who you are ♡ Shadowhunters [Slow Uptates]

"You wait for me to start believing in this bullsh*t, but all you do is the constant remindes that I'm too freaking dangerous. Well, sorry for being who you are and more."


Cover by @HateULuvU


2. How it started...

Jocelyn Gray ran down the restricted alleyway, baby in hand. The baby was with brown fleaks and the most adorable brown eye's. Her hand's shoke as she tried to grab a wistful of Jocelyn's hair, as they made their way.

The brunette was on the run for about five hours and she was tired. The running and alway's looking behind her for possible follower's, could tire a human so much. The golden fleaks went to asleep right then and now as Jocelyn made her way walking alon the side-line's of the suspicious street.

There was house's all kind's of sort's there. Red and yellow with big window's and possibly, an amazing view. A big white house caught the brunette's eye as she walked past it, reading the sign, 'Open for apartment mates'.

Taking the opportunity as fast as she can, Joceliyn made her way toward's the house and knocked softly but hurriedly. She just couldn't pass this opportunity and looking at the old house - it wouldn't pay very much.

And the brunette could've found a job or sell the paintings she has drawn over the year's that she lived with Valentine.

The name that brought so much pain to her.

The cruel man she once called a loving husband, who changed too much to comprehend. Always in for a blood spilling, but Jocelyn couldn't forget. He is just a man on a wrong path - the path toward's the hell.

As she waited at the door the girl made her perfect big eye's open and blinked multiple time's, watching the night sky. Her soft, baby hand's started to play with the brunettes hair, as they standed there, in the moonlight.

Jocelyn smiled at the girl, "Aw, Perrie, you're awake. Your sister is with Luke and you'll see her soon, but I bet you're hungry, let's wait until the-"

The Gray was cut off by a door opening and a lady standing at the doorway. Her messy black hair was in the most perfect curls and her brown eyes shone in the night. She wore an brown old dress, with every kind of styles and swrils.

"Hello, can I help you?" she asked in a sickly sweet tone, obiously irritated with the person by the door, when all she wanted to do, was to watch her favourite show that's on at the moment.

Jocelyn smiled, not noting the tone in her voice, "I think so," she hesitated. "I saw the sign on the window, could you in anyway give me the appartment? Of course if it isn't a bother and there isn't another buyer."

The woman's eyes grew huge and a big smile shone on her face as she took in the woman's - with the baby - words.

"Of course, come in! Come on, don't freeze in there! By the way, my name is Dorothea, but call me Madame Dorothea." Madam Dorothea called the brunette in and Jocelyn took in the house. There was an huge staircase which led to the secound floor and to a apartment.

Madame Dorothea followed Jocelyn's stare and told her, "That's your new apartment, I want the payment at the end of the month, and" she looked at the baby and grimanced. "Don't let that baby of yours cry, I need my beauty sleep."

With that the curlt headed woman made her way toward's the green door, that Jocelyn guessed, was her's.

Perrie sneezed and Jocelyn chuckled at the girl, making her way up the stair's. She unlocked the door and made her way in the spacious room. The room had a red couch and the kitchen all in it. Jocelyn put Perrie on the couch, by the pillow's and as soon as the baby's head touched the pillow, she was out as a light.

The brunette quickly took out her phone and dialed Luke's number. The phone dialed and Luke's groggy voice spoke, "Jocelyn? Is everything okay?"

"Yeah everything's fine. How's Clary?" she smiled. She stole a glance at the brown haired baby sleeping and griefe struck her as a lighening.

Luke sighed, "She woke up couple time's in the morning, but she's sleeping now. Did you get away? Where are you?" Luke's still foggy voice was worried, coming from the phone.

Jocelyn was smiling at the thought of Luke worrying, after all of this. Valentine's betraying was not a surprised, but it had hurt Jocelyn anyway. Going againts the what she believed in, was somthing that hurt more then, knowing what Valentine did to Sebastian. No. That hurt more.

Valentine was both of their best friend and companion. He made them who they were now, but they couldn't give in what he had become now. Hopefully he dissapeared.

"We got away," Jocelyn said and heard Luke letting out an sigh. "But I found her, Luke. I found Perrie. I took her from Valentine and ran, he was going to get her and do god know's what to her - I couldn't take that to my subcounsious. So I ran with her, I want her to grow up as my child, to not have a problem in the world."

"Also," Jocelyn continued. "I'm going to raise them together and I need you Luke. I want you're help, come here in the morning with Clary, I'll text you the address." The brunette looked at the clock and found out it was two in the morning and she sighed.

"Ok, Jocelyn," Luke said and prepeared to hung up.

"Luke?" Jocelyn's voice was bearly audible, but with the phone being against her mouth he heard.

Luke spoke, "Yeah?"

"Goodnight," the brunette said and hung up. She sighed and crawled on the couch, toward's Perrie and dropped an blanket on themselves and closed her eye's, drifting off.


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