.


"You think so?" Narcissa asked, relieved.


"You think so?" Draco demanded, aghast.


"The Malfoy family is getting larger," said Lucius as if he were discussing work. He didn't seem thrilled or upset. It was like he didn't really care. He certainly didn't plan on getting a new child but as there were fewer purebloods like the Malfoys around, having a larger family might just make him look good among the wizarding world. "Another heir to the name. Brilliant."


"Really?" Narcissa asked, squeezing his hand. "You're happy with this?"


"Yes, of course," he shrugged. "Congratulations, dear." He kissed her cheek.


"Thank you for your support, Lucius," Narcissa smiled, "I thought that you'd be upset." She looked at Draco. "Draco, you're quiet. What do you think about becoming a brother?"


"I—I don't know," Draco mumbled, "I—didn't expect to become—what am I—how—how could you two let this happen?"


"Draco," Narcissa said, straightening up. "Please don't be like that."


"Everything was just fine until this happened," Draco grunted. "I—I'm sorry, Mum but I can't say I'm happy about this."


"Now Draco," said Narcissa softly, "it would be nice to have a new baby in this place. It won't be so lonely and you'll have a little brother or sister to play with."


"Lonely?" Draco demanded. "Mum, we don't need a new baby to keep us company, that's why we've got seven crups!" he threw his arm to the dogs eating in the kitchen. "I'm fourteen—how do you expect me to play with a baby?"


"Draco!" Lucius snapped. "Don't be jealous!"


"I'm not jealous!" Draco exclaimed. "I'm not! I—I—I need to be excused." Draco pushed his serviette on the table and got up. He had to leave the dining room before he made himself look worse. He didn't want to make his mother cry or his father yell at him.


Jealous? Of a baby? How dare his dad even suggest it! Draco wasn't jealous, he was just overwhelmed and surprised. He didn't need a baby brother or sister. Oh, what was the Malfoy manor going to be like with a new baby? Where were they going to put the nursery? Hopefully far away from Draco's bedroom. He didn't want to hear it cry in the middle of the night and his mother or father would have to walk over to feed it—or worse—tell Draco to do it because he was closer.


Draco walked the door and slammed the door on Aladfar's tail as he tried to go in after him. The dog yelled.


"Aladfar!" Draco gasped. "Stupid dog!" He opened the door and beckoned him in. Draco pushed the door shut and kicked his chair over.


"Why did Dad have to get drunk that day?" Draco wondered out loud. "Not only has he stirred up trouble with the ministry for himself but now I'll have to share my home with a new baby?"


Draco sat down on his bed and Aladfar jumped up. Draco petted his head and the dog licked his arm. "I don't need a brother or sister. I've got you and the rest of the dogs to keep me company. I'm not lonely."


Draco drifted off to sleep and he had nightmares what his life would be like now having a little baby brother or sister. He wasn't sure what would be worse. If it was a boy he may get better brooms and stuff and Draco would have to split the inheritance with him. What if his new brother did become a better son? No, Draco wouldn't be able to take it. He was the first born. It was his birthright, his inheritance! His duty! No one was going to take it from him. His parents would just have to give the second born a different birthright because Draco wasn't going to give his up. He could so picture another boy trying to be the perfect son and rubbing it under his nose.


"I caught the Snitch in five minutes using your old broom! Now Dad will get me a Firebolt and you're stuck with the old one! Hahaha! I passed in all my classes. What about your grades?"


Draco groaned and rolled over. No, having a little brother would be horrible. He'd hate to see him using his old toys and getting all the glory. What would it be like having a sister?


If they'd be getting a girl his mother would probably go crazy with the decorating in the house, turning everything from the fine black and silver and green all the different shades of pink. There would be dolls everywhere and she'll be having tea parties with her friends. Oh no, what if she tried to make him play with her? His mother said it would be nice for him to play with a new brother or sister. Draco could see it now, having a tea party with a six year old girl and a bunch of dolls.


Draco had to play a role of a witch and he was wearing a pink dress with a bunch of necklaces and having to talk in a high voice.


"More, Madam?" said the little girl.


"Yeah," Draco drawled.


"You're supposed to say 'yes please' and stop sounding like a boy!"


"But I am a boy."


"Mummy! Dwaco's not playing fair!"


He was dreaming she was tugging on his hand and dragging him around. "Dwaco! Dwaco! Dwaco! Look, Mummy got me a new doll! Dwaco, come on, you're late for the tea party! Come on, Dwaco! You're a mean brother! Mean!"


"Let go!" Draco shouted, sitting up straight in bed. He jerked his arm away and saw his pajama sleeve was torn and wet. "Huh?" He peered over the side of his bed and Aladfar licked his face.


"Aladfar! What do you think you're doing?"


Draco realized that it was Aladfar that was tugging on his sleeve and somehow Draco must've brought the reality in his dream. Draco turned on a lamp and started reading Curses and Counter-Curses to occupy himself until he felt that he could sleep again.


But he had a strange feeling the only time he'd get a decent night's sleep would be at Hogwarts, which was saying something because Crabbe and Goyle's snoring was loud enough to wake the dead.


What was his life going to be like now that he knew he was going to be a brother?


To Be Continued

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